Men always looking for younger women. Romance

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    SpoilU -
    don't you remember, this is a "dating" site? It's not a message board that invites disrespect, inane blather and insulting flames! Why don't you show your intelligence and charm instead of your less appealing bad manners and vulgar side? I don't think you are attracting ANY women, at the moment, your own age OR teens, with the mood you've been in lately.

    Step off. Take a breather. Chill out.
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    Spoils, I said more than one word, so I guess that makes me daring, huh? Btw, where's your pic? Me and a few others are still waiting.
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    edtarboosh.....oh you mean he's a hemorrhoid in the Tn legal system too? Why am I not surprised? I wonder if that's his pic you saw? If so, he can't hide that mugshot anylonger lol.
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    Spoils is a bit like a chronis yeast infection.It's horrible at first but you learn to ignore it and work around it.When people just stop responding to him,he doesn't have anyone to argue withand so will have to talk to himself...Ignore him completely and totally.At least then he won't take up pages of the Forum.One can't argue with someone who refuses to argue back.....
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    Ladies: This is my first post. After reading all Spoils enchanting discussions on the bible and marriage....I think we all just need to completely ignore his words. He makes no sense and does not deserve our time.
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    All you people have TOO much time on your hands.

    BRAZEN in Calif.
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    Spoil, this discussion has been discussed till it's worn out. It's become boring to me, so this is my last post on this subject matter with you. I don't care what the bible says. I live by the same law everyone else lives by within our legal system. A divorce is a legal binding thing. You believe what you want to believe, because I could really care less. It's not My belief. Who, when, where, how many times I marry is my business. I don't need any advice on 'invalid divorces.' That law is invalid in our current judicial system. Live your life the way you want, I'll do the same.

    Monkeydustbabie, I don't have anything against younger women/older men. I'm talking younger women/old men. Would you consider taking up with Spoil since you like that sort of thing? He's only 59 yrs old. That old enough for you? Maybe it would get him off of MM.
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    My dear Spoils, you seem to have misunderstood my post. No one really cares about your (mis)interpretation of the Bible. Regarding your mention of "history", there are many injustices in history that have now been corrected, so don't even go there. And how VERY Christian of you to try and trash those beautiful ladies on this site. These women have been very kind and supportive to one another, but all you can do is say hateful things about them. What happened to "Thou shalt not bear false witness"? Have you actually met these women and know for a fact that they look horrible with no makeup, or that their bodies are as you described? Using the Bible as your way of insulting and hurting people is exactly what I was referring to. Thanks for bringing the point home. I would like to remind you of two words in the man-made legal system: slander and libel. Try acting a BIT more Christian next time, oh Bible-Thumping One.
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    Here is my take on Spoils. He will not show himself because I believe he is still married and can not divorce his wife because God will not allow him. So, he is on this site trying to find some young chickie to spend some cash on so he can Sew His Old Wild Oats that he has not been able to do. He will not show his face because he is AFFRAID someone will catch him and break the bad news to his wife. And really Spoils IF you had a million dollars to be stolen, you should really protect your money a little better instead of putting it between your matress and box spring for all the ladies to take when you are finished with them. STOP your negativity toward everyone on this forum and STOP pretending to be someone you are not. You are making everyone ill.
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    I would like to contest Steelemagnolia's absolute dismissal of the notion that a younger woman may actually be with an older man out of love and not merely financial reasons. Growing up with an abusive step-father and mentally ill mother who was consistently hospitalised, from a young age I was responsible for looking after my two younger brothers. At age 14 I was cashing my mothers welfare, paying the rent, cooking, cleaning and going to school etc. At 16 I left home and moved to London, rented an apartment, finished my education, worked around and travelled Europe and the U.S for a year and am now studying a BA in Philososhy at a top 3 British university. Everything I have aquired thus far (including financially) has, and will always be, honestly mine.Apoligies for the mini-bio :).. I just think its important to bear in mind that, although age of course denotes experience, youth does not always equate lack of life's lessons. I tend to date older men because (if my exs are anything to go by!) I genuinely feel more of a connection with them. And by them, I mean them, and not their paypackets! Best wishes x
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    Spoil? After all of your quoting and references, I had to open up the family Bible and find out for myself (using the references you made). Now let me get this straight? you say that Jesus was not talking to women about divorce? So if that's the case, then the divorce "rules" do not apply to women, only to men. Women can therefore divorce for any reason whatsoever? according to your interpretation. Ladies, did you get that? BTW, this same chapter in Mathew also refers to becoming a eunuch for God? just thought I'd point that out. I mean are you planning on following every word of the Bible, or are you just picking and choosing? Also, have you actually read Corinthians, or has someone just provided you with a summary? Isn't that entire book about Paul's teachings? I don't recall any Bible stating that we must follow the word of Paul? but I could be wrong. Also, it says clearly in the chapter you refer to "But I say this by permission and not by commandment." Perhaps you should stop preaching and start reading. There's nothing worse than a religious zealot misquoting the Bible for their own purpose.
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    TomiGirl, if you're going to Hell, I'll tag along. (-like girls going in pairs to the club's ladies' room.)

