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    Jesus was probably a minor religious person of his time who knew some magic. He said that unless he showed them signs and wonders they would not believe him.

    Bringing people back to life at that time was something that such religious people did.

    He brought Lazarus back to life. He brought the widow's son back to life.

    His disciples did it.

    He probably planned with Joseph of Arimathea and Nicodemus to get him down off the cross before he died and put him in a tomb owned by Joseph where he changed his clothes and shaved or something, he appeared in another "form", then Friday night he just pushed the stone away and walked out.

    It was his last "sign and wonder" then he just disappeared and lived out his life in the surrounding neighborhood. Probably with his boyfriend Saint John the disciple that Jesus loved, the one that lay on his breast at the last supper.

    Jesus liked his wine you know. It was the first "miracle", a trick that he performed, the "making of wine" at the wedding feast at Cana

    It was easy for him to disappear because even his disciples didn't recognize him until he talked to them.

    When he did so one time they called him a spirit. He said he was no spirit that spirits didn't have flesh and blood as he did, then he asked them for something to eat. And walked off eating it.

    Some rich person here ought to make a movie out of my interpretation. They would make a mint.
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    I am sorry but being cancer free is no proof of anything supernatural, Jesus or anything else.

    What about all the people who are not cancer free? Did they do something for which they are suffering?

    It makes no sense.
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    The immaculate conception does not have to do with the conception and birth of Jesus.

    It has to do with the conception of Mary. She was supposed to have been free from original sin at the moment of her conception therefore immaculate. Mary Immaculate.

    All bullcorn
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    It is my opinion that the shroud of turin is a total fake. I have no other comment to make about it.
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    I happen to be a complete, total, dyed in the wool atheist.
    I think Jesus did exist perhaps as a minor religious person of the time but that he was embellished and magnified by Paul and that Christianity would probably have not existed without Paul
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    The Scriptures command us to 'judge not, least ye be judged'. That said, I will tell you there is no physical 'proof' that existed. It is a matter of faith.

    My faith says yes He did exist. My 'proof'? I have been cancer free now for three years. During that time, I have been rewarded with life, peace of mind, family and a beautiful daughter. That's all the 'proof' I need.

    Thank you,

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    An extremely eloquent post 2Much!
    Jesus was real, that much we know.
    And as far as all the hype, attributes, improper translations, misconstrued statements, etc..., look at the core principal behind it all.
    It is the principal that Jesus, Muhammed, ALL the prophets represent that is the true intent of it all!
    It's ALL good.
    Let live.
    And as far as a virgin birth goes, it certainly was possible. We can do it today, certainly there exists those elsewhere that could do that much back then, and more.
    Believe it, or not.
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    Legend, liar, lunatic or Lord? Those are not the only four choices.

    How about mistaken?

    How about misquoted?

    How about mistranslated (especially in the King James translation, which is grossly inaccurate)?

    How about misconstrued?

    How about censored (for religious or political reasons), so that we only have part of the message?

    How about over-hyped, in an attempt to woo converts?

    How about re-written or modified?

    How about garbled, so that all we have is a shadow of what was actually preached?

    Don't forget that there are many sayings attributed to Jesus in the non-canonical gospels that are excluded from the biblical canon because they did not conform to a particular 4th century's view (as reflected in the Council of Nicea) of the meaning of Jesus' teachings.

    Don't forget that only a few years after Jesus's death, even Jesus' brother James (who headed the pro-circumcision faction) and Paul the Apostle (who preached to the Greek gentiles), quarreled as to what Jesus' message really was.

    The fact is that it is impossible to prove whether Jesus was divine. The question of his divinity is an issue of faith, not logic, archeology or psychiatry.
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    You know what is weird, AGiftfromHeaven, a anthesit try to prove that God didn't exist through Quantum Algebra and here through math he actually proved that there is a God...Now he is a believer of God....

    I'm Proud that I am a God follower....Nobody can't change my mind about God...
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    I believe that Jesus and God exists. For those who don't believe in God and Jesus are the ones that are gonna live hard through the 7 year tribulation. I'm totally prepare for the rapture. For those who don't know what the rapture is watch the "Left Behind" movies and read the "Left Behind" Series Books, they give people an excellent idea of the what the world will be like after the rapture and when the antichrist takes place. Believing in God and Jesus is the most coolest thing that anyone can do in their life.
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    Where did you get your information?
  • View author's info posted on Feb 26, 2005 22:26

    Historical and archeological evidence, such as the dead Sea Scrolls, show the Creator?s name is YHVH, pronounced Yahweh and replaced with god, lord, etc., because the priest, rulers decreed the name held too much power for the people and there have been several crucified pagan and heathen gods (long before 2,000 years ago), who were all born of a virgin on December 25th (the Winter Solstice, Saturnalia) who were all slain in a bloody sacrifice and crucifixion, and who all rose from the dead on the Spring Equinox (Easer, named after the Dawn Goddess EASTRE) to bring salvation to their followers through their slain flesh and blood and corrupted further by Constantine in 325 A.D., when he adopted Christianity into government and I would appreciate any substantive information to further verify or contradict the matter.
    Yahoshua, a Levite, was the name of the fellow who taught The Way. Performing according to the Spirit within. The Truth. Conscience. You put ego, your adversary aside. To paraphrase, it is when the slave becomes the master and the student becomes the teacher. You must call upon and worship the Name of YAHWEH [Yah-Way], and follow the Way of THE SON, KING OF KINGS YAHOSHUA [Yah-hah-shu-way], instead of the man-made and false EA-ZEUS or JE-SUS [Jesus]. The name Jesus is derived from a Greek rendering of the Hebrew name Joshua, or in full Yehoshuah (Jehovah is deliverance). (Jesus is English for the Greek - Iesous and Joshua is English for the Hebrew - Yahshua. Jesus = Ea - Zeus - Healing Zeus. Joshua = Yahweh salvation. The title Christ is derived from the Greek Christos, a translation of the Hebrew mashiakh (anointed one), or Messiah "Christ" was used by Jesus' early followers, who regarded him as the promised deliverer of Israel and regards him as the redeemer of all humanity. The principal sources of information concerning Jesus' life are the Gospels, written in the latter half of the 1st century. Paul and the Acts of th...
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    Paul and the Acts of the Apostles also contain information about Jesus. Christ is merely a title, which means ?anointed? and can be anyone or anything anointed with oil or ?christened?. This could be a king or queen, any Prince or Princess, and Navy ship, or an auto mechanic. Christ comes from Krishna, a crucified heathen and pagan god in India, who lived long before the Messiah, YAHOSHUA, 200 years before.

    Remember, it was when Yahweh commanded Lucifer to bow down to His son, Yahoshua, that Lucifer ? according his ego ? rebelled, refused, and was cast out of heaven. No man or woman can reject and deny Yahoshua [his Way] and expect to enter into the Kingdom of Yahweh! It would be contrary the nature of Yahweh and Yahoshua for a non-believer to have entrance into the Kingdom of Yahweh. The man [ego], adversarial, Satan, Babylonia religions, commercial jurisdictions, churches and congregations are, in fact, worshipping and performing according to a suppressor, i.e., ego, not Truth, and deny themselves the coming of the King of Kings and Kingdom!
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