Men always looking for younger women. Romance

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    can we please leave the 20s alone =) I realize that most people in their 20s are extremely immature, having no clue what life is or even who they themselves are...but you guys are killing off the fish in my pond =) I, due to the way i was raised and the fact that i was lucky enough to have chalked up quite a bit of life experience points early, am not one of the mindless 20s that so many of you speak of. i, for example, started my own company when i was 16. A very successful company (and no i was not pushing a lawn mower) i am world traveled and have achieved every dream of mine on my own accord within the time possibilities of my life thus far.
    the age group i prefer is mid 30s...I would go older but I dont want to be left a widow at a young age. so for me, i thank god for older men who are willing to give a 22yr old woman a chance to prove the stereotype wrong. Otherwise, I would be left with the 20 yr old stereotype to date myself!
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    Bravo! Bravo!!! 1SG!!! Such a gentleman!!! Please everyone... standing ovation here!!!!!

    And confidentwithaheart, I agree with you, lots of beautiful and nice ladies here (in a very non-lesbian way... I have to add... ), and the men here who ARE gentlemen in every sense of the word (and I DO wholeheartedly insist on the word GENTLEMEN) are the pick of the crop!!
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    Hey, lioncourt... our short little posts get lost in all those realllllly long ones, don't they???? lol Gee, I just read yours today, it was so far down the line!!!!!

    So, lioncourt, how about that incredible weather we're STILL having... supposed to be 15C this week... ;)
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    I have to admit that I may have made a hasty decision about this site, and if so "I'm sorry", lol. Some of your post are outstanding, real wit, and to SouthernGentleman, real chivalry. I hope I get to know you all better.
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    your Wheaties-piss comment was hilarious.

    Do you get the impression sometimes that these NEW people come in, not knowing anybody OR their style of humour, and just shoot their mouths .... um .... keyboards off without making any sense or making sure their rude behavior is justified? For the sake of peace, I wish the ornery members would take the example of some of the sweet and tolerable new members, and say something NICE instead of slamming people up against the boards with no warning.

    10 minute penalty for slashing ........
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    Beautiful S4U -
    I'm not even sure if he is a legitimate new member. He sounds very much like a covert, undercover guy who is playing games with everybody. I think he should scrap this profile and personality and start a NEW faux profile that isn't so suspicious and offensive.
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    1SG -
    Spoken like a true Southern gentleman.
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    LMAO Butterfly! If you wanted to date me.... and I weren't so X-tremely straight ... I'd probably accept! lol

    And I mean that ...... in a very..... non-lesbian way!!!!!

    lol lol lol lol
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    Alex, butterfly seems like a very nice lady. She didn't aim her comments at anyone in particular. She doesn't know you, nor know what you look like. She only stated her preferences, that's all. I don't understand why you attacked her for no apparent reason.
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    your abusive, juvenile and argumenatative posts are typical of a grade four student. I only have two words left for you. ..........

    Seek therapy.....
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    The comment from alex2000, I had translated and it means--All of the flavors I am flavors said the cat that licked the bottom? That's way over my head! Sounds to me like he is challenging butterfly in a very flirtatious manner. It almost sounds like animals are a big part of the Italian language, with the constant references.
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    I don't have to look it up. I have my own personal translator.

