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    Come on Brad! This sympathy approach isn?t going to work with most women. Why sit there and continue to put yourself down. Confidence Rules! Start with the little things first. I agree with Katie. Take yourself to the local Haircrafters and get yourself a stylish haircut, $12.00. Head off to your local department store and find some stylish clothes, it?s clearance time at most places so your not spending hundreds, new outfit, $50.00. You get home, put the clothes on, look at yourself in the mirror, new Brad, priceless! You will look at yourself in that mirror and feel more confident. Once you feel that way, you can do anything!
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    katie...have you been drinking? In all your posts you've written some funny material, to the entertainment of everyone; but I've never seen you lower yourself to insulting someone, until now. How disappointing you could resort to such meanness. Brad has been nothing but a nice guy, and has obviously liked you.
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    Thank you, Summersnow.
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    Brad, honey .... you're not a troll.
    So it may encourage you to know ....... ANYBODY can clean up and look 100% better than they ever did before.
    Have you ever watched that insipid reality show, "The Swan?" Some of those chicks were definitely "two-baggers." (That's when they have to wear 2 bags over their head in case the first bag breaks.) And look what they were turned into!

    You can't tell me that with 24 hours of TLC from the Fab Five on Queer Eye for the Straight Guy, you couldn't be transformed from "Lonely Brad, with the walrus mustache, glasses from the 80's and an old T-shirt on" to "Superstud Brad with the hot professional haircut, trimmed or missing mustache, maybe a bleach treatment at the dentist, two months at the gym and a totally GQ wardrobe," you couldn't get any model or actress that you ever wanted.

    Dreams may be "castles in the sky," but you can still reach them if you build the ladder to get there.

    Oh, brother......... I've become Oprah.............
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    Magnumra, you started a good thought. Kathiegirl, you were able to see a great deal of meaning to it. I rarely say this but I was very touched by and impressed with your thoughts. Surely, you have been there and if not, then your words show great depth. Someone once said to me that there are plenty of jobs, no one has to be homeless. Yet, when was it the last time they tried to SURVIVE on the wages paid for selling hamburgers. The homeless people.... They have no home, no address to put on an application. No place for an employer to respond IF they were going to. No place to wash except for sinks in public restrooms. Once, I worked temporary work at McGlynn's Bakery. They put bakery goods in the lunchroom for the employees to eat. A bus load of homeless were brought in to work and they took everything. People were angry, they didn't realize that for the homeless, it was God sent. The working poor. Orange juice or a pound of hamburger? Which would it be? Kathygirl, you hit everything right on the head. Society's true reaction, everything. For this, you have my admiration.
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    sorry im just not the best looking guy and that is one of the problems i have finding love.
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    You've brought up a good point, Mag Man.
    If you grow up in poverty, it's possible to love and be loved, because having nothing has been a part of your life since the beginning and you don't know anything better. But if you've ever known a more affluent existence and are suddenly cast into impoverishment, it's such a shock to your sense of security, to your health, your lifestyle, your ability to provide for your family and provide for the necessities of life, it eliminates all luxury, forces you to make do with the bare minimum, creates animosity among family and friends, assaults your sense of self-worth, and effects the way others perceive and interact with you. With all this foreign adversity bombarding you from every direction .... love is an extravagance. It's not affordable and not readily available from people who want to distance themselves from you as a reminder of what could happen to them ..."but for the grace of God.".
    If the definition of "giving up everything," means to have to place all your Porches in storage, hand over your country club membership, lose your chairmanship of the board, and close your summer home, ...... that's not as much a tragic dilemma to endure as, say, being fired and then evicted, having only $1.09 in your pocket, not being able to go anywhere in the city unless you can walk there, hearing your friends say they're having some cash flow problems too ever since they had a completely new Blue Grass lawn installed in the summer..... having to wash your only pair of underwear every night and eating plain macaroni you picked up from the Food Bank. Hate of everything fills every corner of your life and sense of self so that love doesn't stand a chance.
    If anyone ever insisted you give up everything for your love for them, they're definitely asking too much.
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    What does"Give up everything for love" mean. Is it get rid of all your worldly possessions and live like paupers.Or is it share all your worldly possessions with everyone? I believe you can do good in this world and still keep your basic comforts. There are charities, and the homeless and my favorite the SPCA. If you are wealthy a sizable donation will keep them in food for a year. I agree if you ask your man to give up all he has worked hard for all his life eventually there will be distention and where will that leave you. Resentment will surely destroy any relationship you have. Money is the #1 cause of divorces so to asked someone to give all of that up would be playing with fire...........
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    hi im 25 looking for my prince to sweep me off my feet passion79
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    It is really too simplistic a question. I think alot of people that have been successful in life are so because of the type of person they are and doing something that they love to do. So to give that up for "love" means giving up a part of yourself really. And if you truly "love" the person should that not mean unconditionally? ie: along with the luxurious life? Futhermore, is it possible to be in love when you are homeless, and searching for oyur next meal? Maybe. Then again maybe love is all that you can have then.
    But if God came down and asked me: Love or Money? I would choose love, (given I would be able to eat and find shelter I think! :-) )
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    I want to date and possibly marry one.
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    I guess I do not understand the dream then Brad. Do you want to date one or just meet one?
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    Its always been my dream of mine and since life is short and we never know what tomorrow will bring. Since I found this site I figured I might as well go for my dreams and give it all cause sometimes dreams can come true.
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    Brad, why is or was your main purpose to meet a model or actress?
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    Of course I dont have anything and am comfortable with having nothing so being lucky and making a fortune and a name for myself is just gravy and nicities. I came here hoping to meet a model or a actress but i would be happy with just a regular girl. I have no problem with a pre nup. Im here for love!
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    No one has really tackled this question. Did anyone read what AirAlert wrote about working hard to earn the money that would enable him to afford the comforts of life that he so enjoys? Well, he's not alone in his way of thinking. Tell me, why would someone who has worked hard for their money, specifically so they can afford comforts in life give it all up? That would be foolish. They would no longer have those comforts they have become used to, and they would eventually become very unhappy for lack of those comforts. Unhappy people make for unhappy partners, and unhealthy relationships...don't you think? Why would someone want another to give it all up? Unless they are intimidated by what the other has and they can not bring to the table. But if two people love each other, does that matter? The answer should be "NO".
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    Mas ... that was cute. Barkeep ... I'm logging off now to go buy some wrinkle creme.
    TOO OLD!
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    Yes, weeLassy! It was a nightmare. I ran to the daycare to get her and they said, "Oh, it's okay Mrs. Cadieux ... your husband already picked up the baby." I nearly passed out on the sidewalk from shock. He took everything, in a rented truck and left the city. He told all of his family not to tell me where they had gone. The rest of the story is more dramatic than even That but I'm afraid Statuesque will faint from Uber-Drama overload! lol I mentioned on another thread how I am the victim of Allen's Law - which is ..... Murphy was an optimist! I got my baby girl back tho. And never denied him access.

    So when men ask me why I'm looking for a man with money, I reply, "It's not because I want a Sugar Daddy! It's because I want him to have all his own money and his own home so that if we get together, and for some reason it doesn't work ..... he won't try and steal all MY money again and home and property so that he'll come out ahead of the game. I'm NOT like that. I hope some day to prove it to someone.
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    Duh, me! lol My only excuse I'm sick with a cold. I missed where the very sexy lady was from...so didn't get Mas remark until Barkeeps reply. Oh well.
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    dont get me wrong, I would love to have the money to do whatever i wanted without having to worry about it.
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