Men always looking for younger women. Romance Forward to friends

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    I tried to turn the subject back to the original topic for the sake of resumption of civility ..... and to get everyone off the head-bashing. Didn't work. What are you comments on the chivalry thread, SpoilU?
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    Note to Self:

    Do not reveal innermost thoughts, feelings and fantasy to potential online suitor, may come back to haunt you for all the MM world to see.

    Naughty, naughty SpoilOz it's not nice(nor gentlemanly -- but then no one can accuse you of being that -- now can they?) to kiss and tell.

    An Astute Observer
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    Sorry to be the bearer of bad news but Tomigirl's stat./research paints the more accurate picture.

    1) Ted you searched over 100 profiles, I've reviewed twice that amount and the majority are men are searching for much younger women -- yes a few stretched beyond their age bracket but the key word here is FEW -- in addition to the fact my experience after initial contact(emails) and conversation reveal 95% of the men on this site shave 5 to 10 years off their age in order to attract a younger base. Tedski don't believe everything you read just because the men post specific age requirements, it does not reflect what TRULY goes on behind the scene.

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    Petite, of course we all have fantasies, my biggest one right now is finding a way to retire at 45 and lounging around on Hadikurari Beach in Aruba for the rest of my life! lol
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    Mr Spoil, I am in buisness and have never been sued nor have I sued anyone. You only get sued when you do something wrong. Therefore, it sounds like you are not a good buisness man. Maybe you should reevaluate your methods of conducting buisness, research new suppliers or hire qualified people. I have no idea why you are getting sued and do not want to know, however it sounds like you need some better buisness savoy.
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    >>"Katie, can you repeat what you said in plain english. I havent a clue as to your point."

    Forget it, SpoilU. But don't say I never tried.
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    Hear! Hear! Bikerking!!

    Found all the info about you-know-who on the net, through his own info.

    That man is such a liar!!! There is no other word for him!

    Then he has the audacity to come onto this Forum and criticise everyone else for anything and everything!

    It takes all sorts to make a world!
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    Tedski,Tomi i see many profiles from men who have younger to their age. But that is natural as most men want someone younger especially if they still think about having a family. There are also many who have an age range but will pop it up a few years. You just have to hit the right one. Like us we tend to do younger to our own age. If they look really good i will go a little older.That is my preference. As the state the scheme of the day is younger men, older women. It's happening more and more.
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    Stats I had gathered...
    130 men 48-58 yrs...
    ...108 searching for women within 5 yrs
    ...22 searching for women more than 5 yrs younger (some a lot more)
    ...of the 108, 67 were looking for women including their own age or older!
    I hope these stats prove comforting for you... Besides, looking at your profile, you should have no worries!
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    Tedski....I was sitting at home one evening last week and decided to do a "search profiles" You would be amazed at what men my age are looking for age-wise.. Alot are well under 5 years difference......more like 5-10 years. Doesn't give us 50 somethings much t work with, HUH??
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    Nightmyst and Babeat, S---s who? lol Who is that? Oh, just a bad dream that's long forgotten now.
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    As adorable as I think you are I have to disagree. I like reading Ed's posts on his fantasies..and he tells his wife anyway. You don't have to read them may have them too..hmmmm.
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    ok is my input.
    I AM IN TOTAL AGREEMENT WITH NIGHTMYST. SHE IS RIGHT. I also know that is how it works. Have had my share of run ins with this person. His biggest "fear" is being ignored. if we do not answer him he will get tired and leave. So if you want him to stick around no matter what he says, just keep answering him either poisitive or negative. if not pretend he is invisible and talking to someone wall.....
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    So, lots to look over lately... Haven't been here in a bit, see things kinda heated up... Perhaps we could change the direction of this topic... I don't think most men are looking for younger women. Someone within 5 years either way seems to be the average that I've seen...
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    Nightmyst....exactly the point I was making.....if EVERYONE syopped typing the name of S____s then he wouldn't have a soul to come back at and would be left to simply writing posts like everyone else.If he get's nasty,your right he knows nothing else,he will simply get a loud SILENCE in return.We all know what he is and what he's about so the insults just mean nada,nothing.Let them roll off your back and don't respond.It works.Love ya girl.
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    Consider I'm over it SpoilU...cause I can't remember what it was about. Whatever I posted wasn't a personal attack on you, just expressing my opinion that may have differed from yours, which struck me at the time I read it. It's lost now, so yup...over it. Have a nice day!
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    Spoils, first let's get one thing straight. I didn't request that you post your pic because of ANY interest in you whatsoever. You're WAY too old for me and not even in my age preference, and you are a bible thumper, both of which are big turnoffs. Many have challenged you to post your pic, because of your put downs about their pic. So to be fair, we should be able to judge for ourselves when it comes to what you look like. Your word means nothing. Why do you hide? Most likely your doc means your 'physical health' is like that of a 30s man. If you dispute this, it means absolutely nothing unless you can prove it.

    Secondly, you could never compare to men in their 30s, sorry. I've seen men your age, and the skin on the body does not fit the skeletal frame the same as a 30 something man. Not to mention 30s men are just all around more exciting. There's nothing wrong with being nearly 60 Spoils. Heck you are only 3 yrs younger than my mom!
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    Come on Ed, either put The Horse Back In The Barn and get back on topic or LOG OFF, get yourself some Adam and Eve lubricant, strap yourself in and go for a ride. I personally do not want to read about your fantasies or what you enjoy looking at anymore. Thanks.
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    OK, not to step into the fire here... but folks, perhaps a time out is in order? This is all getting a bit intimidating. Isn't this a dating site?
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    SpoilU -
    don't you remember, this is a "dating" site? It's not a message board that invites disrespect, inane blather and insulting flames! Why don't you show your intelligence and charm instead of your less appealing bad manners and vulgar side? I don't think you are attracting ANY women, at the moment, your own age OR teens, with the mood you've been in lately.

    Step off. Take a breather. Chill out.
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