Men always looking for younger women. Romance Forward to friends

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    Spoil? After all of your quoting and references, I had to open up the family Bible and find out for myself (using the references you made). Now let me get this straight? you say that Jesus was not talking to women about divorce? So if that's the case, then the divorce "rules" do not apply to women, only to men. Women can therefore divorce for any reason whatsoever? according to your interpretation. Ladies, did you get that? BTW, this same chapter in Mathew also refers to becoming a eunuch for God? just thought I'd point that out. I mean are you planning on following every word of the Bible, or are you just picking and choosing? Also, have you actually read Corinthians, or has someone just provided you with a summary? Isn't that entire book about Paul's teachings? I don't recall any Bible stating that we must follow the word of Paul? but I could be wrong. Also, it says clearly in the chapter you refer to "But I say this by permission and not by commandment." Perhaps you should stop preaching and start reading. There's nothing worse than a religious zealot misquoting the Bible for their own purpose.
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    TomiGirl, if you're going to Hell, I'll tag along. (-like girls going in pairs to the club's ladies' room.)

    Spoil's quotes from the Bible are irrelevant. This isn't a pulpit and there's no congretation here, so sermons really are ineffective in swaying anyone's opinion. Besides, too often that repeatedly re-written tome, alleged to be the "word of God" to some, and considered to be a "Book of Legends" by others, is only ever interpreted to the advantage of the fundamentalist quote-er, usually doing the quoting to strike at the undeserving.
    Who cares, really?
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    thanx Blondezilla but I don't know what you're talking about I am Amy Lee! tee hee...I have real pics here too I think.? ya I do, nice to talk to you.

    and since we're on the topic of men liking younger women...LOOK AT ME,LOOK AT ME! I am 21, Thats like a novelty item. I am scared though soon I will be 22 then what will I have?
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    Barkeep - WOW! Seriously, WOW!
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    Brad, then it's a good thing I didn't live in those times. I would've 'bucked the system' and demanded my rights as a human being, even at the risk of being stoned or whatever. But that was then and this is now. Times have changed, and women have the same rights as men do. What's good for you is good for me. If you don't want to be stuck in a marriage where the woman walks all over you, cheats on you, uses you for your money, and then tosses you aside when you nolonger are of any use to her, then believe me when I say today's laws give a woman the same right to NOT put up with that bs either. It's called 'divorce.'

    TomiGirl, you go girl! You are my kind of people and tell it like it is. You are beautiful inside and out, and though you learned in a not so great way, you now realize a man does not validate who you are. And you're a much wiser person because of that. So it wasn't all in vain. You hang in there and never lose hope. Without hope, you will have lost everything.
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    Sorry, but Barkeep did anything BUT make himself look good.
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    Spoils.....well goshogollygee!!! 8th grade level, huh?? Well, lessee, the Bible was written how long ago?? I'd like to know just how many people now, religious or atheist, follow the Bible's word when it comes to divorce. DO YOU??? Any woman here who has divorced a cheating, drunken, abusive SOB will be the FIRST to tell you they are validly divorced, the Bible be damned. (Sorry God!) Not only that, I'd also be willing to bet some of them would be more than happy to marry again but granted, some wouldn't. I have been married twice. The first time to one of those drunken, doping, abusive men, and I'm damned happy to be away from him. The second husband was, all in all, a good everyone else. To me he was verbally and at times physically abusive, controlling, and just down right mean. He caused me to lose any self-esteem and self-confidence I had built up over the years, and after being divorced....VALIDLY....for 5 years, I am content, and yes, even happy again. I have gotten back my self confidence and am working on the self-esteem. If I had stayed married to either of these men, I would have had to do myself harm... Mentally, that's where I was headed. So don't give me that Bible stuff. I am a good person, treat people the way I want to be treated, and don't hurt dumb animals, so I can safely say, when I die, I'll be going UP, not down!!
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    007P - I certainly hope you aren't referring to me in any way?
    You DO grasp the irony of the fact that your profile is a fake, yet you spam up the forum crying 'PHONY'?

    As far as I can tell - Barkeep is quite real. I am real. And I think the rest of us here on the forum are intelligent enough people that we can figure out a fake profile when we see it. So thanks for all your help - and if you'd care to post up something meaningful (unless the Forum Gods have taken you away)...please do so. Otherwise...shhhhhhhh.
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    The reason men of 40/50/60 go for girls of 20/30/40 is to massage their egos!

    Most of them would not be capable of attracting and/or keeping a woman of their own age.

    Most of them are so immature that a woman with children, of any age, would be abhorrent to them, simply because they would feel 'left out' and jealous of the children involved.

    We have all seen it happen around us! Just think of all the men you know who go for younger, childless women, then see what I am saying.
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    Brad, do you mean your option of dating much younger is better than sitting home alone? Or do you mean my option? I don't sit at home alone unless I choose to. I am a straight woman, don't get me wrong. But men aren't my top priority in life. I can take them or leave them. I like my freedom and not having a man underfoot, causing all kinds of grief. I have younger and older who ask me out, and I do go out when I'm ready. But I have absolutely nothing in common with a guy in his 20s. Somehow I just can't get into that lingo like, "WaSup" or "AiGhT."

