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    YOu have got it spot on..but not many of us want to marry and commit either..the Empty nester has done it all..she wants a rest , she wants freedom and liberty..she has earned it..all she wants is someone to LAT (LIving Apart Together) with...just get together and have fun...he can wash his own socks..you will understand when you get to that age..
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    There's a handful of women here who would seriously consider moving to be where their love interest is. Fortunately, they're all in their forty's and fifty's - stunning, and are looking for something eles to fill the void of "Empty Nest Syndrome." Men couldn't be luckier! If you find a woman you like the looks of, and she has posted that she would gladly relocate for love ....... go get her!
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    When I lived in Houston, long distance was someone from the other side of town. If it added a hour to your commute in the morning, that was too long. I did try it once, and just gave up- two extra hours of driving each day left too little time for each other on a regular basis. I probably would have been better off with someone out of town and scheduling the whole weekend together as often as we both could. I could have been more relaxed.
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    Granted long distance relationships are hard but they do and have worked. It is according to how, when they meet say they have the chemistry and the desire, If both parties are truly ready to try on the mono ete mono basis. If you truly care for each other you won't be constantly deciding this will never work. You have to have fortitude. And there can be no negativity. First thing you have to do and this is a must is hide your profile. If you don't do this it will never work. You have to concentrate on each other solely.
    You also have to make the time to spend with each other. How many men have we already ran into that continue to say, when they are interested, that they are so busy and just don't have the time right now. Why are they here if they have no time for anyone. You have to trust as hard as that might be at first. And as time goes on when everything is going well then there are many of us who can relocate. I met a woman in AZ and she married her internet man. She from there and him from NY. A yr later he moved there. It doesn't matter who does the moving. You will know that will happen before you get too deep into the relationship. But someone should not have to relocate for the other until there is a definite togetherness. One of the biggest issue to ponder in doing long distance is faith and trust. Without one or both it is doomed before it starts.....

    Opinions donated by several couples who did and are still married plus my personal own...
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    I hate to see it, but I am an expert at long distance relationships. Girls can never get close to me, so every relationship is long distance. This is Bob, reporting from New York and Boston simlutaneously.
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    www...stick by your gun..it is QUALITY and not quantity that matters...
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    Well, my blood pressure is usually low, heart is ok. You are right. I will go for it, unless they are french or belly dancers. Then I think I will just go on vacation. No sense being embarassed and humilitated.
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    oh come now wwww... I'm sure you are being way too modest here..... *wink*
    you can't possibly go from 6 to 1/2!! lol.....
    if you descend too rapidly (I won't say dive due to obvious se*xual connotations....) you might do serious damage to your heart or blood pressure....
    then again... if you manage six...... we'll still have to call 911....
    a cruel dilemma indeed!!
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    I was thinking about 1, 2, or 3.

    I gave up on 1 to 6. I am getting too old. Now that I have heard more about those french women, I am thinking that maybe 1/2 will do.

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    If it's wellab you're talking about, I'm very happy... :)
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    Good one, Minerva... let us wait for an answer from our gigolo friend... hehehe

    (Minerva... which answer do you think he's going to pick... lol)
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    lol... well MoonRay, hmmmm.... before he had 456 also so.. let's see if you add all that up it makes:
    .... 21!! So wwww.... what is then? you want 21 women OR a 21-year old who fulfills all your weird and wonderful fantasties??
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    Minerva... wwwww is so creative, isn't he?? I always thought it was because it was easier to type... lol

    So, wwwww, what about the numbers then? Why "123"??

    Don't tell me you're looking for 123 wild wonderful wonder women!!!!
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    aha! so THAT'S what all those little wwwwws stand for...!! lol...
    I agree with you - it's not really realistic when you can't see what the other person is like on a day-to-day basis. I guess the best way to get around that problem would be to meet for the first time in a neutral setting for a few days (not too long in case one or the other doesn't feel the connection). Then, if both are very attracted and really like each other the next visit should be at the home of one or the other for at least a week if possible. Then you get more of an idea what their day-to-day life is and how they deal with it....
    Any other suggestions anyone...??
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    There is a danger in long distance relationships that I was not really aware of until I "been there, done that". Essentially, both parties are on their best behavor when both have taken the time from their normal duties and job to have fun togather. Since our daily grind is usually not just about fun, but rather about work, stress, running erands, paying bills, etc. These getaway days are not reflective of our daily lives. You have to somehow spend time together when you are not on a "honeymoon" to see how you get along in a day to day situtation. Of course this same thing can happen if you live in the same town and just see each other at "fun times".


    ps, my real handle is wwwww
    or wild wonderful wonder woman wanted.


    No, I didn't say wicked witch wanted.

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    Q. What would you call me if I had a dog?
    A. Mel and collie
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    Gosh, Mel... how do you come up with all this stuff... totally unbelievable!! Lol

    Maybe we should call you "Incredible Mel"... it DOES rhyme a bit, doesn't it... well pronounced in French anyways... hehehe
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    Hilarious Mel. I have a third spleen.
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    I'm curious Katrina/Katie. Ok. What are you going by these days? Inquiring MM members want to know.

    Are the voices independent?
    Can they talk to each other?
    Can you summon them at will?
    Do they just pop up and take over?
    Do you ever feel lonely with some many friends?
    Do you recommend voices to others?

    Me. I have a tail. It comes in sooo handy. You know, when you are at the airport and you need to carry your luggage and show your passport at the same time? TAIL!

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    How about when you are all alone? Your back itches and it needs scratching. Once again TAIL!

    There are many advantages to the tail.
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    Well, Mel....
    there's Sssssmeagol.......

    And once in a while I hold up my pointer finger and go "red rum, red rum."

    Then there's the nun who won't allow me to be risque
    ....."I never said you should not be risque
    ... I said do not be a crack ho! .... NO! YOU didn't!" Shut up! Shut up!"...............

    I'm okay! I'm alright!

    Haven't I told you a dozen times .... I am not split personality and neither am I???

    \ / / \ XX
    oo 00 __
    __ o
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