women who lie on MM Health

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    Chazz, sorry to hear that some women on MM lied to you. The men and women who are honest are few and far between. Personally I don't understand why anyone feels the need to lie about their age, or about anything else about themselves unless they have something to hide. If you're secure with yourself, then you feel good no matter what age you are. I've never lied about my age and never will. I'm proud I've made it this far, and life is good. Don't give up and good luck in your search.
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    Geez Colorado.....nice naked butt pic along with pics of your daughters wedding! Talk about sick visions......:-)

    I lie about my age and desires in my profile, but I in now way would lie to the people I am getting to know. I make my lies obvious! That's just wrong! What kind of beginning is that for a potential future relationship? Eventually the truth about age and looks is found out when you meet and get to know, so why lie in the beginning?? Get a clue people and be more honest. It will help everyone hook up quicker!!
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    Hellow there........ good for you for exposing someone if they have lied to you I personally have no respect for people that will not be truthful and totally honest and that goes for both men and woman and you can't personally take offensive what others say on this site these forums are to basically have some fun and make some friends which is a great way of doing it and I think this is why this site is different if we choose to do so and be kind and considerate of others!
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