    Spoil's quotes from the Bible are irrelevant. This isn't a pulpit and there's no congretation here, so sermons really are ineffective in swaying anyone's opinion. Besides, too often that repeatedly re-written tome, alleged to be the "word of God" to some, and considered to be a "Book of Legends" by others, is only ever interpreted to the advantage of the fundamentalist quote-er, usually doing the quoting to strike at the undeserving.
    Who cares, really?
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    thanx Blondezilla but I don't know what you're talking about I am Amy Lee! tee hee...I have real pics here too I think.? ya I do, nice to talk to you.

    and since we're on the topic of men liking younger women...LOOK AT ME,LOOK AT ME! I am 21, Thats like a novelty item. I am scared though soon I will be 22 then what will I have?
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    Barkeep - WOW! Seriously, WOW!
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    Brad, then it's a good thing I didn't live in those times. I would've 'bucked the system' and demanded my rights as a human being, even at the risk of being stoned or whatever. But that was then and this is now. Times have changed, and women have the same rights as men do. What's good for you is good for me. If you don't want to be stuck in a marriage where the woman walks all over you, cheats on you, uses you for your money, and then tosses you aside when you nolonger are of any use to her, then believe me when I say today's laws give a woman the same right to NOT put up with that bs either. It's called 'divorce.'

    TomiGirl, you go girl! You are my kind of people and tell it like it is. You are beautiful inside and out, and though you learned in a not so great way, you now realize a man does not validate who you are. And you're a much wiser person because of that. So it wasn't all in vain. You hang in there and never lose hope. Without hope, you will have lost everything.
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    007P - I certainly hope you aren't referring to me in any way?
    You DO grasp the irony of the fact that your profile is a fake, yet you spam up the forum crying 'PHONY'?

    As far as I can tell - Barkeep is quite real. I am real. And I think the rest of us here on the forum are intelligent enough people that we can figure out a fake profile when we see it. So thanks for all your help - and if you'd care to post up something meaningful (unless the Forum Gods have taken you away)...please do so. Otherwise...shhhhhhhh.
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    Brad, do you mean your option of dating much younger is better than sitting home alone? Or do you mean my option? I don't sit at home alone unless I choose to. I am a straight woman, don't get me wrong. But men aren't my top priority in life. I can take them or leave them. I like my freedom and not having a man underfoot, causing all kinds of grief. I have younger and older who ask me out, and I do go out when I'm ready. But I have absolutely nothing in common with a guy in his 20s. Somehow I just can't get into that lingo like, "WaSup" or "AiGhT."

    What reason do you believe a much, much, much younger woman would go out with you Brad? What are the chances of a really, really young woman loving someone 59 yrs old? I'd say out of 100%, maybe 20% would stomach it for the money. And I mean that in the most sincere way. They would not be there for love. I'm sorry, isn't going to happen.
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    Beware of the phonies who kiss azzz in order to score.
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    Barkeep is a figment of the imagination of one popular poster and poser here, to make himself look good. We aaaalllll know who he is. Barkeep: phony profile. There's so many of those!
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    Brad, there are many women in your age group that have valid divorces, according to your religious beliefs. Many women in their 50s have divorced because the husband cheated. Over in the religious forum, you stated adultery as one of only two reasons for divorcing, thus making a divorce valid. You can't deny that there are absolutely no 50s women who have been cheated on, which led to a divorce.

    So what is the real reason you seek those so much younger than you? Inquiring minds want to know.
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