Men always looking for younger women. Romance Forward to friends

  • View author's info Posted on Feb 05, 2005 at 01:19 AM have quite the imagination... you really make me think it's well spent money on this site..:) (who needs to go to creative writing classes..?) thank you again.. you made my evening...
    sweetsixteen...if you read this...older men might be nice and eager to help a fresh, exotic girl like you only to satisfy their sexual cravings. 99% of the time there is a hidden agenda and it's sweet of you to think that he had good intentions but the fact and the matter know how good those yummy, fresh apples taste? That's what you represent for a 53 yo man. If you think you are emotinally ready to try that out... think again...unless he is incredibly attractive to you and sweet and you just can't resist his magnetism...hmmm... ask yourself before you do anything... can you still be happy with yourself if he leaves you? If the answer is trully and really YES...then you got the maturity to deal with this situation, so then go for it!
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    babeat... I too get more emails from guys between the ages of 25 to 35. Flattering, maybe, but I wasn't born yesterday, so know what they have on their minds. I'm not that desperate to go out with someone half my age, only because they want to "learn" something from an older woman... Just not my style...
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    It's funny TomGirl..out the real world..I get hit on more by 30something men than any other first I thought no way..but....nah I still like older men...
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    The world today celebrates equality and diversity in every sense of the word..
    women too could go for toy boys and younger guys..the autumn /spring match works both ways and could be successful too..
    the average lifespan of women exceed men by about 6 years, so working just on bio-chronology, women should be marrying men at least 6 years younger...if we hope to live happily everafter..
    I enjoy the company of younger men, they are fun, add a refreshing and dynamic dimension to life and much more respectful of women ...the young guys I date vary from 8 years to 20 years my junior...perhaps I have been fortunate that I look half my age, they are all successful in their own right and enjoy my intellectual and sensual girls..don't confine yourself to your age range...likewise with the guys...older women are delicious and delightful as mature don't miss out on some thrilling experiences, just look at Demi Moore and Ashton , Cameron Diaz and Justin Timberlake...great to know that a lot of women are now setting precedents..
    May I suggest that this site should delete the mention of age in the profile..
    should'nt LOve be age and color -blind.?..
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    I think this preferance of men is understandable: when I'll be 50 I'll admire a strong and hot man at his 30, this is nature, we are more evolve "animals", animals feel the need of reproducing and they are attracted of the strongest partners. This is human nature, we can not impose ourselve who should we be attracted of.
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    A recent statistic shows that until men hit about 35, they are typically after a woman who is their equal on all accounts....physically and intellectually. After that, intelligence takes a drastic downward turn. They no longer care if she can hold up her end of a conversation, now he just wants someone young and attractive.
    This is bad news for intelligent women (I guess I'm in big trouble!). With each passing year after the age of 25 or 26, her chances of marrying decreases taking a huge hit after her mid thirties.
    It all comes down to our biological make-up. Personally, I'm attracted to "older" men (though really it's a maturity thing)....I'm told I act very mature for my age.
    Men want a young women that can bear children and women want a good provider for their family. That's my two cents. Sooooo? I'm intelligent, successful, young, and single....any takers?
  • View author's info Posted on Jan 29, 2005 at 07:02 PM

    BFDeal....that whole post cracked me up...
    IB....My first relationship was with someone 4 years younger. My marriage was with a guy 6 years older. I too prefer the person, NOT the age!!!
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    After reading some of what others had to say, I felt moved to contribute also. There certainately seems to be some bitterness concerning this older/younger issue.

    I have dated a few women much younger than myself & I was pleasently suprised how mature & insiteful some of these women were. Important note: I did say some, not all.

    I have also dated some women older than myself. It wasn't any big suprise that my findings were similar to the younger women I dated, some of these women really had it together & some were clueless.

    Bottom line, to me age is only a number. It is NOT about how old someone is, it IS about who they are & what they are about.
  • View author's info Posted on Jan 29, 2005 at 10:22 AM

    So....Divacura....let me see if I understood you well....What you're saying here is that " men over 40 are looking for women under 30 to give them MORE??'....More what?? Are you saying that women OVER 40 can't make them have an erection...and they would have to take a pill!?
  • View author's info Posted on Jan 28, 2005 at 04:27 AM

    Older/younger I don't know I go for the person and their qualities not the age. My last b/f of 5 years was 10 years YOUNGER than me and most of his friends thought we were the same age. He enjoyed "older classic rock" which sometimes made me laugh as I remember that song in high school, while he was in kindergarten!
    Prior to that my next longest relationship was with someone 10 years older! So no I don't put a number on things, I enjoy the person and new things I can learn from them whether they are younger or older!
  • View author's info Posted on Jan 28, 2005 at 04:10 AM

    Alberto is correct,. If age is a restriction, then they are not considering the person.

    And in consideration, I have no age restrictions.

    Naked. Your post got deleted when your old account was deleted. But I did respond. Here is my response in case you didn't get it because you didn't answer the questions.

    I assume you're capable of sustaining me in the lifestyle to which I've become accustomed?

