Men always looking for younger women. Romance

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    Fightening. This is just for you. 1 Cor.6:3, " Dont you know(speaking to Christians) that we(Christians) shall judge Angels? How much more, things that pertain to this world".A hypocrite is someone that says one thing and does another so, since you admit that you dont know me personally then, there is no way you can make that statement about me - is there? Well, that is, unless you call telling someone the truth and the other person cant stand to hear the truth.Isnt that what you said about your own self? That you were blunt and to the point?
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    Wow Sjpoilurotten & Edtarboosh...this is all overwhelming. Keep it between yourselves and take it elsewhere...private emails. No one here is interested.
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    blahbeat, as many posts you have put everywhere, how can you complain about someone else?
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    Steel, if i had a mug like yours, i sure wouldnt say one word about anyone .
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    edtarboosh.....oh you mean he's a hemorrhoid in the Tn legal system too? Why am I not surprised? I wonder if that's his pic you saw? If so, he can't hide that mugshot anylonger lol.
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    Spoils is a bit like a chronis yeast infection.It's horrible at first but you learn to ignore it and work around it.When people just stop responding to him,he doesn't have anyone to argue withand so will have to talk to himself...Ignore him completely and totally.At least then he won't take up pages of the Forum.One can't argue with someone who refuses to argue back.....
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    Ladies: This is my first post. After reading all Spoils enchanting discussions on the bible and marriage....I think we all just need to completely ignore his words. He makes no sense and does not deserve our time.
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    All you people have TOO much time on your hands.

    BRAZEN in Calif.
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    Ms. Seriously, any person that claims to be a jew, cant prove they are one. Read 1 Tim.Chapter 4 where it predicts the coming of the catholic church, over 500 years before hand and God calls some of the doctrine they will teach, "doctrines of devils" and even states what a couple of those doctrines will be so, you tell me, after reading, if you think they will make heaven if they teach false doctrine like that. Same with other groups. The original church stayed pure for centuries and there was only one because Jesus established only one and that falling away from the true one was predicted vway ahead of time.Man has put in his doctrines and reasoning over the years so that people who dont know the bible, accepts religion of today because they seem religious.Ys, i did send my manuscript to various religious leaders and not a one disagreed with me.I dont understand your point about sick children not being taken to a doctor but, i can tell you that anyone that holds back from doing that because of religious reasons, dont know a thing about the bible. No such doctrine is taught anywhere.
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    dee5, what beautiful ladies? Oh, you mean the "wolfpack" that are busybodies and stick their long noses in everybodys business and lives to gossip on here daily and hand slaps like they are at a ball game? The bible talks about women like that - calls them "silly" women.
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    Tomi, i never said one could divorce because they were a christian and the other wasnt. I said, if either partner is a christian, the other isnt AND the non-believer leaves the believer, the marriage is void.Read 1 cor. chapter 7.If my wife is a believer and i am also, she can leave me but, is strictly forbidden to re-marry.There always have been, always will be hpyocrites in the church so, the smart thing is, go attend with them for a few years and come judgement day, you wont have to put up with them again. Dont go and you will wind up with them forever.I dont know about you being bad but, i do know if you have sex outside marriage, God calls that fornication.Seems like to me if, i didnt care what God said, i would be in bed with everyone i could and enjoy this world as long as i could.People say they are going to heaven, they know they are so, my question is, based on what teaching?Feelings? Feelings, being a good person, etc wont get anyone to heaven based on scriptual teaching.
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    Monkeydust, oh but, these "ladies" say you must be a gold digger if you want an older man.None will admit that there are women like you that seek love and the same things they seek. If you post on here that you like older men,, the wolfpack will attack - notice the hand slapping? In case you are new, they control the message board and forums, tell everyone how to run their lives, advise on everything and are all buddies - maybe they all are just jealious of your youth since they cant compete with you? Could that be it? Who knows why ther claws come out on this subject. You are a woman so, how close am i?
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    Steel, Thats a great attitude, i dont care what God says, i am going to do things my way. When judgement day comes, dont point your finger at me and say i should have told you and thats all i did, told you what it says so, your disagreement isnt with me, i was simply messenger boy.
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    Spoil, this discussion has been discussed till it's worn out. It's become boring to me, so this is my last post on this subject matter with you. I don't care what the bible says. I live by the same law everyone else lives by within our legal system. A divorce is a legal binding thing. You believe what you want to believe, because I could really care less. It's not My belief. Who, when, where, how many times I marry is my business. I don't need any advice on 'invalid divorces.' That law is invalid in our current judicial system. Live your life the way you want, I'll do the same.