    il pi? caro,
    -Is his Italian any LESS offensive than his English comments are? Or is it just fake Italian?
    (It'd be nice if it wasn't so creepy.....)
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    A2 - you charmer ....
    I had to laugh ... after I finished reading your rambling post, (what a delightful gentleman you are!) I went to your profile.
    I read, at the top of the page, your question, "Does this really work????"
    I chuckled, "Not for you!" lol
    If your aim is to find love or romance here at MM, you totally blew it!!! Do you need glasses Alex or have you looked at the beauties who write in this forum? What were you thinking when you decided to show dozens of beautiful MM members just how rude and abusive you can be to 2 other women on this site?
    Nice work!!! That'll get you a lot of dates! lol
    Now, it says in your profile that you have an athletic build. If that's the truth, why have you got your boxers in a twist over Butterfly's off the cuff remark about fat men? What do you care? I mean, what's your problem with that? Lighten up! Unless you just SAY you're athletic and, in actual fact, you are similar in shape to a melon, back off on the fat thing. Who cares?
    And what is your difficulty with the word "bald?" You keep writing "bold!" Which is it? Butterfly was talking about BALD men, not BOLD men. Changes the whole meaning of the discussion if you use one word instead of the other. And Butterfly has already said she didn't mean to mention bald men in her previous post. "Water under the bridge now." That's plain English. Did you get it? If not, look it up!
    So now that you have probably alienated all the women who dislike abusive men, and then another bunch of women who are not fond of intolerant, self-righteous jerks who think they're experts on fetishes and mental disorders, (yeah, that will earn you points!) I would suggest you apologize to the people you've been maligning and start fresh. We're a very forgiving group here.
    If you find that just too humiliating to manage, I refer you to your last comments on your profile page that reads: ?I
    m not bad.........i t...
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    Ntrusiv... you're a sweet lady, I enjoyed our IM the other day too... in a very non lesbian way ('cause it's important that we ADD that... lol).
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    HAHAHHA... goats, fetishes... Way to go, katiegirl!!!

    lioncourt... I noticed the same thing... one day you read stuff, the next day, you've got 10 days between 2 comments, everything in between was erased... what's the story here anyways... that happened last week-end on one thread in particular... Oh, and how about that incredible weather we're having, eh??? ;)
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    Ntru ..... are you mooning us?
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    A2 - If your posts were more interesting I would have picked up on this earlier ... but it just ocurred to me that you dissed Butterfly in a very rude way a while ago! To quote:

    "What's wrong with fat and bold???? or just fat or just bold???? you got all ur hair and you don't look fat and i would rather date a goat.......the moral of the is in the eye of the beholder. don't forget it."

    Now, A2 - I don't know where you've been for the past month, but we just did a major clean up here to get rid of ignorant comments meant to flame or hurt other members. All of us sort of made a truce to stop being pigs to each other and settle down. Then YOU come along and start things all up again!!!

    You saying that you'd rather date a goat than Butterfly is kind of nuts! Have you seen goats lately? They don't look as good as Butterfly does! And I'll bet you're the only man on MM who would rather date a goat than a beautiful girl like Butterfly! At the very least, you're the only man on MM who would write it in a public forum for everyone to read.

    You said in another ill- mannered post that "where you come from," loving BBW's or big, beautiful women, is a "fetish." Well,....... A2 ...... let me tell you something! Where I come from, dating goats is also considered a legitimate fetish! In fact, I'd venture to say it's a little more serious a fetish than being attracted to large women! Last time I heard, loving voluptuous women wasn'I ILLEGAL IN MANY U.S. STATES!!!
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    Hi and apologies for interrupting. I just have a quick question that I haven't been able to find the answer to on the site. What does Preferred mean and what does the little heart with the shoe mean? Thanks and apologies again for interrupting the discussion.
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    I felt compelled to take issue with your simplistic theory/definition of Perference/Freedom.

    Sometimes Choices/Decisions that one makes is more complex and not always an open and shut case of "black and white". As most well-rounded people know their are areas of "gray".

    If circumstance were as casual as you presume why did the War On Drugs campaign of "Just Say No" end in such a dismal failure. Or Bill & Hillary Clinton's overhaul of the medical system die a slow and quiet death?

    There's no such FREEDOM/CHOICE when you have a scenario existing of several -- not all -- men on this site in their mid-fifties, and including early sixties, proposition a 25 year old. I have first hand knowledge this is occuring.

    Some may argue the 25 yr old has the freedom to just so no but sometimes a sophisicated man decades her senior is no match for her intelluctually or emotionally.

    Where does the lines of freedom/choice end and exploitation begin???

    Editorialist In Training
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    I have read this entire strand. I have to say all of the arguing comes to two things. Perference and Freedom. Men and women ( becuase the law hold true for both), have different tastes and find different people attractive. Everyone has the right/freedom to chase whom ever they want. No one has the right to judge them for their choices. (unless they are breaking the law). On a personal note, before coming to this sight, I would have never considered dating an older woman, but reading this thread I realized that I'm missing out. Some older ladies on the site are just smokin' hot. (see that is my peference).
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