    Pizza, I like pizza. Will there be pizza?

    Where's the ring? To propose, don't you need to have a ring?

    Did you ask my Dad?

    If you asked my Dad, does that mean you prefer my Dad?

    Are there rules? Because I'm not good with rules. Especially about other women. Now don't get upset. Mom's a woman.

    Do you like Mothers? Because mine will have to live with us so she can show you how I like things. Sje saod you should just do what oyu are told during the first month. Haha, gotta love my Mom, don't ya?

    I'll expect you to have my name tattooed on your ass before you get here and I'll do the same. Well, I mean at some point I will, really.

    I heard WVA girls are skilled at the alarm clock move. Do you know it? AKA, the oral wakeup call? Is it true? Don't tell mom.

    Your cage comes in Green or Blue. Blue's OK, right? It's used but not rusty. Well, some rust, you can clean it off though.

    Will there be a drug test? I mean the kind where we get to test all kinds of different drugs.

    You are a virgin, right? If not, do you have any sex videos that you might have made that I can watch?

    I need to make sure you don't do that bloody devil worship thing every month with those puffy pads in your crotch like MOM does, where you pretend you have a demon in your belly and it's fighting to get out and then does but you kill it and throw it in the trash, bloody and beaten,. You don't do that do you? It's OK if you do, I just hope yours doesn's smell like Mom's.

    In WV, we can stay with your parents and my mom will get to check out your Dad. Do you think your Dad would mind a woman that has a lot of moles? What about scabs, because if he doesn't like moles, Mom offered to shave them off before she comes down but they will be pretty scabby looking.

    Anyway, the answer is yes, as soon as we complete the 30 year tryout period, which is to be performed with you topless and in big heels and thong panties of course. Wait a minute, didn't we marry last week? Oops. That wasn't you. Pretend I didn't tell you about that.

    Hey, is this a survey or are you requesting. Have your people call my people to make the arrangements. There is a sizeable dowry right? I prefer you give 10% down now, the rest when you get here.

    Just kidding, marry, are you nuts? That's government interference in a private matter.How about you just promise to obey me and we see how it works.Bait that hook and we'll see.

    Or no, just come over. Put the bait where I can reach and I'll bite.

    Lapdance. It has been known to corrupt the finest men, destroy marriages, break up families, tear apart communities, take down powerful politicians, cause men within the highest ranks of the cloth to falter, to cause counties to go to war while other nations cover their daughters? faces and forbid their education, and it has caused atheists to declare the existence of GOD. Are you good at them? Do you think you can do them in your cage because your cage kind of has a low ceiling so you'd have to do the dance an your knees and keep close to the bars.

    Don't worry about the cage thing, I have this leash I made on metal shop and it will be long enough to be able to clean the whole house. The only problem is that it's kind of heavy. That's because I built this special needle thing that injects poison if you try to take it off or make phone calls or a lot of noise, things like that. But we'll test it without poison the first day so it will just be jabbing and poking while we adjust it, it's not like I want to inject you with poison or anything.

    Maybe we'll use some good drugs for the testing, that would be so fun to watch the escape attempts get slower and more stumbly! I know, I talk too much and should have saved all of this for after the marriage so we have something to talk about.

    But I had this idea of having your voice box removed so I wouldn't have to worry about you making noise when I do fun things with you. To you actually, ah, what's the difference.

    Jodi, you are so beautiful. I still have your cage. It's clean, the other girl didn't last and cleaned it before she left.

    Can you stop and get some sandwiches on the way? Wait, I'll just fax yuo the grocery list, I know you won't mind.

  • View author's info Posted on Jan 26, 2005 at 07:06 PM

    I will tell you a secret, :))) from my own experience, :))) men who is 40 and more and looking for a women 30 and less are : #1:selfish, #2 low penile potention, so they need more and more to get a proper erection...but usually it dose not works, :)) but viagra helps, for sure...good luck!:)))
  • View author's info Posted on Jan 26, 2005 at 01:45 PM

    bfdeal: then i should consider my marriage proposal on your comments section obsolete? damn....
  • View author's info Posted on Jan 26, 2005 at 11:58 AM

    This will not apply to all older men, but I dated someone 11 yrs older than myself recently. Never thought I would, but he was a super person...55 yrs. He was separated. His wife was around his age. But he told me he would not consider dating anyone his age. He tried dating someone in their mid-30's and found they did not have enough life experience yet. He preferred women in their 40's. I asked him why he would not consider dating someone his own age...he answered he didn't really know, he just didn't want to. His confidence level had been blown out of the water by his wife. It's my opinion it was a boost for his confidence, self-esteem & ego if he could actually get someone younger to date him and care for him.

