Men always looking for younger women. Romance

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    I have read many of your posts, please be a tad more tactful in your descriptions. You have opinions and you are free to express your views, however, you can be a little classier in your writing.
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    First, I want to say, from a fine artist's (as well as a writer's) point of view ... you dudes are soooooo SPOILED! Is there any other dating site in existence that can boast the kind of "eye candy" on MM that you are being treated to every day? Just when I think I've seen posts and pics from all the absolute hottie girls on this site, .... someone like "Fine" comes along, and I have to say, "What? Another Babe-aliscious Beauty!!! The competition is getting brutal!!!!!

    Okay, down to business. My ex is 9 years younger than me. We didn't last because he was only 19 when we got married. He left me and went back to his mom five years later but even now, I still don't believe age is anything else other than a number others use to "judge" one another by. So, although I am not comfortable with a 53 year old man going after an 18 year old girl, I can't in all honesty be the pot calling the kettle black.
    Also, since my divorce, I date "one day at a time." Sometimes it's tough, but I I also believe in my motto, "...for however long it lasts." I don't think I will ever get married again, so if I can spend quality time with ANYONE, regardless of how long it lasts or the rules society has imposed on us .... (I'm currently in lust with a married guy)... then I can't point fingers at anybody else, in all good conscience. So I will cease. (sigh)
    And thanks for the compliment, Barkeep ... you big caveman, you! lol
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    Steel, would you agree that well meaning and good people have different standards of decency or, their defination isnt the same as yours? Some, for instance see nothing wrong with gays but, to me, its the same as saying beastality is alright.When you think of a man dating a woman twenty five years younger, it may make you personally, want to throw up. Likewise, when i think about what two gays are doing to each other, i want to throw up.
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    hello I am not so new to the site but have never posted and forgot about the sight for probably the last 5 months so I am around now! I am sorry I am not a paying member so you'll have to make the first move.
    Brightest Blessings! : Evelore
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    Spoil, fair enough. Your point was noted and you are correct, that whatever I post will be replied to. Look, this really isn't about winning or losing a debate. These are just opinions, that's all.

    Look at it in this light Spoil, and you will better understand the point I'm making. If a woman is of legal age, there's nothing really indecent about it. But what does a 53 yr old have to offer an 18 yr old, when it comes to the long run? Does he want to have kids with her? More than likely not. How likely is it that she won't want to have kids at some point? There's always exceptions to the rule on both sides, but in general, most young women will want children, and most men past 50 do not want to start over with kids. And what about the fact that within 20-30 years he will be nursing home age, whereas she will not have even reached 50 yrs of age? Do you see what I'm getting at?

    I think what I'm trying to get you to understand, is that if a man is going to 'go for' younger women, then it's more appropriate that they(the woman) are at least in their later 20's or past 30. The chances of the woman already having children are more likely in this age group, where as an 18 to very early to mid 20's probably haven't.

    Spoil, do you understand what I mean? You're 59 and a woman 20 yrs younger than you would be 39. She's still young enough to be your daughter, but at least she has probably had the opportunity to have the children she wants(not all at this age, but the majority). Does this make any sense to you? I hope so, because I'm not here to fight with you. I'm just stating my opinion like everyone else.

    Have a great day.
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    The difference between those on this site who are married or common law and pretending they are not is, they are lying. You are not. You are being upfront with your beliefs and your actions. Both actions are despicable in my eyes. In your latest message you indicate that this young girl is a friend, in the last message you referred to her as your girlfriend. Which one is it? Oh, wait, I see now a friend with benefits. You also state that eventually she will move on to someone her own age, as you will too. However, in your previous post and I quote, "A recent statistic shows that until men hit about 35, they are typically after a woman who is their equal on all accounts....physically and intellectually. After that, intelligence takes a drastic downward turn. They no longer care if she can hold up her end of a conversation, now he just wants someone young and attractive." ?Hehe.. No kidding.? That tells me you will not look for someone closer to age unless that means, 24 or 25.
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    STEEL, decency??? You have to be kidding me. By whose standards? If you dont want to date a guy 20-25 years younger then, sit at home but, dont tell others they are aweful if they do. Tell me what is illegal or immoral about an age gap and you can win the debate. If you cant then, you lose the debate.I directed it to you because of that post YOU made.If you dont want others to do that(and they will), simple, dont post. If you make a post, people who disagree are going to respond.
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    Is it just me?I prefer older men.When I was 19 I dated men in their 30's.And who ever started the rumor that older men are useless have that dead wrong.The older men seem to have a confidence,..or something...I date 30 somethings but would marry a 50 something.Take heart older men and don't listen to some stuff around here.You guy rock and I mean that in EVERY sense of the word.
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    S4U, Honey, they arent sharks at all, they are wolves.In fact, they are really simple. Picture a wolf after an innocent sweet lamb, always chasing after one and it isnt for the lambs good either. Now, put yours and other womens tooty in the place of the lamb and bingo, you have the sharks (wolves) figured out. Isnt that simple?
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    Spoils, I am not the only member who posted on this forum about this older/younger subject. And yet you singled ME out. Why is that? This IS a forum to state our opinions, isn't it?

