Men always looking for younger women. Romance Forward to friends

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    A2, I must take one thing back, I shouldnt have included bald men, after all there are a lot of very good looking men who have a beautiful bald head, hehehe, not to mention a beautiful bald body to go along with it, LOL, girls you know what Im talking about, sorry goatman, didnt mean to offend you, was just giving my opinion, and wasnt directing it towards anyone, it was just a general statement about men.
    But I was thinking about you prefering goats, wow dont they like to come up from behind?
    Hehe, sorry I couldnt resist
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    Katiegirl, thankyou for covering me girl, actually I didnt think he was worthy of my comments back to him, and to tell you the truth I dont recall even if he has a pic posted or not, I really didnt even pay that much attention to him LOL.
    But everyone has a freedom of choice in this country right? So if his preference is goats then he obviously has baaaaa..d taste.
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    Katie i bet EMME(I hope i spelled that right) would tear this person a new a**h*** for hearing that comment. And she was a supermodel. But of course the weight got her and she stopped fighting it. She has started a new craze with BBB. Now A2 that doesn't mean someone who is grossly obese. That means hefty maybe a little more. But as i don't understand staying big it is not mine to judge. There are a lot of really beautiful women who are struggling with weight. And A2 that would be a preference of men whether they like it or not. We don't need nasty comments in that area. Of course as you say maybe she would rather date a goat!hehe! There not that much off the sheep family!(Ahhh smack my hand!) But be nice A2 and we will keep you in stitches. Katie makes the most wonderful stories and Lion is such the sweetheart and i could go on & on & blah blah blah!
    As to your comment about Katie and the gorilla, who are u i see no picture. Could there be that gorrilla in your family tree. Katie is a beautiful lady because she has a great heart and many good qualities. Seems like that is something that you lack!. Mainly graciousness and kindness. I would say those qualities in you had been left out of the equation. I hope you don't continue to bring your gorrilla bashing (and BTW as babies even those creatures are darling)goat assoc. comments here as we have definitely tried to get rid of the ones who seem to have poor self esteem of their person which equals disking other people. First it is with kindness and then who knows? So as the old saying goes you canstate any opinion you want but please do it without bashing someone. We love controversy but be sensible about it. You have thousands of personalities here..........S4U
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    Ntru ..... are you mooning us?
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    A2 - If your posts were more interesting I would have picked up on this earlier ... but it just ocurred to me that you dissed Butterfly in a very rude way a while ago! To quote:

    "What's wrong with fat and bold???? or just fat or just bold???? you got all ur hair and you don't look fat and i would rather date a goat.......the moral of the is in the eye of the beholder. don't forget it."

    Now, A2 - I don't know where you've been for the past month, but we just did a major clean up here to get rid of ignorant comments meant to flame or hurt other members. All of us sort of made a truce to stop being pigs to each other and settle down. Then YOU come along and start things all up again!!!

    You saying that you'd rather date a goat than Butterfly is kind of nuts! Have you seen goats lately? They don't look as good as Butterfly does! And I'll bet you're the only man on MM who would rather date a goat than a beautiful girl like Butterfly! At the very least, you're the only man on MM who would write it in a public forum for everyone to read.

    You said in another ill- mannered post that "where you come from," loving BBW's or big, beautiful women, is a "fetish." Well,....... A2 ...... let me tell you something! Where I come from, dating goats is also considered a legitimate fetish! In fact, I'd venture to say it's a little more serious a fetish than being attracted to large women! Last time I heard, loving voluptuous women wasn'I ILLEGAL IN MANY U.S. STATES!!!
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    Hi and apologies for interrupting. I just have a quick question that I haven't been able to find the answer to on the site. What does Preferred mean and what does the little heart with the shoe mean? Thanks and apologies again for interrupting the discussion.
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    I felt compelled to take issue with your simplistic theory/definition of Perference/Freedom.

    Sometimes Choices/Decisions that one makes is more complex and not always an open and shut case of "black and white". As most well-rounded people know their are areas of "gray".

    If circumstance were as casual as you presume why did the War On Drugs campaign of "Just Say No" end in such a dismal failure. Or Bill & Hillary Clinton's overhaul of the medical system die a slow and quiet death?

    There's no such FREEDOM/CHOICE when you have a scenario existing of several -- not all -- men on this site in their mid-fifties, and including early sixties, proposition a 25 year old. I have first hand knowledge this is occuring.

    Some may argue the 25 yr old has the freedom to just so no but sometimes a sophisicated man decades her senior is no match for her intelluctually or emotionally.

    Where does the lines of freedom/choice end and exploitation begin???

    Editorialist In Training
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    I have read this entire strand. I have to say all of the arguing comes to two things. Perference and Freedom. Men and women ( becuase the law hold true for both), have different tastes and find different people attractive. Everyone has the right/freedom to chase whom ever they want. No one has the right to judge them for their choices. (unless they are breaking the law). On a personal note, before coming to this sight, I would have never considered dating an older woman, but reading this thread I realized that I'm missing out. Some older ladies on the site are just smokin' hot. (see that is my peference).
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    Lion.. first off..thank you for your compliments. Then a response to your comment ( which I assume was directed at me..?) about saying that I prefer older but have a dating range that begins 5 years younger..