    Another fellow I never dated, but talked with a while ago (not on this site), he was 47 yrs...he said he had also dated women in their mid 30's and found they did not have the same wisdom in life that is more prevalent amongst women in their 40's. So he resorted to dating women in their 40's.
    HEY!!! No one attack me for those comments about life's wisdom in their mid 30's...I am merely repeating two fellows comments...I don't necessarily agree. I think I had just as much wisdom in my mid-30's as I do now at 44 yrs. :-) BUT as we know there are exceptions and maybe these men just unluckily dated some airheads! lol
    The point was about boosting their confidence levels and making themselves feel good when they date younger women. :-)

    If men on this site are bypassing women in their 40's for women in their 30's it is their loss. If you are a young looking 40 yr old who is attractive and physically fit, you will attract attention at the grocery store, walking down the street or thru a mall...especially if you dress yourself elegantly casual or appropriately for the occasion. You'll turn for it. In person, if you look 35, they'll take you for 35 and won't care when you tell them you are 45...or whatever one's age maybe. Make sense?
  • View author's info Posted on Jan 26, 2005 at 11:33 AM

    It's their loss. They say well who knows what she will look like into her 40's. I have surprised myself actually, when I was in my 20's I could not IMAGINE being 40. Now here I am pushing 50, and still looking pretty good. I would love to msg all of them and tell them how silly they sound actually, but won't waste my time..

    Hugs to all my mature and still hot sisters.

  • View author's info Posted on Jan 26, 2005 at 06:02 AM

    TomiGirl & Qtie

    Thanks for understanding the humorous side of things too. If we(men & women) don't take all of this so seriously, we can enjoy the laughs while we share our points of view. Women and men don't always have to look at each other as a potential date. Sometimes we can see in the other a new friend. Someone to laugh and joke with. Laughter is the best thing going these days, in a world so troubled with war, violence, heartache and loneliness. It makes the journey a little more bearable. I was worried I was coming on too strong with my comments, and wondered if I should tone it down. I try not to step too hard on toes(lol) but I have to be me. And being the person I am, I often times like to see the hilarious side of things and hope that I can bring a smile to others. Actually BFDeal is just like the rest of us, in that he's learning as he goes. Life and experience teaches you, if you're willing to open up and 'listen' and learn.
  • View author's info Posted on Jan 25, 2005 at 08:41 PM

    The original point of this strand I started has been missed by some. I was speaking SPECIFICALLY of LATE 40's & 50's and up men who want women 35 and under. Some younger men have misconstrued this. I have no problem with men not wanting women OLDER than them. It's just that at 40 something, I'm still 10 years younger than these 50's men that want 30's and younger. I am the same age as the 40's men who want 30's and younger. Yet, they think women in their 40's are too old for THEM. I also understand men who wish to have more children, although it would be a lot easier to just enjoy being a grandparent if they are that age.
  • View author's info Posted on Jan 25, 2005 at 05:42 PM

    SteelMagnolia.....I can see that trend and wouldn't those older men just have a fit. They just don't seem to understand the WE, even tho we are their age, are not only young at heart, but also in mind. We enjoy the stupid things as well as the finer things in life. For the most part, we have a positive outlook for our future. We don't fall asleep in our recliners after supper.. We have other things to do!! They just don't get it!!! LOL Table 13 Sir??? LOL
  • View author's info Posted on Jan 25, 2005 at 02:26 PM

    Woo Hooo! I really started somthing
    My only point was, that the men in their 40's and 50's who insist on young women are very narrow minded. They don't consider how many young for their age 40's women they are eliminating from the pool. A lot of us 40's women are just as young looking and physically fit as they are for our age. Also, my 40's friends and I have discovered that when you hit 40, for some reason you start getting really horny. I don't mean to sound crude, but I guess it is a hormone thing. So, don't think us 40's women are over the hill yet. We have learned a lot in all those many, many years. We might be old as dirt, but we don't know it.
    As for WHY men look for the young hotties. Well, it's because they are young hotties. These men obviously don't want or need companionship. They just want sex with a smooth skinned body with its parts still perky. They might as well admit it. I know WHY they like younger women, but it just wrankles me, because I know I am still pretty, still fit, still sensual, still fun to be with, and I can't get half the men on here to view my profile, because I have the wrong birthdate. Now, how was that for a long sentence. I need to take a breath.
  • View author's info Posted on Jan 25, 2005 at 12:08 PM

    BFDeal, I think you know what I was trying to explain in my last post. Let me say it again a little plainer. I would not want to go out with a guy who thinks I owe him sex. If I choose to have sex with him the first time we go out or the 5th time we go out, it's MY choice(whim is not the right term-CHOICE is), but I don't owe it to him. I will pay my own way during the date, if that is the way he happens to think. The whole point BFDeal is no man should think a woman owes him sex(during a date) if they were to go out and he paid for the date. I responded to a woman's post about how women should give men sex if they take them out and spend money for dinner, etc. That is what this is about. And NO, I do not find men in their 60's sexually attractive. My mom is in her early 60's, and I do not find 'pop' sexually attractive. Please don't assume you know what most women find attractive. As I stated before, I've dated men in their 30s since I've been in my 40s. Why should seek out someone old enough to be my dad? Gross! You say when you get older you will trade in the younger woman? lmaoooooo, you're as stubborn as I am I see, and have a comeback for everything. She will leave before you ever decide to trade her in lol.
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