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    I have enjoyed reading this thread very much.

    I also believe this would be a very challenging situation. It would take commitment and trust
    to a new level.
    Hard on the heart, I am sure of....
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    Great to know you are an optimist and a sound and sensible one too..
    Yes, Cupid has an uncanny way of dropping in when you least expect it.
    Meanwhile enjoy being footloose and fancy free..
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    LMAo Bonnie when it comes to housework i love to do it but i also think there is share and share alike. I don't like slobs. If they are slobs i'll know before hand. Of course many men are neat freaks at this age so thats something i don't worry about to much. I'll get my just reward in one fashion or another.............
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    Nawwwww they don't work! Long distance.....It's like the TV disclaimers say: Don't try this at home!! :-)
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    Bonnie when i say i will relocate, i would not go out of country. I have been to several states in my nursing and have really enjoyed a few. It would have to be an all encompassed love that would drag me away from Texas. I don't need a man. I just would like to share something with a special someone. He would definitely have to have as big a heart as i have. Selfishness and secrecy are two traits i don't tolerate. Come to think about it i don't tolerate much when they don't meet me half way. I don't want one i have to train or keep. Just one to share. That book "He's just not into you" is quite informative. It puts so much into words that women/men do to each other. I am very picky at this stage i just won't jump into anything. I use to date a man that i would have love to have married but he was in Ga.. He had every quality i could ever ask for. But timing and distance were all wrong. I ,to this day ,hold him as my example and we have remained great friends. But i know the make up of what i want. Honesty is probably the foremost thing i strive for. So you see Bonnie sure i can be lonely if i wanted to act on it. And i could grab the first man that came along. But that's not what it's about and this will be the time where he will be my best friend as well as a da*mn good lover.LOL Someday when i least expect it will be when he will show up.........S4U
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    I guess we are going to have to start copying the other persons message again so responses will make sense. I know you didn't delete it, you wouldn't have had that "button".

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    www.. I did not delete it..promise..in fact I replied to it..don't know what happened..may be you should pose it again..since mine was a response to yours..
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    What happened to my post about putting words in my keyboard. . Absolutely nothing wrong with it. Put it back on
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    Literary and poetic licence www.
    Words are the art and craft of a creative mind..the cat personification thrills my feline instinct..and furry thongs may well be a trend set by you..
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    statuesque, hang in there. You will find the right guy. Just make sure you have realistic and well thought out requirements.

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    My pleasure to have such a pleasant tete-a-tete with you. So do I take it that this being a topic on long distance relationship..that you are prepared to relocate for the right guy even at mid-life?
    I have done it for 20 years..in different countries..a great adventure.and I was not short-changed..and it comes highly recommended but requires enormous resilience and courage especially when relocating to a country where you can't speak the lingo nor understand the culture. .
    But as you have confessed to coming from a 'loveless' home , it is important that the man you love and relocate for is the right guy and not one you exchange for loneliness or an escape route from a love-starved background.

    As an expat for many years living all over the world.. I have seen so many expat wives lose their husbands to Oriental women when they move to Asia for e.g. ..a high price to pay indeed..so relocating for love has far more serious implications and it needs a very strong marriage to withstand the vagaries of living in a different country or even state, away from your normal support and familiar surroundings..especially at middle age where people are conditioned to their comfort zone.
    May Cupid be with you..
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    a menagerie of tabby cats I suppose is cheaper to maintain than a harem of demanding women..
    and you don't have to give them clothes allowance..and milk is cheaper than gourmet cuisine and champagne..
    and they keep you warm and cuddly in winter..
    so why are you on this site, you should be ringing the RSPCA..lots of stray cats for your picking..
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    Bonnie that was really too funny about the nursing home. I can understand where you are coming from. Maybe one day i will change my mind. Right now i would love to at least someone who is solely into me whether it be here or afar. One thing i do find about Dallas men is the majority are big players. There are 4/1 women for every man here. A good playground. I have talked to my GF who is the neighbor and she has given me her reasons and i can see her point.. I think alot of mine stems from as a child growing up it was a very "Loveless" family. When i say that it was a show of love but NEVER the words. To this day if i did not tell my mother i loved her she would never say it. That's her family trait. I am the total opposite of all. I show and tell(my children can attest to that.) I think i just like having that connection with someone you love. Sometimes i wish i could be more like you describe. What is it "Friend with benefits"

    Bonnie thank you for all the lovely things you said. Too many to name.S4U
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    My cat lady probably won't have much fur after being with me for a while. I even have to keep water nearby to keep from starting fur fires.
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    www..so are you going to exchange cat furs to fill you pillow or stay with thongs..
    guess you should consider your cleaning lady as a prospective bed-warmer too huh? That way you need only pay her in kind...
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    Naww, not true. I usually have someone to do the cleaning on the whole place. However, no one can come and clean up in the "cave", I would never find anything after that, and they would probably throw away my lifetime collection of panties that I stuff my pillows with. Man, it sure takes a lot of those thongs to stuff a pillow. It was easier back in the granny drawers days.
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    even in a large duplex..someone still got to pick up the pieces and clear the mess in between and it would have to be the unlucky woman who has to live with you..so Statuesque are you willing to play housemaid ?
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    You are a gorgeous lady and I m truly surprised that you have not found anyone yet..or rather you might be very picky and have not found the right one..esp when you are marriage minded.and would be a dream wife for the lucky man who gets you?
    I do enjoy the company of men and date many great eligible guys ..but have also turned down marriage proposals because I find marriage a daunting commitment..and too demanding..hence I advocate a lighter diet , so to speak.. LAT relationship that I advocate.has one legally valid advantage..income tax and inheritance tax..my legal mind goes overboard when I think of the economic and legal aspect of marriage..and the impact it has on people who have substantial wealth..and complicated trust funds to deal with and children too..
    Im on MM mainly to find likeminded friends both male and female (and indeed have found some really good friends so far) to add to my growing global network of friends since I do travel quite a lot for work and play..if a soulmate comes along , it is just an added bonus but I don't depend on that ..and I don't think I am a minority either..at least not amongst my girlfriends..and even some guys..
    I don't rule out the possibility that I might find HIM when I check into an old folks home when I am 75..by then he could hold my hand and some nurse could take care of his daily needs...
    ONe thing for sure Stat..I won't be competing with you for the same guy..certainly not for marriage..lol
    Happy hunting..
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    How about a big duplex. Her end, my end, our den, our kitchen, our bedroom. That way, I can be as messy as I wish, and scatter my projects, books, and papers all over my end of the house. Not sure where we will put the nudes of Halle Berry yet.
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    Bonnie i agree to disagree here

    YOu have got it spot on..but not many of us want to marry and commit either..the Empty nester has done it all..she wants a rest , she wants freedom and liberty..she has earned it..all she wants is someone to LAT (LIving Apart Together) with...just get together and have fun...he can wash his own socks..you will understand when you get to that age..

    I think there are many woman who if given the opportunity again would get married an if not would cohabitate. I have been single for many yrs. And i was tired of it a long time ago. I, myself would like to have that person around permanently. If he lived right down the street i might think different as we would be back and forth but with our own residence to run to for space. I know there are some woman who would never want to get married again. My neighbor is that way. But this is MM....LOL If all we wanted was to find a gentleman friend and set up occasional weekends. We could do that in our prospective home towns and it would be a lot easier.................S4U
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