Men always looking for younger women. Romance

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    Katie, can you repeat what you said in plain english. I havent a clue as to your point.
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    Steel, men in their 30s??? Oh, so, you finally decided to date someone younger or is that just a dream? So, lets see, you are critical of men wanting a younger woman but, since you are 43 and you now say that someone 13 years younger is ok then, why wouldnt 15 years younger be alright? If, 15 is alright then, why isnt 20 years younger? Well, ill stop there since the only one i ever dated more than 5 years younger was 15 years younger and we had a ball togeather.We remain best friends.My point about the age is, i have no desire to date an 18 year old.The point is, if i decided to, its non of your business and if you think i am immoral, a dirty old man, etc, all that is, is your personal opinion and i am not about to let you or anyone take my option of dating whom i well please away from me.As to my pic, a good poker player never reveals their hand.Not fair? I am sure you will get over it.
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    Tedski....I was sitting at home one evening last week and decided to do a "search profiles" You would be amazed at what men my age are looking for age-wise.. Alot are well under 5 years difference......more like 5-10 years. Doesn't give us 50 somethings much t work with, HUH??
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    Nightmyst and Babeat, S---s who? lol Who is that? Oh, just a bad dream that's long forgotten now.
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    As adorable as I think you are I have to disagree. I like reading Ed's posts on his fantasies..and he tells his wife anyway. You don't have to read them may have them too..hmmmm.
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    ok is my input.
    I AM IN TOTAL AGREEMENT WITH NIGHTMYST. SHE IS RIGHT. I also know that is how it works. Have had my share of run ins with this person. His biggest "fear" is being ignored. if we do not answer him he will get tired and leave. So if you want him to stick around no matter what he says, just keep answering him either poisitive or negative. if not pretend he is invisible and talking to someone wall.....
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    So, lots to look over lately... Haven't been here in a bit, see things kinda heated up... Perhaps we could change the direction of this topic... I don't think most men are looking for younger women. Someone within 5 years either way seems to be the average that I've seen...
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    Nightmyst....exactly the point I was making.....if EVERYONE syopped typing the name of S____s then he wouldn't have a soul to come back at and would be left to simply writing posts like everyone else.If he get's nasty,your right he knows nothing else,he will simply get a loud SILENCE in return.We all know what he is and what he's about so the insults just mean nada,nothing.Let them roll off your back and don't respond.It works.Love ya girl.
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    Consider I'm over it SpoilU...cause I can't remember what it was about. Whatever I posted wasn't a personal attack on you, just expressing my opinion that may have differed from yours, which struck me at the time I read it. It's lost now, so yup...over it. Have a nice day!
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    Spoils, first let's get one thing straight. I didn't request that you post your pic because of ANY interest in you whatsoever. You're WAY too old for me and not even in my age preference, and you are a bible thumper, both of which are big turnoffs. Many have challenged you to post your pic, because of your put downs about their pic. So to be fair, we should be able to judge for ourselves when it comes to what you look like. Your word means nothing. Why do you hide? Most likely your doc means your 'physical health' is like that of a 30s man. If you dispute this, it means absolutely nothing unless you can prove it.

    Secondly, you could never compare to men in their 30s, sorry. I've seen men your age, and the skin on the body does not fit the skeletal frame the same as a 30 something man. Not to mention 30s men are just all around more exciting. There's nothing wrong with being nearly 60 Spoils. Heck you are only 3 yrs younger than my mom!
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    Come on Ed, either put The Horse Back In The Barn and get back on topic or LOG OFF, get yourself some Adam and Eve lubricant, strap yourself in and go for a ride. I personally do not want to read about your fantasies or what you enjoy looking at anymore. Thanks.
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    Katie, if,care to look back a few days on this forum, you will find that i DID NOT direct a post to any of the women fussing about me.Everyone of them either smarted off to me, insulted me or attacked me - FIRST, you included so, may i suggest that you tell them that they started it so, stop whinning.Your post was to the wrong one.I did EXACTLY what i have seen you and them do, give back what they dished out.They have been told many times, it is very simple, leave me alone and i will do the same.Run that overly opinionated mouth and i will put a sock in it. I know how hard it is for several that has a mouth as big as their rear but, they need to stop whinning when they started something they cant finish.Simple enough?
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    Sharp1, i sure dont want to see your posts either so, i guess we both will just have to get over it huh?
  • View author's info Posted on Mar 01, 2005 at 05:56 AM

    Steel, my pic is reserved for those i am attracted to - sorry, you arent even close.Put some clothes on that will at least make you look like a woman and get rid of that 1950s hairdo and you might get you one. Ole Ed sounds like a match - you both run off at the mouth when you have no idea what you are talking about. Take a lesson from him and FINALLY get smart - leave me alone and i will do the same.Lets see how smart you are or arent.
  • View author's info Posted on Mar 01, 2005 at 05:50 AM

    NOFUN, Re-read your bible, it SAYS to not sue another christian. Ole beerbelly Ed clearly stated he wasnt a believer, much less, a christian.Just an idiot that proved zero. Thank you for the english lesson. Ms attorney, if you will recall, i have never wrote one thing about you UNLESS you said something smart about me or attacked me so, want peace? Then, maybe you should consider keeping your mouth shut when it comes to me.
  • View author's info Posted on Mar 01, 2005 at 04:59 AM

    BeerBelly Ed, the ONLY thing you exposed was, what an idiot you are and that you can post assumptions and wild guesses. I CLEARLY showed that.You know why you got my posts? The same reason the women on here did - because they either smarted off to me or attacked me first because they disagreed with me. Look back ole boy, all you want and you will plainly see everyone of them responded to me and now that i responded back and they cant take the heat they dished out, they resorted to whinning that i am rude, etc - wonder why? I told them hard heads to just leave me alone and i will do the same. Read on the religious board that one admitted it in saying she just couldnt keep her mouth shut. Well, go ahead and smart off or attack me and see what happens. No, i am not going to just sit here and let some jerk make assumptions without knowing what was really going on or untruthful posts about me - like you did.Btw, i am the one that asked for the arbitration, not Tarpley.It is a friendly way to settle disputes without attorneys ripping one off. I am the one that designed and put that in all my contracts.You havent "exposed" one thing about me. I will tell anyone that i am interested in, anything they want to know about me, good and bad so, go bark somewhere else - this is the wrong tree.
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    OK, not to step into the fire here... but folks, perhaps a time out is in order? This is all getting a bit intimidating. Isn't this a dating site?
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    SpoilU -
    don't you remember, this is a "dating" site? It's not a message board that invites disrespect, inane blather and insulting flames! Why don't you show your intelligence and charm instead of your less appealing bad manners and vulgar side? I don't think you are attracting ANY women, at the moment, your own age OR teens, with the mood you've been in lately.

    Step off. Take a breather. Chill out.
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    WOW!! Be too busy for the forums...and TONS of vile starts being spewed. It just figures that SpoilURotten is in the middle of it. I am not surprised in the least!!
  • View author's info Posted on Feb 28, 2005 at 01:22 PM

    Spoils, I said more than one word, so I guess that makes me daring, huh? Btw, where's your pic? Me and a few others are still waiting.
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