Men always looking for younger women. Romance

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    Mr. Champagne good for you for sticking up for the man that are mature enough to know that age is just a number and has nothing to do with who we date or should its a matter of preferance and who we may fall in love with regardless of age, it takes maturity, although I speak this way I have a little bit of an issue dating younger men than myself I get approached often by younger men at times even by 15 years I refuse to date a man that is that many years younger and haven't as of yet but as I said if I find someone that is on the same level as me and we are compatible just never know........but I would prefer someone closer to my age someone I can grow old with I being too old fashioned or? Anyone has any advice for me I would appreciate the comments. Thanks ya all I love reading these forums more and more each day, they are fun!
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    Most of the people posting on this topic are over 30 so I am posting this message to give a new perspective on this topic from someone in their twenties.

    Daily I delete messages from older gentlemen. I only reply to people within the limits I set in my profile. When you get emails from men who are peers with your father, there is a huge generation gap. Dr. Drew frowns upon these type of relationships.

    What does someone old have in common with me? If I were a teenager, it would be considered a May-December relationship, for any huge of a gap in our ages.. Right's gross.

    Finally where would the relationship go? I have the best years of my life ahead of me and I don't need to spend it as a trophy wife pushing someone around in a wheelchair after only a few good years together.

    The ideal relationship is to grow old together. If one of us is already old would that leave me a widow at 45??

    Just because guys are looking for younger women on this site, does not mean they are actually getting them..How many older men/younger women combos do you see out on a daily basis..My guess is few unless you live in a large city. Most people frown upon those type of relationships (Anna Nicole..for example)

    Looking at who is online, the majority of the men on this site are older here, so I understand the demographics of who is active at MM. However I choose to only interact with people I consider my peers, and I am sure other girls on MM are doing the same. We don't want to be someone's fantasy trophy to show off to business partners, but are dynamic, smart, women who don't have to settle but are looking for our match.

    Hope this helps shed some light on an interesting topic.

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    Tedski...I just did a search of men age 43-56. Believe it or not, the first 15 were looking for someone between the ages of 21 to 45. The really good looking guys...EVERY looking for someone at least 10 years younger...and this in the first 15 profiles....
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    Hello all. I am very new to this site and I have to say, when it comes to age I also prefer the older more epxperianced women (not just sexually). I am 23 and look for a woman who has alot to say about life and herself. I am looking for a woman that can goto the bars for a drink and not end up in the bathroom. A woman that respects herself is a huge turn on. I definately prefer maturity over sorority.
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    Hey Donald Trump, I mean Spoils, you had me laughing so hard on that post. Let me tell you, if someone had taken around $1.1MM from my company, I would know EXACTLY how much was gone, not $1.1MM THAT I KNOW ABOUT. I almost fell of my chair reading that post.
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    Hello everyone!
    I'm the new girl on the block, Julia.
    First let me start out by say ing I am honored to be in the company of such lovely and classy ladies: Tomigirl, steelmagnolia, nightmist, babeat, petiteone, heartoffire, statuesque,sharp1 kategirl
    Hello to all of you inteligent gentlemen as well. This does not include the borish, biblical BS-er "spoiled" he is not a gentleman in any sense of the word. A real gentleman would have quietly, with great reserve have withdrawn and ended
    the sordid spectical he had made of himself. Ladies and real gentleman
    Romance Rules......
    And I am a hopeless always,
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    I don't see what the big hang up is over age? Isn't age really relative anyway? I mean, I love to be active and pursue things people that are younger than me might not even think of (sky diving, triathalons, fire dancing etc.). I don't think we should lump all the men here into one category (i.e. seeking young lustful women). I have dated both younger and older women and have had positive experiences with both. I would actually prefer an older woman because she has more experience (and I don't mean sexually). I mean life experience. The conversation tends to be more stimulating and the romance seems to be appreciated more. I'm sure there are some men here seeking younger women for only one reason but give some of the good guys here a chance. Chivalry isn't dead...even with the 'younger' men!
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    I tried to turn the subject back to the original topic for the sake of resumption of civility ..... and to get everyone off the head-bashing. Didn't work. What are you comments on the chivalry thread, SpoilU?
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    Note to Self:

    Do not reveal innermost thoughts, feelings and fantasy to potential online suitor, may come back to haunt you for all the MM world to see.

    Naughty, naughty SpoilOz it's not nice(nor gentlemanly -- but then no one can accuse you of being that -- now can they?) to kiss and tell.

    An Astute Observer
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    Sorry to be the bearer of bad news but Tomigirl's stat./research paints the more accurate picture.

    1) Ted you searched over 100 profiles, I've reviewed twice that amount and the majority are men are searching for much younger women -- yes a few stretched beyond their age bracket but the key word here is FEW -- in addition to the fact my experience after initial contact(emails) and conversation reveal 95% of the men on this site shave 5 to 10 years off their age in order to attract a younger base. Tedski don't believe everything you read just because the men post specific age requirements, it does not reflect what TRULY goes on behind the scene.

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    HELLSGIFT, you say what you believe is a religion? Dont believe in hell, the devil, demons, say the gospels dont exhist, no proof Jesus exhisted and that the old Testament should be thrown away. How stupid do you think these people on here are?You know who is coming to your door. Yeah right. I bet you are superwoman with x-ray vision.
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    Katie, that wasnt pun, i really didnt get your point.You tried what?
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    Petite, of course we all have fantasies, my biggest one right now is finding a way to retire at 45 and lounging around on Hadikurari Beach in Aruba for the rest of my life! lol
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    Mr Spoil, I am in buisness and have never been sued nor have I sued anyone. You only get sued when you do something wrong. Therefore, it sounds like you are not a good buisness man. Maybe you should reevaluate your methods of conducting buisness, research new suppliers or hire qualified people. I have no idea why you are getting sued and do not want to know, however it sounds like you need some better buisness savoy.
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    >>"Katie, can you repeat what you said in plain english. I havent a clue as to your point."

    Forget it, SpoilU. But don't say I never tried.
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    My, MY KingKong, how we assume as if it is fact. Posting the name of my book which, months ago, you joined in trying to make me do that, does not give anyone a right to go on a witch hunt, purposely lookingfor dirt. Well, he didnt and wont find any.Exactly how am i on my knees - an arbitration case? One i lost? What has that got to do with anything? I have three more right now that goes back as far as 9 years. So what? Dont you know business people sue and get sued all the time? Thats part of being in business so, what is your point? Nothing - as usual.
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    I guess this is to kingkong since we are pretending.You left out that there are more self-made millionaires in the self-publishing business that any other each year in the USA. HAHA
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    Hear! Hear! Bikerking!!

    Found all the info about you-know-who on the net, through his own info.

    That man is such a liar!!! There is no other word for him!

    Then he has the audacity to come onto this Forum and criticise everyone else for anything and everything!

    It takes all sorts to make a world!
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    Tedski,Tomi i see many profiles from men who have younger to their age. But that is natural as most men want someone younger especially if they still think about having a family. There are also many who have an age range but will pop it up a few years. You just have to hit the right one. Like us we tend to do younger to our own age. If they look really good i will go a little older.That is my preference. As the state the scheme of the day is younger men, older women. It's happening more and more.
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    Stats I had gathered...
    130 men 48-58 yrs...
    ...108 searching for women within 5 yrs
    ...22 searching for women more than 5 yrs younger (some a lot more)
    ...of the 108, 67 were looking for women including their own age or older!
    I hope these stats prove comforting for you... Besides, looking at your profile, you should have no worries!
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