    I say, if you don't like what I post then don't read it. Simple as that. Btw, I think everyone pretty much stated their case on this forum as to why old men shouldn't try to date girls their granddaughter's age. It's a matter of decency Spoils.
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    hello all... im new to this site... how is everyone today *smiles*
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    S16 well i digressed on my last post. But as a mom i watch my daughter change BF's like underwear. She always cried and i had to tell her she will find another. And of course the next day. Replay we all know that one. When young people get out of HS they see this big old world and all it is. Including the guys looking toward college and all the "sexy chicks". I know you ave been hurt by your BF and i would soothe you like i did my child but someone will ome along that will make you lok back on HS romances with a different eye so know it will get better and go let your mom soothe your hurt for awhile. You are a gorgeous young lady and will be a beauty and have many men after you. Think of that thought.......
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    Tedski i was reading back on these post and something you said brought this to mind. I had a patient female and she had a gentleman with her all the time. She was 63 and and he was 57 at the time. She looked 10 yrs older as being sick throughout her life. I asked her one day if he son was coming to visit and she said That is my husband.Well that was about 18 yrs ago and i can tell you i never have stated it like that again. I am sure she felt bad and i was embarrassed. I would think that happens alot when those 40/50 yr olds are with a 20/25. My ex use to do that and he said only once did that happen to him. He later told me(many yrs.) it embarrassed him but of course he never showed or said anything. He always dated none over 27 at his 42+. For long term he quit that and is with a lady 6 yrs younger. I would not want my daughter with a man that old. Her daddy would not either. And any mother who condones a man of 53 writing her 18 yr old needs to be horsewhipped. I believe she should have put a stop to that a long time ago and there are several ways to do that. S16 you have the best yrs of your life right at this time for adventure and falling in and out of love. You should enjoy it with people closer to your age. I know those sappy 18 yr old seem so immature::) but there are mid 20's and your commonalities are within each others range. I have a blast with my kids and their friends and i can still hang in there for quite awhile. But i would not want a steady diet of what you all do now a days for fun. And believe me my kids know how to have fun.So i hope that the choice you make in all of this is say goodbye to this older man he only wants one thing from you and if that happened when he's thru you will be heartbroken. An i hope that doesn't happen to you.It's a hard lifes lesson..

    PS this i know will post twice 1 unfinish sorry changing pges too much
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    Spoils How are you doing dahling!!!! Sorry but no cigar spoils i NEVER airbrush. Fresh of the ole digital straight to you. And thanks honey i do add a little something like all these other ladies do with advice but they seem to share so much more than i do. I need to improve that a bit. It's how we learn about the sharks.
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    If a guy has reached 30 something and still isn't married, it MAY be because he's independent, as you say, but ... it MIGHT be because his momma hasn't given him the "thumbs up" to leave home yet! Or maybe he's holding out for Princess Leia! Or perhaps he's only into Klingon chicks.... who collect stamps and arachnids!
    I don't think the average, contemporary, married man is hitched because he "needs someone to hold his hand through life." Many of them have just reached that level of maturity and responsibility where, the "tail" they've tied the knot with is also the tail they want to hang with for life or whatever. And she WON'T just be holding his hand ... but will probably be giving him more action than the "independent "male is getting! Just because you're single and can sew your wild oats anywhere you like doesn't mean every available woman wants you doing it in HER garden!
    Any mature guy who "has more in common with his guy friends than with most girls ... is probably skilled at making creme brulee and matching fabric swatches for a worn sofa. You know, the guys who wear "product" in their hair and exfoliate before going to bed? lol
    And the guy who's only reason for wanting anything to do with women is, as you call it, "tail" .... is 15!
    You say women generally tend to be at their most physically attractive from 17-30 years old .... but if all these youngsters know how to do well, through lots of practise, is WAG their tail, then you might just as well get a puppy!
    Now you were very sweet in refering to the older females on this site as "older, more refined women," and for that, you get points ... but ,brother! Men really have to stop using the evolution of the cave man as their excuse for being the less-than- evolved neanderthals they'd like to be excused for behaving like today!
    Cave men never washed or had a job, and wore stinking, rotting carc...
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    Steel, since you want to run the life of those who differ from you, why dont you give us a list of men at what age should date women of what age so, we wont hear your lip any longer.Is 5 years difference alright with you? If 5 is ok then, why isnt 10 years difference? If 10 years difference is alright then, why not 15 years? What age do you draw the line and why? If a large age difference makes both happy then, what is your gripe? If it is legal and moral, do you REALLY have an arguement that would hold water other than, your own personal likes, dislikes and/or predjuices and insecurities?We all have those.
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    Sweet Sixteen where do I begin hon....I myself have long since gotten over my first love, not to say that I have forgotten him, but still life will go on, simply because it must. That's what life does. The fact that you had the chance to get away from the pain (which will not work right away) and "escape" to Brazil is very lucky for you. The less of your surroundings to remind you of him, the better. Be glad to be able to start anew. You are blessed with youth, you will find someone, don't be in a rush. I was in a hurried mindstate myself, and I now have a seven month old daughter to keep me focused on what is really important in life. Love is just not what it used to be. All I need is to work and take care of myself, and in time if I meet someone then so be it, if not then that's okay too. What I'm saying is rely on what you have around you and the people around you that care about you (your mother and your aunt) and you will find getting over anyone even a first love will be much easier. And for god sakes...leave the older men alone, you are too pretty to settle for someone that is so emotionally and physically spent. No offense to the older people online. If you got with a 53 year old man, by the time you were 30 you'd be Anna Nicole Smith(in) it. You really wouldn't want to carry your man around in an urn would you???
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    Has anyone noticed how cute Mandalay is?
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    Spoil.....leave S4U alone...she is WAY TOO classy for you to even speak to.
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    what's all this drama? This girl does not sound 18 at all, i thought the board was a little more careful when it came to letting underage people come in here.

    *shows id* lol
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