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    Yes, I said that if "I" wanted love I'd look for it within driving distance. I never said I would settle with someone just because they lived close and out of convenience. I'd never serve that recipe for disaster up for myself. I'm saying that the closer you are, the more you'll be able to pick up on who someone truly is or is not. Seeing someone 2 times per month for a 3/4 day weekend is not truly getting to know someone in my opinion. Being close by allows you to see how he/she truly is and what truly will get on your nerves. For example, some men may clean their house up just before you fly in and/or make you breakfast when you're there. You get married and daily he's a mess and EXPECTS breakfast on the table when he wakes. I have a female friend that married from a long distance relationship say, "I wouldn't have married him had I known this or that." You find out real quick if 2 are meant to be together when the clock is on 24 hours per day, 365 days per year. Long distance works for some; if it works for, then enjoy. Just make sure you're SURE before you go down that aisle. I'd just ask the right questions. But, I do agree, two people must be compatible for any relationship to work whether it be from a far or close by. And 2 people can fall in LOVE who are not compatible but think they are. And we know where that ends up 50% of the time.
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    Long distance "relationship" are not real relationship, I tried twice but it's a way to lie yourself that you have a relationship. You never know what that other person is really doing, thinking, wwishing etc, you only thing you love and he loves you but all is a lie, you can say you love the person who you think he is, but you can't know is he is really that person or only pretending for that short period you are together. Distance "relationships" are only for weak people who can not have or find a real relationship in real life.
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    Long distance relationships generally work because they are "long distance". Once close proximity is factored into the equation, the relationship begins to sour. Sort of like when 2 drunks meet; they hit it off great. Once sobriety occurs, personalities clash. Don't expect too much with long distance. It works for few, not for many. Euphoria is a powerful "drug". Don't let it fool you when it comes to making a lasting decision. I hope most people are not on this site to find a lasting love from a far. Close proximity is better for most. I'm on this site because I travel and it's just nice to hang with people in cities that I go too. If I want love, I'll find it within driving distance. Love should be found close to home. Of course, that's my opinion. But for those looking to escape from their upbringing, good luck to you. Just keep in mind that the real test comes when you're truly together 24 hours a day. Anyone can say or write things to melt the heart from many miles away. Don't let an emotional feeling encourage you to make a hasty and possibly wrong decision. Be practical.
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    I had someone put it to me this way: Did your last "local" relationship work out?
    Of course not - which is why we are all here.
    So...why not try something different? What do you possibly have to lose?
    And Laina is absolutely correct - if you click with someone you'll find a way to make it work no matter how far apart you live.
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    Well, If i were "dating" someone locally, i wouldn't be on this website...an occasional lunch or dinner isn't considered "dating", in my opinion.....Im thinking if ya find someone long distance...you meet...fall inlove....if she rocks your world..you'll move Heaven and Earth to be with her....its just as simple as that....

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