Men always looking for younger women. Romance

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    Moonray...Thanks, but I'm with you on the dating men closer to my age. 18-20 years difference in age is just too much to handle. The looks are incredibly rude, and even tho I would rather date someone younger, 10 years is the limit on age difference!!
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    Whoa! I just came in here for a look around and thought everyone might be discussing ages. Little did I realize that a little boy was thowing a major temper tantrum. Come on folks, it will be a lot more fun to talk about the original topic, don't you think?

    Let me start it again... My profile shows that I'd like to hear from women between the ages of 35-52. Wow! I just realized that's almost 20 years! I'm 47. So why so young? Well, I have found that some women that age are interested in a guy my age, for one reason or another and I don't want to exclude the opportunity to meet them. What I have also found is that I get along with women who are my closer to my age just fine and find that they usually have a lot more to offer in a long term relationship - which is what I'm looking for anyway. So, I don't want to exclude anyone, but prefer someone closer to me in the age department.

    Hope I just made sense!!
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    BikerKing... Thank you Marine, for the lovely words. I do what I can!!Love you Man...Semper Fi!! :)
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    Men dating younger women, or women dating younger men? Maybe it's fine between the ages of 25 to 60+yrs (depends how one ages)...BUT what happens when there is a 10+ yr age difference, the years pass by until one partner is a spry 65 yrs, while the other is a fragile old 75+ yrs? Not everyone is fragile at 75...but many are.
    Just a thought.
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    As the "Tinman", I will tell you that I have NEVER been intimidated by anyone, including Spoils. Granted, he has a gruff approach and his personality is a bit on the complicated side, and he is a bit irritating as well, but I'm not going to insult him..... He was kind enough to keep the peace with me by removing some of his posts, and I, out of courtesy and thanks, did the same, but intimidation wasn't even a factor here. We have all "dealt" with Spoils before on one level or another, but some of us know that he isn't always as gruff as he lets on and I "grasped the obvious" a long time ago..

    I have to mention tho, that you should now include yourself in the fraternity, because you have now added to the Irrelevant issues" WELCOME!!!!
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    Sorry Tedski....LOL.. I wouldn't want to be the cause of rumors flying about you, so let's just say we're both right and leave it at that!!! It seems age will always be a issue, so if nothjing else we can agree to disagree!! :)

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    As Kati stated you won't draw suspicion unless you include a particular cutie in your favorites. Speaking of good-looking you're not so bad yourself. I also like your "positive" attitude, perhaps it will rub off on others -- myself included -- who need it badly.

    People I miss the Norman Rockwell image of the forum. Let's get back on track...AND SOON!
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    TomieGirl, champagnepowder & BlingBling, I am totally in agreement with what you've said. Age is just a number. I have always dated younger men, and here in Montreal, TomieGirl, fortunately it doesn't look ackward to do so, maybe you should move here... ;) Nevertheless, I've been there, done that, don't want to do it again. I prefer men more in my age bracket now as I want someone who has somewhat the same life experiences and with whom I can grow old with.
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    Hey girls! I am fine with the idear of older guys going after younger girls :)

    Most cultures work that way with the man being a good 7 years older (Russia is a good example).

    I try not to be partial to age, but I always like the thought of having a girl somewhere between 18-21 ;)
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    How do you suggest we handle this? Tried to email you privately in regards to SpoilOz paronoid accusation but your profile currently list as hidden status.

    No, SpoilOz I am a geniune person not Myst -- get over yourself SpoilOz -- if she's so in love with you why does she go to bed every night with another man? Hmmmm...perhaps she's not as infatuated as you think.

    Once again, my intention was to make you accountable for your sleazy tactic of airing the woman's dirty laundry. You went too far!!! Now apologize to her or you will discover you have met your match.

