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    Gosh, Buffalo, could have fooled me. Sure sounded like a complaint---but I understand your point and don't totally disagree because there are new people who see something and don;t understand it is a joke---but then, how is that different than most any other human encounters in groups?
    Katie---well said--agree 100%---now, how do we get rid of the trash?
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    BuffaloGal ... if your gonna diss our Canadian funny money ... you have to come up and shop here! Bargains, bargains, bargains!!!!!!!!
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    Dear DecomposedandPutrid ....

    G'day, By! Yuh dun't know how hrd it is tuh keep from sayin' thuh word "eh!" Bein' a Canayjun ... I tink it's duh beavertail soup whut makes us talk like dat, yuh know. I live in Oddawa, that's kitty-corner tuh duh Oddawa Vally dere, and duh Kaybec side, don't cha know.... and we got ar own kinda langgidge dat WE don't get, all o' de time arsells!!!

    But ,By! I weren't kickin' dee arse o' yor buddy der', Ronny! I tink he's got a reel pair o' "moose nads" ... yuh know, fur standin' up fur whut he believes. An' he jus' says whut he's thinkin' an' it jus' makes sum folks pissy, eh? (But he duz kinda beat the sh*t outa duh horse too, once in a dog's age).

    But I ain't got nuttin' agin dat fella. And I sure hope he's comin' back to enjoy a quart o' Labatt's wit duh gang! We'll drink du basturd under duh trailer porch!
    (laffin' til I sh*ts me drawers!)

    PS .. Yur name's too fooking long!
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    Alex is wrong! As usual! I'll take it, any time I DESERVE it!

    If anyone recalls, I posted a nasty response to poor Brad one night (at 4am, when my brain was trail mix) and I got a good reprimand for it from members, publically and privately! After I reread what I had written to him, I saw that what I thought was humour was really just freaking mean and totally uncalled for! I mean - Brad sure didn't ask me to insult his mustache!!!!

    So I came back with my head lowered, my hat in my hand, and my toe digging in the dirt, and I apologized! Publically! On a couple of different threads, to make sure he saw it! THAT'S what a real MAN would have done! (NOTE: "Being a man" is just an expression for being "mature and honorable." I'm not implying I have, or intend to grow a "twig and berries.")

    I didn't mirror Alex's disgusting habit of lashing back at EVERYONE who disagreed with me, insulting them and making reference to their alleged sexual habits, physical appearance, flaws and genitals! That's the behavior of a pre-pubescent boy who hides Hustler under his pillow, picks his nose and discards it orally, and hates girls AND boys!

    I even feel sleazy writing THIS, because Alex is finally gone. (for now). But I feel I had a right to rebuttal.

    I have never shouted "Equality, equality!" on MM! However I have insisted on RESPECT. There's a hooter-sized difference!

    If we could all agree on a certain level of decency, on MM ... it could be a really classy Forum! And I don't mean "censoring" people or squashing their creative expression!
    (Edtarboosh, sweetie, it's okay, honey ... we understand you absolutely HATE darling 1HotMama and she thinks you are bum wad. That's just a given. ) LOL

    I think we should consider recognizing the difference between comments like:

    - "Jane ... yooou ignorant slut!" lol
    - "Jane ... you f**king bitch ... everything that comes o...
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    1HM - Don't get your panties in a wad.
    I'm not complaining, just responding in what I thought was a truly neutral tone. Read my post again.
    Edtar replied exceptionally well. I do take it for the lighthearted funniness that it is supposed to be, I just think that some people browsing or considering joining this site may see the fakes, (nasty, cute, funny, vicious and everything in between) and think this is a site for game players and losers. Like Katie said, those that don't have jobs, families etc. This is exactly the opposite of why 99% of us are here. We are quality singles and feel we deserve the same.
    Again, just putting my 2 cents in (that's 2.5 cents Canadian)
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    Ed - great f*cking post.
    'Nuff said.
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    Katiegirl, very well said, I agree with you 100%.
    Besides if you read between the lines Ed is really funny, the other trash heap (ALEX) needs to go.
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    Geez Katie I love your way with words!
    Wish I could just flip off phrases like that!
    Your terrific!
    And add so much class and intelligence to the boards.
    Thanks for your continued contributions to these boards, they would be boring and petty without your postings.
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    Buffalo....I have to agree with Andy. The other fakes on the site are trying to simply hurt innocent members on MM. They obviously have no lives as Katie stated and in order to feel less like a loser, are on here tearing down those more intelligent, beautiful and kind than themselves. It's all about jealousy and insecurity on the loser's part. Now most of the scum is being cleared off, but not all of it and it keeps trying with different profiles.

