Men always looking for younger women. Romance Forward to friends

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    Tomigirl.....................girl...thanks for the laugh ...........LOL your comments on bobsthename...........I could not have said it better! By the way girl I love your new picture I love the curls in your hair you look exotic. Now Mr. Bobsthename I will tell you that I do weight lifting 4 times a week and many times people cannot believe I am even 40 let alone 50 and I find men my age look so much older than me most not all, and I am not sure if they would be able to keep up with me! It is just what we believe and woman these days look much younger and take better care of themselves than men do in my opinion . Hang in there girls we are winning! LOL
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    Tomi, your hair is gorgeous!
    Now, on the topic of age again, I must admit my ex is 9 years younger than I am. He left after 5 years of marriage because he found some greener grass elsewhere. When I'm checking out the other dating sites that allow you to include your likes and dislikes in your profile, I often read members' tastes in music and the kinds of activities they're into to decide if we have anything in common. I personally prefer music from the current century (although I'm eclectic in my music preferences) and know that, no matter whether the man is younger or older than I am, if he's trapped in the 50's to the 70's, we aren't going to be sharing music as an interest. I'm also interested in plenty of action and adventure, not sitting around all night watching rented movies and going to sleep early. That's one of the reasons I don't miss my ex anymore. For a young guy, he didn't have much stamina, and used to fall asleep every night at 9 pm on the couch in front of the TV. I've know men twice his age who had more get-up-and-go.
    So, again, once you have met and approve of each other's looks, age is a moot point.
    It's 1:50 am. Anybody wanna go out clubbing'?
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    I think the only problem with differences in age is what fun4two illustrated in her story. Who SHOULD care about any difference in age? If the couple is happy let them be happy. Problem is society dictates what is "acceptable" . If you TRULY find your "soulmate" in someone 10 or 20 years different in age, who should care? For me the only limit in age is a pratical one, I am ready to start a family and want to have my own child. Beyond that, the person matters, not the age.
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    bobsthename... I'm with TomiGirl here, I guess it's just that you never met our high-quality type of women, because let me tell ya... I have YET to meet a man my age and even younger capable of keeping up with me!! ;)
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    bobsthename....speaking of beating someone over the head with a sledge hammer... I resent the "brittle" implication. I have done the SeaDoo thing AND the snowmobile thing, and can keep up with the men with NO problems. I can outdrive any woman out there, so kindly keep the insults about older women to yourself. Before I tore the rotator cuff and labrum in my shoulder, I was lifting a woman who weighed close to 100# about 24 or more times in a 12 hour period......and dead weigh to boot.... To be perfectly honest with you, I don't care if I fall madly in love with a younger guy or an older one, but in the world of reality, women are looked down on if they date someone 10 to 20 years their junior. It's been like that for years, and even tho it's becoming more common, the looks will never change. While 50 y/o men have 20 y/o girls on their arm, we're supposed to settle for some old fart, and I for one, refuse to settle for anything!!! Thank you and have a nice day!!! :)
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    Lil1954....Well, I'll tell ya....10 years age difference is pushing it for me too, but HECK, let's just start there and see what happens!!! hehehe
    Thank you so very much. I do appreciate the kind words. I have always tried very hard to be "diplomatic", but sometimes diplomacy just doesn't work and you just have to beat them over the head with a sledge hammer, ya know??? LOL
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    Tomigirl I agree with you about the age difference 15 or 20 years is a huge difference and it doesn't look right.................. for me 10 years is even a little bit much as well but if its the right person maybe.........I read such nice comments about you girl and the way you handle even the most difficult individual on here is fantastic you must be one great go girl!
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    And...I'm looking for a younger woman because i can't have some brittle thing hanging on the back of my SeaDoo or Snowmobile (or driving her own) and keeping up with me. Or putting her SCUBA gear on. I work out 3 to 5 times a week for 2 hours a day, and even a lot of younger ones have a tough time with me.
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    I went out with a 26 year old girl last year, I'm 45. My cousin married a girl 10 years older than him. They're still married after 30 years. Age doesn't just brings a few extra issues to the table. I talked to a prominent shrink about age differences AND guess what, it is no big deal. Mom, escorting your daughter away from a 20 year older guy is not your business. I have a daughter too, and I hope she finds happiness. I'd rather have my daughter going out with someone who loves her to death than an equal aged down and out or wifebeater. Oh, and what are all you age gap people yipping about? 100 years ago, the AVERAGE age gap between married couples was 13 years, right here in Canada and the USA. Love attaches no age, so get used to it. I went out with a 39 year old woman last week and she just ended a 5 year relationship with a guy who was 58. My mom and dad were 14 years apart approaching their 50th. it works!
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    it's always so interesting to see everyones opinions on the age dilemma. There is no correct absolute. It is more of a comfort zone. I like Tomi and others do not like to go much more than 10 yrs.younger. I would feel like i am robbing the cradle. Did that once,even married the smuck and it was a total disaster. But we all learn as we are never too old for that.