    Well.. what I said, and still stand for, is that I, at this point in life, tend to find myself attracted to older men. But I don't rule out dating younger men, should the right one cross my path.

    Basically the age range on my profile is just a fingerpoint to within what age I think I might find my match.. But.. it's not the age that will be what makes me decide whether I want to date that person or not. The personality will..

    Take care!
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    do they really Moonray?

    maybe I should relocate,hehehe..........
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    De rien, Louis!! :)

    There are a lot of men that either look their age, or younger or older... and there are a lot of women that look either their age, or younger, or older also...

    The type of man I date generally looks younger because he generally is fit and has a healthy lifestyle. And the same goes for women. My 2 cents...

    ps - Maybe it's regional too... maybe there are more men that look younger here in Montreal!! After all, look at lioncourt!! ;)
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    gucci..Funny how communication works...I understood everything u problemo! It was English just shorter form...rite? heheh The way in which we xpress ourselves should not B a matter of this an open 4um or a classroom? That's it.
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    Miss Butterfly honey you said it the way it really is. I also happen to think men our age look older than us girls most anyways maybe not all, and its their loss really they can go and chase younger woman............but how long will the relashionship last? So honee.........I so agree with you totally when a woman takes care of herself ................age is just a number!
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    Older women are more sexy. Really.
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    Alex2000 -
    Butterfly said, "Fat, BALD and out of shape." Now, I don't think I have EVER seen a fat, out of shape man who was beautiful, outside and in. Their build alone indicates they don't care about themselves, or people's opinions about themselves, or their health, sex appeal or ability to keep up with the rest of the world. If their outside shows that kind of attitude, wouldn't the inside be hiding a lot of resentment, apathy and bitterness as well? Maybe SOME men who are overweight and out of shape are confident, self-assured, proud of their appearance and ooze sex appeal ...... but I bet you could count the ones you know on one hand.
    Women win that contest because many BBW's looking for love still know how to keep their hair gorgeous, have the whole spa treatment done every so often, wear becoming and stylish clothes, tone up at the gym and enhance the best qualities they possess (usually cleavage and booty) to their strongest advantage. That's because they KNOW they can be beautiful on the outside if they make an effort and stay on top of it. The proof is in the fact that there are scores of men who adore BBW's (Alberto, luv, if you're wondering .... that stands for Big, Beautiful Women, over here in the Americas. lol) and there are dating sites exclusively for those who are attracted to larger sized women.
    Maybe if overweight or otherwise unattractive men would stop being in denial, stop thinking people should just accept them as they are, and quit using that old, tired phrase, "beauty is in the eye of the beholder - (which is really only relevant if you're talking about gorilla babies or a beat up old ratty pair of comfy slippers) they'd see that being attractive is a choice. Not an act of God or an unfortunate accident.
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    Hahaha! I was watching "The Wedding Singer" with my daughter...starring Adam Sandler. One of the lines caught my attention and was so fitting for this topic. Adam's friend tells him about another friend "his show got cancelled, because no one wants to see a 50 yr old man dating some 20yr old who is old enough to be his daughter!"
    This movie was made in 1998...have things changed that much? Or when we see it, we don't like it, but we turn a blind eye to it...OR...those 50+ men dating 20 yo's live to please themselves and just don't give a rat's a$$ about what the rest of society thinks?
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    Age..shmage...sheesh! It's only a number. What's important is your health, attitude, activeness, self respect and the same for others. Numbers are a non-starter when feelings & emotions soar, and it's off the hook! That's it..2 cents.
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    lioncourt, Thank You, for bringing to my attention, that my chat line dialogue, is in approiate for the forum. I will do my best to adhere to the correct protocol, as the information gathered here is very valuable. Thank you as well, for the compliment.
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    harmony & tranquility has escaped your age group...well when I'm 70 I'll look forward to tranquillity...until then I'd like to live life & enjoy what's for harmony...I interpret that to no dissention & conflicts...if you surround yourself with fun-loving positive people how can you not have harmony?
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    OH by the way,.... .... I don't want to rule out dating older men, because I do date older too.... as long as you have your hair, or a shaved head is ok too, just no wigs PLEASE!, and as long as you can still be very sexually active WITHOUT Viagra, and, have all your teeth, and no big guts, thats not too much to ask for is it?, you must admit: that men in their late 40's to 50's are much older looking than women of the same age, as long as they take care of theirselves then its different. But it seems like the ones that age have worked hard, let themselves go, and have left their wives, only to look for a younger woman, when the woman who is single or divorced of the same age has taken care of herself, and is very independent, smarter, and knows what she wants, and knows how to get it, and doesnt have to depend on someone else to take care of her. sorry guys, we cant help it if the young hot guys want to date us older girls,guess they know something you dont! And us girls ova 40, who do date younger, we know we got it goin on, dont we girls!!!
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