    Monkeydustbabie, I don't have anything against younger women/older men. I'm talking younger women/old men. Would you consider taking up with Spoil since you like that sort of thing? He's only 59 yrs old. That old enough for you? Maybe it would get him off of MM.
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    Oh Mandalay u are too good!! I believe oh spoils is divorced as approved by God. Caught his wife with another man. She probably got bible thumped to death. But honey remember he is 58 in awesome condition and the body of a 30 yr old... Don't chastize him to much please!!!!!!!
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    My dear Spoils, you seem to have misunderstood my post. No one really cares about your (mis)interpretation of the Bible. Regarding your mention of "history", there are many injustices in history that have now been corrected, so don't even go there. And how VERY Christian of you to try and trash those beautiful ladies on this site. These women have been very kind and supportive to one another, but all you can do is say hateful things about them. What happened to "Thou shalt not bear false witness"? Have you actually met these women and know for a fact that they look horrible with no makeup, or that their bodies are as you described? Using the Bible as your way of insulting and hurting people is exactly what I was referring to. Thanks for bringing the point home. I would like to remind you of two words in the man-made legal system: slander and libel. Try acting a BIT more Christian next time, oh Bible-Thumping One.
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    MM when are you going to remove this ignorant, offensive, vile, foul-mouthed excuse for a man from this site?

    No-one on this Forum is able to have a sensible conversation wthout he has to have his tuppence-worth in about his bible, his religion, along with the most foul comments, name-calling and vehemence.

    MM please......remove him
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    Seriously, The first and only true church was established in acts chapter 2. The apostle Paul set up many additional congerations(not more churches) throughout the region.He later wrote letters to them dealing mainly with the theme that those christians were no longer under moses law and the ten commandments but, he also dealt with problems of daily living and some doctrinal issues.These congerations were organized a certain way. The leaders started meeting in a central location to also discuss issues and problems. The church stayed pure for several centuries but, as man will do, someone wanted to be the dictator - hello pope.This was the first departure from the true one and was predicted on 1 Timothy 4.All those in exhistance today followed.All of them are counterfit churches.What i am saying is, go back and re-establish the original one, the only true one. Some say there and many different paths to heaven. Sounds good but, the bible does not teach any such doctrine, it teaches just the opposite. Hope that answeres your question.
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    Dear Ms.Seriously, maybe you should be more careful with your assumptions. I wrote and published a book titled, "Divorced At The Courthouse But Not In Heaven" (AuthorHouse) and before it went to print, manuscript copies were send to many preachers of different beliefs and not a one disagreed with me. Why, because the divorce laws were written in so easy to understand language that there isnt any room for debate over it. The only real difference most beliefs had was, the wrong assumption that Jesus was talking to BOTH men and women - he wasnt.Now, they can see that.It says what it says.The problem isnt that, the problem is, if it applies to a certain person and they dont want it to be that way, they come up with all kinds of excuses, trying to get out of it.
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    Here is my take on Spoils. He will not show himself because I believe he is still married and can not divorce his wife because God will not allow him. So, he is on this site trying to find some young chickie to spend some cash on so he can Sew His Old Wild Oats that he has not been able to do. He will not show his face because he is AFFRAID someone will catch him and break the bad news to his wife. And really Spoils IF you had a million dollars to be stolen, you should really protect your money a little better instead of putting it between your matress and box spring for all the ladies to take when you are finished with them. STOP your negativity toward everyone on this forum and STOP pretending to be someone you are not. You are making everyone ill.
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