    The Moderator
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    Monkeydustbabie, I've taken myself out of this fight with you-know-who. 'They brought out the worst in me,' and it escalated from there. So forgive any rude comments I made. Doesn't excuse it, but it's totally not like me. That's the reason I have stopped replying. I guess there will always be people that rub us the wrong way like that.
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    I know exactly what service industry you are in, the Lip Service Industry. You are the poster child for that particular field. I am also very glad I do not know all the facts because the true facts would probably make you look worse than the great job of it you are doing yourself. Adios.
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    Ted, I think you're safe as long as you didn't bookmark the men into your "Favourites File!" lol
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    Thank you, Petiteone39, for your kind words and showing true class. You are a real friend in every way.
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    I have a feeling we are looking at the stats differently... My stats were identifying men who were looking for women from age x to y... My stats were simply looking at the "y" (maximum age)... Sure, lots of guys minimum desired age was drastically lower, but wouldn't that be them dreaming for the most part?

    If I am still wrong, then I appologize. I don't much feel like going through mens profiles again, I accidently clicked on a few while gathering the stats, now they're going to wonder why I was looking at their profiles... lol

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    BlingBling....thank you so much for your honesty and a look into the mind of a 28 y/o. My daughter will soon be 26, and also gets hit on by older men. She simply hates it. She asks me why men would think she, at 25, would even THINK of dating someone in their 40s, let alone marry someone that age. As you said, you should be in a relationship where you grow old together, not end up a young widow, possibly with children, and alone.

    Lil1954....I also agree that age is just a a point. If the age is's just a number, but when it is 53, then it's my age, and altho I did date one guy much younger, I wouldn't do it again. It was not only uncomfortable for him, but for me as well. You'd be surprised at the looks one gets when she's with a younger man. Simply amazing.......
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    SpoilOz :

    One doesn't have to be a scientist to piece together a puzzle. I can recognize when someone is hitting below the belt. There was no need to disrespect the lady. She could have revealed your deep dark secrets -- your desire to be spanked during sex and the garter belt, nylons and high heels you wear -- but she didn't.

    Unlike Tinman(Tomigirl); Dorothy(Katigrl); Scarecrow(Nightmyst) and last but not least the Lion(BikerKing) I am not intimidated.

    It's time to level the playing field, like yourself I've decided to shield myself with anonymity(no photo) and inject much needed diversity to this group. This forum is evolving into more of a fraternity than a vehicle to discuss revelent issues.
    For goodness sake why must you people circle like vultures when an OUTSIDER disagree?

    Although SpoilOz could use some softening in his style the majority of his views are on the money. But I've adjusted to his gruff approach because quite frankly his personality leans more towards complicated than annoying. Why haven't you know-it-all grasp the obvious?

    New Kid In Town
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    Hello everyone.
    I love reading these posts, although I admit I did think they would consist more of interesting debate rather than childish bickering lol. seem like an interesting lady and I wish you all the best in your search for romance. Spolils...everyone is entitled to their opinion, but why, really, are you so angry? All the spiteful comments that go on here..are they necessary? Steele...I have absolutely nothing against you and when I stated my opinion I did hope to do just that to add to the debate. I apoligise if I caused offense, which, given your uneccarily rude and dismissive comments about me such as "you like that kind of thing" I obviously did somehow. That was never my intention, and I would just like to point out that all I did was reply to a comment to made, without attacking you personally. Thanks.
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    BikerKing & Julia-

    Thanks you two for that vote of confidence. It's been quite an experience dealing with someone I won't mention, but I've decided to end it on my part. Without the ammo, there can be no counter attack.
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    I have noticed a couple people "sticking up" for me or saying nice things about me. If you said them because you were being sincere, then I thank you. Lastonenstock is the real beauty, inside and out. If there is such a thing as having a best friend on here then that is what Lorrie is. Lorrie helped me realize I didn't need to continue to bash Spoil as I was just going along with the rest like it was no big deal. That truly isn't me to intentionally go back and forth to hurt others. Lastone tried to create some kind of peace on here and that made others upset for it would take away their fun. Bikerking, I thank you for your kind remarks but Lorrie was left out. If you left her out intentionally because you are upset with her, leave me out too! Her friendship means more to me than making myself look good.
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