    What reason do you believe a much, much, much younger woman would go out with you Brad? What are the chances of a really, really young woman loving someone 59 yrs old? I'd say out of 100%, maybe 20% would stomach it for the money. And I mean that in the most sincere way. They would not be there for love. I'm sorry, isn't going to happen.
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    Beware of the phonies who kiss azzz in order to score.
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    Barkeep is a figment of the imagination of one popular poster and poser here, to make himself look good. We aaaalllll know who he is. Barkeep: phony profile. There's so many of those!
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    Brad, there are many women in your age group that have valid divorces, according to your religious beliefs. Many women in their 50s have divorced because the husband cheated. Over in the religious forum, you stated adultery as one of only two reasons for divorcing, thus making a divorce valid. You can't deny that there are absolutely no 50s women who have been cheated on, which led to a divorce.

    So what is the real reason you seek those so much younger than you? Inquiring minds want to know.
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    MasRogue....well once again you have shown this forum that you are a man of quality. I have found there aren't many out there these days. Seems it's every man for himself, and that's sad. I have to say, the woman that gets you will be one lucky female. I'm quite sure you will be equally as lucky!!!
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    Barkeep, I'm with Mas on this.

    Having a cousin who lives in your town, I do feel so inclined to speak to some of this jibberish you've been spewing.
    In the Nothern Territories fo Canada one of the worst problems is alcholism, followed by teenage pregnancy, I do think your contributing to both problems.

    You say this girl knows it's just for fun and not for keeps? How about a girl of this age will agree to anything, and do anything, to keep seeing the man she cares about. You'd better be fixed cause I can see this one getting preggers to hang onto you!
    And for you to be 20 years older than this girl, is terrible! It's not like she's 40 and your 60, then you've both been there and done that and have half a brain to make logical decisions. At 19 her biggest delemia is what to wear today!
    She's probably more hung up on you than she'll admit or let you know cause she knows if she does your gone. And she doesn't want that to happen!

    Go play with an adult in your own age range and see the difference! First off she wouldn't be impressed by you being on an online dating service when datiung her, second she also wouldn't take any of this crap from you.
    Unbelieveable, and your justifications are as well. And your friends giving you a " way to go Buddy" is incredulous too. You all need to grow up and date some grown ups to get a more balanced view of the world, and guess what the classy ones don't hang out in bars!

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    Barkeep...So your 39, presumably working in a "bar"? (suppose you have the "cocktail" dvd) That will explain why your dating or shall we call it "TAILING" 19 year olds! A guy seeking the most toys in the darling, how will you ever be able to be the guy with the most toys in the end on a bartending salary?

    I appreciate (I guess) your zest for an evnironment of lots of liquor and young sweet, good looking tail (we've all been there, some are still stuck there?) then having to work at a stimulating conversation with a person of substance and maturity ...hey and possibly GREAT TAIL too! (we do know our ASSets and how to use them suga, dont cut us "mature" women out...we're in for the count!) I also read your profile and at first found your personality to be refreshing....then I came to this conclusion...

    Baby you would only be useful to me if you were great in bed and kept your mouth shut!!!!!!! Interested? lol BTW...barkeep...did you ever think that maybe they are just stroking your ego you for free drinks? lol

    tick..tick..tick...bring on the responses!!!!!!!! yeah baby!
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    Okay - I was wrong. I admit it. I was driving home Thursday night after my last post in this thread and you know what - I realized I AM offended. I try very hard not to be judgmental Barkeep, but I'm afraid I'm going to pass judgment on you.
    A 39 year old man who is sleeping with a 19 year old girl ("girl" is used purposely - anyone whose age ends in "teen" as in "nineteen" is considered a girl by me I guess) is just "-" shy of being predatory.
    For God's sake ? I?m imagining you cruising the high school graduations looking for your next sex partner. And that is a disturbing thought. Kept me up for a while last night.
    Anyone our age sleeping with a girl who is probably still paying off her prom dress on her credit card is a mess.
    My friends (all of them - ALL OF THEM) would disown me and/or take me out in a field and beat some sense into me if I brought a teenager around as my g/f. Or as "tail". There wouldn't be any "high-fiving" going on.

    You're at a distinct and unfair advantage over someone that young. And you know it.

    My IQ places me in the top two percentile of the population - and let me tell you my view on that.
    Since I'm ?smarter?, perhaps it's my job to look out for and help those who aren't as fortunate as I am - it's not my place to take advantage of them even though I could and it wouldn't be illegal. Does that make sense? Do you see the point I?m alluding to?

    Morality can be argued forever, I understand that. But surely (and you appear to be extremely intelligent) you can whiff the inappropriateness that some of us are pointing at.
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    Spoils......that last statement is the biggest bunch of CRAP that I have ever read. IF the valid divorce is the case, how do WE (or those poor young girls) know that......
    #1...they have a valid divorce and
    #2....they are really married, but saying they are divorced???????
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    Spoil, then the majority of people who've been married and divorced probably have invalid divorces. But that doesn't mean I'm going to go after a young guy 20 or so yrs younger than me. I already have a child. Any relationship that's not based on true love and caring, is just casual, sexual, and convenient for the moment. There's really no other excuse. Unfortunately, the younger they are, the harder they fall and get hurt.
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    bbd.....I'm not touching that one. You know it'll just get me in trouble again, LOL.
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