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    I keep forgeting my age. Make that a 1/2 dozen.

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    Send me one. Heck, send me a dozen - its been a long time.

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    Therein lies your problem..parboiled rice causes indigestion to your system..looks like you sure need an Oriental woman to show you how to cook rice the right delicate way that will enhance and enrich your hardened digestive tract..
    chop sui generis- takes on a whole new definition with guys like you..
    HEAD EAST OLD BOY to the Land of the Rising Sun..Madam Butterfly will serve you with her gentle ways...and satisfy your every whim and fancy..
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    I expect that you might be right. I already love parboiled rice. I might as well meet a delicious eastern woman also.
    Sure I am picky. It a woman doesn't make my life better, then its better to be single. At least I won't be miserable because I do enjoy my own company and have lots of interest, friends, and hobbies.
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    www123..sorry to hear of your unlucky encounters with women..I surmise you are either very fussy, picky or you were dating the wrong sort of women...but judging by your sense of humour and candour, I would have expected you to attract your type without much trouble..since the ratio of men v.women in your age range should give you a field day...
    Go further EAst , that is my advice..women in the Orient, respect their men and most of them come with lots of grey matter these days..and their upbringing have given them a sense of feminity that they are proud of and would not hesitate to indulge their men who they are loyal to...time for change of diet , sir..try rice , it might suit your system..
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    Let me see if I can give you one man's point of view. The last four women I dated had the following problems ( in my book).

    1. Untreated Bi-polar. Loved to fight. Never wrong. Smart, but not educated.
    2. Ditzy and narsistic. No logic at all. Always causing trouble for me in some way or other. Very self centered. Had two masters degrees, but actually stupid about most things.
    3. Needy to the extreme. No one could ever fill the shoes. Nurse.
    4. Wanted to live like a queen - the high life. Not interested in doing anything for others, just live it up. Smart, self educated.

    All were sexy and attractive. Three of the four were not really improving themselves in any significant way. - for years. The last book one of them read was probably required in college.

    The first three wanted to marry. I had only one date with the last one but probably the same result. She was looking for someone to provide that high life.

    You bet, I can be afraid of a comitment - if you don't fit my basic requirements or I see trouble with a capital T -- lets see, did I write a musical about that???
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    I personally have met so darn many committment-phobic men the past few years it's discouraging. Finally read "Men Who Can't Love" and boy is that an eye-opener! If you get a chance, read it....great insights into some men....not ALL are that way, it's important to say, but many of them are terrified of committment to the point where they sabotage the relationship themselves, all the while proclaiming their love for you. So confusing for us women!
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    what is a player and who is this guy who wants to be a one woman man??

    The one woman man or the one man woman a myth..they exist only in Utopia.or at the beginning of time when there was only Adam and EVe..and that is for want of any choice...
    Today looking for a soulmate is.just like going to the supermart, this sort of MM site is a sort of super mart for searching and need to try various brands before you decide on the right one to fit your I find it hard to understand this open declaration that so many of you out there proclaim..

    MOnogamy is a scenario that is post-marital and not why proclaim a state of mind that may or may not happen..or promise something that you possibly can't keep?It is not a selling point at all , in fact it is like one of those tongue in cheek advert that promises durability and guarantee our money back representation..that is bound to be realistic guys and gals...even marriage vows are broken so why declare undying devotion and exclusivity when you have not even found that someone
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    marriage halves your sorrow
    doubles your joy and quadruples your expenditure..
    it is certainly not a bed of roses..if it is then you will have to live with all the thorns that come with girls out there, take your can't be rushed..and cupid have a way of being scared by those who only want to jump the gun and get to marriage and by the way babies come with morning sickness, night feeds, dirty nappies..and husbands are also high maintenance pets who need constant care and you need to think real hard before you say 'yes'...I am not cynical in fact I was happily married for 20 this merger call marriage need to be taken with lots of health warning to make it a success...
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