Men always looking for younger women. Romance Forward to friends

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    So, what???? People are just looking for someone to spend time with and can support financially:)
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    Come on people didn't you read the Venus Mars Book?¿ I say it doesn't matter about age if your into each other fine !!¿ Leave it alone and let's get to more of the personal issues that find us all looking for that one big butterfly moment!¿ It's choice not chance that detemines your destiny

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    Ummm no kidding, face it young ladys need love too and some of us like older men because we do not like little boy games, so I am pleased as peaches when an older man finds me beautiful. Men my age usually have their heads up their butts and no idea whom they are let alone who they want to be. And older women who get so pissy when I may be with a guy their age well if you had what e wanted he would have picked you to start with so stop being bitter and angry and try being fun and happy you may just get a date that way.
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    Men who at the same age as their partner die 10 years before their their partner. My experience is that men my age look old enough to be my father.lso yes I want a man 10 years forget it.

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    Beauty is in the eye of the beholder... Age is just a number...¿ t

    Of course, to a certain degree...¿

    My personal opinion... it's all about chemistry.. and compatiblilty... and within reason... age compliance.¿ I am 48 and most people tell me that I look and act much younger... although... I would respond to a gentleman of quality over any man that toots his horn.. just because he can buy it.¿ I definately can say; age is of some importance... as many gals have said... with age...comes maturity and life lived experiences.. but I would never rule out qualtiy... within a reasonable age...

    I do have a daughter 24 and a son 28- therefore.. I don't reply to the men who are in this age group.. but YES.. I get asked by them... and it's a nice ego boost... but I am sincerely not interested in boosting my ego.. I am simply a genuine lady who is looking for a loyal gentleman.... and within reason... age matters.

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    A few scents worth

    Women of all ages expect us men to maintain a "fit" appearence. And we appreciate the same in women. I believe that women that are older have a more difficult time staying in seductive shape after children and marriages that have been degrading ...IE weight gain. lack of possitive emotional support..
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    I don't believe that is always true. There are many men that date older women. There are men that will only date younger women but that is their preference. I do not have a problem with that. I have my own preferences and sometimes men do not like them. I do my best to stay in shape, eat right and age gracefully.
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    Age is not just chronological. It is attitude. It is posture. It is the history in your life, and how well you have weathered personal opportunities.

    I appreciate the man who opens his eyes to a larger range of ages. Of course I do!

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    i really do think that for me age is immaterial but its not for everyone. Would it be fair to say that men like to date younger women because maybe they have a fresher outlook and are not so jaded by life and experience. Men generally are not looking for complications, and im wondering if we older and more sorted women have overdone the confidence and frighten them off LMAO
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    Men wanting younger woman is an ego problem. They need the ego boost that says look at me I can get a hot brainless bimbo while a mature woman with character and grace won't give me the time of day because she has learned and sees thru me. Younger men however seem to appreciate the older women and are able to satisfy them quite nicely.

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    I have dated women who are 45 but look 25. They have great skin and never had kids. But I have also found the prettier ones expect more, can be high maintenance, financial and emotional and physical (thier looks) and dont respect men as much. They also seem to emasculate men more. Women know what that term means and be careful no to do it in a relationship. Men are sensitive to it even if they have it all going for them. Its a matter of respect and acknowledgment.
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    As someone who dates younger men I know firsthand this couldn't be less true.
    There are lots and lots of men who love older women.
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    I have to say when a woman who is 16 years younger than I (not even close to my daughter,16yrs age) It is a huge ego boost that I dont need but love to feel. The thought that she is attracted to me is thrilling for me. But as I think about this it seems that the age span changes as the older person gets older. Something changes for men at 50 + and women at 40+ At the older ages I think both dont look for younger as much but seem to be better settled in someone closer to their age.
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    I don't want to offend anyone, this is only my opinion. I think 35-40sh women are mature, have their share of life's experiences & have their own minds. I think some men who like younger women (half of their own age) don't want to complicate their lives. I suppose younger women can be more meek & are less demanding. Some men want to assure that they have the upper hand in a relationship.
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    I am sure now ... 40 years old female might be compare with 20 years old male...just about intimacy...
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    Maybe men chase younger women because she is the one that he could not get when he was younger but may be able to now for different reasons. Money being one of them. For example If I was 30 and couldn't get the girl I was in love with then, I might keep looking at 30 year olds as I get older and more successful.
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    don't you remember the scene in Cher's movie Moonstruck where Olivia Dukakis asks why men chase women? Because they are afraid of dying is what she came up with!! Maybe they chase younger women because they want to not only not die, but live even longer!!

    I think men are searching, when we reach these astronomical ages, for passion and energy, much like women our age are looking for too. We are out here looking because it is lost to us at that time. That pull you feel seeing your partner walking across the lobby, looking for you. You feel your tongue slide along the inside of your teeth and out your lips--and catch yourself and check out if anyone saw it...the exuberance of youth is all it you have it and we'll respond, in ways you want us to. who cares what the request says, if you like how it looks or sounds, go for it. foolish youth would.
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    bobsthename write:
    Hey Bill, how are you? Yes, I can't wait to grow up!

    LOl Bill you brat
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    Hey Bill, how are you? Yes, I can't wait to grow up!
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