Men always looking for younger women. Romance Forward to friends

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    SweetSixteen, Please don't cry over written words, especially from strangers that you'll never meet.
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    Ok...about this subject...
    I'm starting to date a 61 year old man (I'm 42).

    At first I was a bit nervous about the whole age situation (btw...he doesn't look his age at all!) And now after getting to know him better, I can't help but feel really attracted to him.

    He's in great shape and what makes him so much interesting, is his knowledge of how to treat a woman!

    All this wisdom, experience and compassion in a man his age is what really makes all this (me, dating him) worth while.
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    Barkeep - not to hammer at you but the most obvious question just came to me.
    You have a 19/20 year old girlfriend - what are you doing on MM?
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    MasRogue./...well said

    barkeep.......I truly can't believe what I read in your post. Are yousure you're 39 y/o, as you sound like a teenager who is bragging about his conquests to his "guy friends"..
    It goes without saying that MOST younger women are more sexually attractive. That's a given....BUT those women aren't just looking to get laid. They are searching for the same thing we in our 50s are. The search goes on for someone we want to spend our lives with, no someone who will take advantage of us sexually, then tell all his biddies. I'm sure you "girlfriend", and I use that term loosely.....wouldn't appreciate the fact that you are not only dating her for "TAIL" as you put it, but also because you can and probably do hit on her friends........merely achieving the same result, getting laid.
    My question here is.....Do you have any feelings for this young woman or is she just your "toy"??
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    Mas, now I see why the ladies think so much of you on this forum. You deserve a lot of respect. I read your comments regarding old men perverts, and I'm glad to know there are at least some decent men still around.

    Hey everyone! Sweet's handle says sixteen but next to her name it says, 'Female 18.' Regardless, any man who is older than her dad and old enough to be her granddad, is sick in the head to pursue a girl that age.

    SweetSixteen, I see by your last post that you don't want to listen to good sound advice. You take our advice as 'mean' and think that we're jealous of you? Did you not see Mas's post about this very same thing? Why would a man be jealous of you? We're speaking from life experience here, NOT out of meanness or jealousy. Just as Mas said, we have choices in life. You will make your choices, regardless of what anyone says. And as I said once before, I hope you make the choices with the least regrets. If not, well, then you'll have to learn the hard way.
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    Barkeep - wow, just read your post.
    I'm your age,

    Nowhere in your post did I hear you mention what a wonderful, caring, compassionate, intelligent, humorous, intellectual person your 19 year old g/f is and/or how much you love her.
    What I got out of your post was that the benefit of dating a person that age is the fact that they have friends that age that you can hit on, and...tail. If I misread what you were saying, please correct me.

    "and provided the neurological wiring that ,makes so many of us naughty little boys to follow in their footsteps. Hey, it might suck, but there's not really a lot we can do about it."

    What seperates us (human beings) from self awareness and the ability to control our urges. I don't buy the "hard wired" theory...people make choices in life...period. Genetics made me do it - poor arguement at best. The reason I don't get out of my car and kill the guy who cut me off in traffic is because I make the choice not to - even though I'm upset, I make the decision not to act on my impulse. An exageration (for the most part) - but I'm sure you see my point.

    And while I agree with Faris and what she said about the selection of men a 20ish woman has at their age...and I don't like to judge people I don't know....a guy about to hit 40 dating a 20 year old just rubs me the wrong way. Live and let live - I know I know - and your lady is old enough to make her own decisions.
    But have you told her the real benefits of dating her are tail and her hot friends?
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    Hmmm...I have to give some credence to what Faris said - she's right.
    Guys in their younger 20's more times than not don't have a clue to where they are going. Some do - most don't. I sure the hell didn't.
    (I was always great in the sack though)

    Now...none of the above endorses a 50+ yeal old pervert sending e-mails to someone young enough to be his grand daughter. I repeat...that's just creepy. Frikkin' Chester the Molester.
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    SpoilYouRotten, excuse me?? Aren't you the exact same dirty old man who said 18-20 yr old young women's bods is what gets you going?? And yet you're sitting here giving advice to an 18 yr old saying, "Don't listen to them, what do they know?" We(women) know plenty because we've BEEN there. And we're also old enough to know you're just a dirty old man.

    This is a prime example for SweetSixteen as to why she should steer clear of dirty old men like you. And by the way, let's do our math lesson today. She said the 53 yr old is 16 yrs older than her mom and dad. That would make her dad 37 yrs old...right? That does NOT make a 53 yr old man old enough to be her dad. It makes him old enough to be her GRANDDAD. How sick is that?