    Ed only started Edwina when someone got him booted for being so damned funny! Unlike you, I find his stuff hilarious, as do others. The old adage applies here, if you don't like it, don't read it. The other personas were started to combat those that are trashing up this site with their pigish filthy mouths and bashing of innocent members. His fake profiles are not bashing anyone as others are. If anything, he is bashing himself and of course one other Ronpig....

    It's too bad that you can't take it for the lighthearted funniness that it is....but you can't please everyone all the time!!

    Andy, regardless of the outcome, you and I will remain friends. Unless of course you drive my business into the ground by chatting/emailing me all the time!! Then I will have to bring those whips of mine out to meet you....:-)
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    Ed is ... special. lol
    He IS married, but as he has pointed out, what's the harm in his hanging around and chatting with people in this Forum? (Sometimes his wife reads the Forum WITH him!) It IS a good Forum, with interesting people, once you seperate the fecal waste matter from the threads, and, if you read Ed's profile, he mentions that he has discovered some new, kewl ways to show his wife she's special too, (from the thread "What makes you just melt...") You've got to admit, that's sweet!
    He's a nutcase, but when you understand that he's also a guy with a heart of gold, then you begin to read his posts and just laugh and shake your head, thinking, "Only Ed would say something bizarre like that!"

    Actually, I was hoping we could stress emphatically to some of the "garbage" that blows into the Forum occasionally, that we won't tolerate their potty-mouth behavior, and if they can't contribute intelligently or say something positive in the Forum... then they can get the **** out!
    I don't ordinarily approve of censorship, but I stand forward now and say it's time we review Alex2000's value to the chat groups and if he is unanimously found to be a "reject" by the rest of the members, he should be buggar off. He's like a pustule that won't stop leaking all over everything. And if he comes back, like the flu or head lice or something equally as gross ... we should kick the (put your own word in here) out again.

    I am reluctant to imply I'm speaking for everyone, and I don't want to stir up a witch hunt ... but scum like him are poison and they turn a great site like MM into a joke and a place no one wants to be anymore. If one piece of trash is thrown out to keep the rest of the paying clients coming back, I think it's a member worth rejecting. I dunno. I'm not MM and I don't know what all is at stake for them to axe an idiot. But it would bring peace back into the Forum ... until the next assho...
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    Katie, I may get all kinds of s**t for this, but ......

    I know the Edtarboosh, Edwinna thing may be funny and entertaining to some but frankly I've about had my fill. He has had what 4 different pseudonyms and fake profiles? He basically takes up space here and only proves how easy it is to set up fake profiles, in fact multiple fake profiles. I feel he seriously discredits the integrity of the site. Anyone joining new or checking it out for the first time and sees those profiles, plus the many others, will turn their available selves in the opposite direction. And lets not forget this is someone who is MARRIED. Hello? Leads me to wonder what his purpose really is. Not that I care. Just putting my 2 cents in.
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    Totally agree Katie. I mean Ed's are at least obvious and funny, but I feel someone is getting into people's accounts and trashing them, Im-ing people as them and posting as them.
    Come already get a life!
    Must have better things to do with your time!
    I know myself, this is one reason I have one foot out the door.
    Just would like all this crap to stop, and let's have discussions and debates and have some fun!
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