    Welcome BK to the wonders of the Forum..S4U
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    You made sense, 1SG.

    I think the age difference thing began in reference to an 18 year old and a 50+ man. I have a 20 yr. old daughter, and if she brought home a guy who was older than me, I'd have to grab him by the ear and escort him to my driveway by the toe of my shoe.
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    positiveimage...Thank you so much for the kind words.

    Peace Baby!! :)
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    Oh yes BikerKing, I am having a blast reading all of the forums, ty lol. Some of them are quite hilarious you know
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    Moonray...Thanks, but I'm with you on the dating men closer to my age. 18-20 years difference in age is just too much to handle. The looks are incredibly rude, and even tho I would rather date someone younger, 10 years is the limit on age difference!!
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    Whoa! I just came in here for a look around and thought everyone might be discussing ages. Little did I realize that a little boy was thowing a major temper tantrum. Come on folks, it will be a lot more fun to talk about the original topic, don't you think?

    Let me start it again... My profile shows that I'd like to hear from women between the ages of 35-52. Wow! I just realized that's almost 20 years! I'm 47. So why so young? Well, I have found that some women that age are interested in a guy my age, for one reason or another and I don't want to exclude the opportunity to meet them. What I have also found is that I get along with women who are my closer to my age just fine and find that they usually have a lot more to offer in a long term relationship - which is what I'm looking for anyway. So, I don't want to exclude anyone, but prefer someone closer to me in the age department.

    Hope I just made sense!!
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    BikerKing... Thank you Marine, for the lovely words. I do what I can!!Love you Man...Semper Fi!! :)
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    Men dating younger women, or women dating younger men? Maybe it's fine between the ages of 25 to 60+yrs (depends how one ages)...BUT what happens when there is a 10+ yr age difference, the years pass by until one partner is a spry 65 yrs, while the other is a fragile old 75+ yrs? Not everyone is fragile at 75...but many are.
    Just a thought.
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    As the "Tinman", I will tell you that I have NEVER been intimidated by anyone, including Spoils. Granted, he has a gruff approach and his personality is a bit on the complicated side, and he is a bit irritating as well, but I'm not going to insult him..... He was kind enough to keep the peace with me by removing some of his posts, and I, out of courtesy and thanks, did the same, but intimidation wasn't even a factor here. We have all "dealt" with Spoils before on one level or another, but some of us know that he isn't always as gruff as he lets on and I "grasped the obvious" a long time ago..

    I have to mention tho, that you should now include yourself in the fraternity, because you have now added to the Irrelevant issues" WELCOME!!!!
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    Sorry Tedski....LOL.. I wouldn't want to be the cause of rumors flying about you, so let's just say we're both right and leave it at that!!! It seems age will always be a issue, so if nothjing else we can agree to disagree!! :)

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    As Kati stated you won't draw suspicion unless you include a particular cutie in your favorites. Speaking of good-looking you're not so bad yourself. I also like your "positive" attitude, perhaps it will rub off on others -- myself included -- who need it badly.

    People I miss the Norman Rockwell image of the forum. Let's get back on track...AND SOON!
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