    SweetSixteen, I believe us women have given you good sound advice when it comes to this sort of thing. We were there one time too, so we know what we're talking about. Old men like Spoil are only after one thing from you, and that is sex. Unless you're looking for a rich granddad(and believe me, he'll expect sex from you--how gross!), then stick to guys closer to your own age.

    Men this old get kind of crazy in their old age and actually believe a young woman wants them. That is just disgusting. Spoil, I hate to say this but I believe even a minor would get you going. You have no decency about you whatsoever.
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    As usual up to par!
    But we still love you
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    SweetSixteen...if your still reading 15 yr old daughter would tell you this. You are in high school. Don't be getting serious at this age. Expect to date several young men closer to your own age. That is healthy. Date young men who will respect you, and want to do things just to be in your company and have fun with you. They are out there. Consider each relationship as a stepping stone for you to learn about yourself, about the qualities you want in a man you may marry one day, as well as, what is and makes a healthy relationship. My Aunt told my sister, who told me, "Never marry till your aleast 23 yrs or older, because you want to have that time to enjoy yourself and grow as an individual." You have your whole life ahead of you. Between now and 23+ yrs old, you have no idea how much you will change with respect to your morals, values, the way you think, what's important to you. You won't know till your there looking back. Have confidence in yourself. Aim for attending College/ will go to parties, have fun, & meet so many new friends...male & female. Don't sell yourself short at such a young age.
  • View author's info Posted on Feb 09, 2005 at 09:36 AM's all in the interpretation. While you obviously saw red reading what Babydol had to say ... I envisioned it as a calm, loving voice giving excellent advice. I think others saw it that way too. One day when you have'll understand. How old are you? Because your reaction is more of a rebellious teenager...not a mature adult looking out for a teenager. If you're 28...children or no children, you'll have grown and matured alot from the time you were 16 and you'd know what babydol is saying is right on the mark! Have a nice day!
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    Well said to that young girl everyone! MasRogue, funny as usual. I actually posted the same advice for her that Babydol did, but it didn't make it on the board.....hmmmmm I smell a conspiracy! ;-)

    Men going after such a young girl, it breaks my heart. Some of the old men on this site think it's still in good taste or OK if they are rich. (sigh) Someday they will understand that men in their 50's should not be trying to date women of 18 or even 28.
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    MonicaF1 you are so right... I have to laugh when I see a fella in his 40's + strutting along with a young girl... I have an older brother who will only date girls in their 20's... Of course he won't say when his last date was, lol... I would be interested in their conversations though... Personally I'd feel like I were a pervert if I were to pursue a young girl. Just my 2 cents, which when I was your age would have bought...
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    Interesting Topic
    although I'll have to disagree with the beautiful Monica.

    I am 20 years old soon to be 21. I love older men, and it's not because they are posesive or because they think I'm weaker or dumb.

    Unlike alot of people my age I am not looking for a F#$# or a fling, I look for feelings, a future...someone I can see myself with for a long time, who is ambitious, and most importantly MATURE. What Male between the ages 20-26 wants those things I look for? None --They Cheat, they spend 3 years in college without a major confused, they don't appreciate anything but their penises. Play mind games. Men age better than women, so it's always been this way. Men look for younger women.
    Yes the sex with a 23 year old might be more intense than with a 42 year old...but while the 23 year old is more intense the 42 year old is more passionate and is not only concerned about his "satisfaction" but by now understands how important it is to satisfy your partner as well.

    I am very passionate, and I love my freedom...I love playing dress up, always in dresses, high heels, open back gucci dress--While an older man will engrace this a 23 year old will flip out because "HELL NO somebody is looking at you"

    so I guess we all different tastes
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    Hey, I don't know about some of you ladies in your 30's and above, but I think that I get more looks now in my thirties than in my teens and 20's. Makes me feel like that beautiful, vibrant woman. Could be the way I walk too. Like I'm constantly on the runway. I'm a modeling/acting instructor after all. Shows extreme confidence. And, beauty is truly from within. Doesn't matter young or old. Agree?
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    Well, I've tried dating a few "older men" - in other words men between 40 and 55 (I'm 26) , and you know what - I have to agree with the earlier posters. It's rediculous.

    Here's my analysis:

    1) In general, men in that age range who want to date a woman in her 20's was a nerd/dork when he was that age and couldn't get a hot woman in her 20's when he was in his 20's. Therefor he's emotionally "stunted" at that time frame of his life and is trying desperately to re-live his past.

    2) Men in that age range who gravite toward younger women are also secretly seeking DUMBER women. Why? Because most likely they're not overly interesting or intelligent men to begin with. I know this because I've wound up intimidating some older men because though I look younger than my age, my mind is about 10 years older than my chronological age.

    3) Most of these older men dating younger women are insecure and delusional. They love being around someone who could be their daughter's school mate, yet they're paranoid that they look even older than they are around the woman. They act "oh so appalled" when the woman is asked for her ID at the bar, yet they are not. I mean COME ON.

    4) Most of these men don't want to "help a younger woman" - they want to CONTROL a younger woman. Here's an example: The last older man I gave a try, I told that I was planning on going back to school. He responded with "BUT THEN WOULD YOU HAVE TIME TO SEE ME STILL?" - now in my opinion that is BEYOND selfish - but it's typical. Rather than the older man caring about the younger woman bettering herself, he wants to hold her back because he wants "attention". Pathetic.

    In conclusion, I feel most older men who are trying to get it on with a younger woman are pathetic. I think in general an older woman would do well to steer clear of these loser men because they are totally disfunctional for the most part. If you're a relatively dumb and young girl you could do well with a man like what I've described but if you're a smart young girl, being around a man like I've described would make you want to shoot yourself in the head.
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    Sweetsixteen, if a 53 yr old (or older) man is 16 yrs older than your mom and dad, that would make him just about old enough to be your Granddad! Yes, of COURSE he's too old for you. Any man who's as much as 20 yrs older than you would be old enough to be your Dad.

    You have 2 things that make you VERY vunerable to men at this time in your life: 1) Your very young age, thus your inexperience with men, and 2) You've just had your heart broken by your former b/f, and that usually spells rebound.

    If you were my own daughter and you asked for my advice, here is the advice I would give you. And remember, I know these things from my own life experiences and what my own mom taught me. Plus, I have a 6 1/2 yr old daughter, whom I love dearly. Someday I will be saying these same things to her.

    1. Please take your time when it comes to relationships. You don't know/realize this right now, but you have plenty of time to worry about getting serious again or even getting married someday. You are young only once and only have 1 chance to do it right. You can't go back and undo things later, no matter how much you may regret your choices.

    2. Set personal goals for yourself to accomplish and do/live them BEFORE you ever get entangled in a longterm relationship or marriage. There is a big world out there to explore and discover, things to do and see. There is so much more to life for a young woman than just relationships and/or marriage. Do all of those things FIRST. You will be so glad you did, someday when you are older.

    3. When it comes to men, don't pick someone old enough to be granddad or even dad. That's just too old for you. You want someone young enough, so that if you 2 should marry and have kids, he's young enough to help raise them. Imagine an old man trying to go and out and play with the kids! Kids do NOT like to just sit in the house. Chances are, you'll be the one doing that with them, not him.

    Only you can make the final decisions when it comes to your life. I truly hope you make the ones with the least regrets.

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    Sweet16 - it's like sharks swimming around a wounded fish with you young lady.
    No self respecting man over the age of...???24 ???...should be sending you e-mails from this site. And under no circumstances should ANY guy be writing you e-mails with sexual content...well...maybe after you've corresponded with him for a while....a LONG while.

    Can some of the ladies here take this one under their wing(s)?

    54 years old...creepy, just creepy.
    Jeez - hearing about stuff like this makes me embarrassed to be a guy.
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    SweetSixteem....and just how does a 53 y/o want to help you. My advice here....stay away. This man is WAAAAY too old for you and if he has begun asking the sex questions,, he is interested in much more than JUST helping you. Sounds to me like he wants to help you right into his bed. Stick with guys closer to your age. Personally, I think you are way too young to be on here in the first place.....
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    At 42, I find it hard to have a conversation with a woman in her early 20's. And yes conversation can be a potential form of forplay for those who are only looking for sex. But I have been around some women in their 50's who made the 20's look like rocket scientist. So age can't mean much of anything except to people that are looking for trophies. The wisdom of a seasoned woman can teach a man how to really satisfy a woman. Just because you participate in conversation doesn't mean that you enjoyed it. As I am sure there are women that some of the men hear have been with can say the same about their sex life with most men. Try to lay next to a beautifull nude woman and just talk to her. look into her eyes and listen. Ignore her body. You will never regret the returns you will recieve when she becomes a person instead of a blow-up-doll.
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