Men always looking for younger women. Romance

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    Fun4two.. all of your posts that I've read are truly insightful and make you sound like the true lady that I believe that you are.

    As for hypocrits.. well.. I find the people that complain about it not being ok for older women to date younger men.. are the same ones that find it not acceptable for older men to date younger women..

    Personally.. I'm currently attracted to men a bit older than me. Hasn't always been that way and may not always stay that way. But it's my choice to make. I think that as long as the people involved are consenting adults.. who are others to say what's ok? In Sweden, 18 is the age when one is considered an adult. That's the age when you're allowed to vote and make all decisions about yourself. Surely you can also decide who to date. Now I too have to admit that I would react if I saw an 18 year old on the arm of an 60 year old, regardless of gender of the older person.. maybe that makes me a hypocrite? I don't know, but I do make an effort to keep an open mind and not to judge people whos situations I know nothing about. I try, but naturally I don't suceed everytime. Nobody's perfect, so I guess there's a tiny bit of doublemoral in me too.

    Oh and for the record.. the ladies posting here.. most of you are simply stunning and have amazing figures! You're in better shape than many women a lot younger so keep your heads high!!

    Take care everybody! It's 1am and I have rambled enough. Over and out.
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    barkeep, the news is out that some of us are trying to bring some order and decency back to the forums. If we all try a little harder, it'll be a much friendlier place. TomiGirl is a nice lady, not to mention a pretty face and personality too. Please try a little respect for other's feelings. It goes a long way.
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    If I had a 20 dollar bill, purchased something for 10 dollars and got 20 dollars back, what would that mean?...Can you explain your math to us again Absolute? Adding 10 to each persons age would still be a difference of 20, right? 44, 24 or 54, 34...Maybe they do math differently out that way.
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    oh my god! this is funny! the "bob" guy...he is 44! I didn't see where he was from but they dont age well there. So this is simple, if he is 44 and looks 54, the girls he dates are 24 and look 34. Technically that makes ONLY a 10 year age difference. I am dating a guy who is 11 years under than me and we both look the same age (and the sex is great) so who cares!!!!!
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    When I was younger, I dated two different older women - about 7 years older, but both were in great shape and beautiful. Both decided that the relationship would not work over the long term because when they were 60 or 65 and not quite as cute or attractive, they believed that I would dump them for a younger woman. I doubt if that would have happened, but the age difference made them very insecure. Both later married older men so they could have the advantage of being younger, and thus always look like a good catch to their husbands. I later saw one of them when she was about 60 and she was still a knockout with the same tight figure she had 20 years ago. I sure fussed at her about ditching me. lol

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    Tomigirl.....................girl...thanks for the laugh ...........LOL your comments on bobsthename...........I could not have said it better! By the way girl I love your new picture I love the curls in your hair you look exotic. Now Mr. Bobsthename I will tell you that I do weight lifting 4 times a week and many times people cannot believe I am even 40 let alone 50 and I find men my age look so much older than me most not all, and I am not sure if they would be able to keep up with me! It is just what we believe and woman these days look much younger and take better care of themselves than men do in my opinion . Hang in there girls we are winning! LOL
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    Tomi, your hair is gorgeous!
    Now, on the topic of age again, I must admit my ex is 9 years younger than I am. He left after 5 years of marriage because he found some greener grass elsewhere. When I'm checking out the other dating sites that allow you to include your likes and dislikes in your profile, I often read members' tastes in music and the kinds of activities they're into to decide if we have anything in common. I personally prefer music from the current century (although I'm eclectic in my music preferences) and know that, no matter whether the man is younger or older than I am, if he's trapped in the 50's to the 70's, we aren't going to be sharing music as an interest. I'm also interested in plenty of action and adventure, not sitting around all night watching rented movies and going to sleep early. That's one of the reasons I don't miss my ex anymore. For a young guy, he didn't have much stamina, and used to fall asleep every night at 9 pm on the couch in front of the TV. I've know men twice his age who had more get-up-and-go.
    So, again, once you have met and approve of each other's looks, age is a moot point.
    It's 1:50 am. Anybody wanna go out clubbing'?
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    bobsthename... I'm with TomiGirl here, I guess it's just that you never met our high-quality type of women, because let me tell ya... I have YET to meet a man my age and even younger capable of keeping up with me!! ;)
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    Tomigirl I agree with you about the age difference 15 or 20 years is a huge difference and it doesn't look right.................. for me 10 years is even a little bit much as well but if its the right person maybe.........I read such nice comments about you girl and the way you handle even the most difficult individual on here is fantastic you must be one great go girl!
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    You made sense, 1SG.

    I think the age difference thing began in reference to an 18 year old and a 50+ man. I have a 20 yr. old daughter, and if she brought home a guy who was older than me, I'd have to grab him by the ear and escort him to my driveway by the toe of my shoe.
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    Oh yes BikerKing, I am having a blast reading all of the forums, ty lol. Some of them are quite hilarious you know
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    As Kati stated you won't draw suspicion unless you include a particular cutie in your favorites. Speaking of good-looking you're not so bad yourself. I also like your "positive" attitude, perhaps it will rub off on others -- myself included -- who need it badly.

    People I miss the Norman Rockwell image of the forum. Let's get back on track...AND SOON!
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    TomieGirl, champagnepowder & BlingBling, I am totally in agreement with what you've said. Age is just a number. I have always dated younger men, and here in Montreal, TomieGirl, fortunately it doesn't look ackward to do so, maybe you should move here... ;) Nevertheless, I've been there, done that, don't want to do it again. I prefer men more in my age bracket now as I want someone who has somewhat the same life experiences and with whom I can grow old with.
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    Hey girls! I am fine with the idear of older guys going after younger girls :)

    Most cultures work that way with the man being a good 7 years older (Russia is a good example).

    I try not to be partial to age, but I always like the thought of having a girl somewhere between 18-21 ;)
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    How do you suggest we handle this? Tried to email you privately in regards to SpoilOz paronoid accusation but your profile currently list as hidden status.

    No, SpoilOz I am a geniune person not Myst -- get over yourself SpoilOz -- if she's so in love with you why does she go to bed every night with another man? Hmmmm...perhaps she's not as infatuated as you think.

    Once again, my intention was to make you accountable for your sleazy tactic of airing the woman's dirty laundry. You went too far!!! Now apologize to her or you will discover you have met your match.

    The Moderator
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    Monkeydustbabie, I've taken myself out of this fight with you-know-who. 'They brought out the worst in me,' and it escalated from there. So forgive any rude comments I made. Doesn't excuse it, but it's totally not like me. That's the reason I have stopped replying. I guess there will always be people that rub us the wrong way like that.
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    I know exactly what service industry you are in, the Lip Service Industry. You are the poster child for that particular field. I am also very glad I do not know all the facts because the true facts would probably make you look worse than the great job of it you are doing yourself. Adios.
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    Ted, I think you're safe as long as you didn't bookmark the men into your "Favourites File!" lol
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    I have a feeling we are looking at the stats differently... My stats were identifying men who were looking for women from age x to y... My stats were simply looking at the "y" (maximum age)... Sure, lots of guys minimum desired age was drastically lower, but wouldn't that be them dreaming for the most part?

    If I am still wrong, then I appologize. I don't much feel like going through mens profiles again, I accidently clicked on a few while gathering the stats, now they're going to wonder why I was looking at their profiles... lol

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    SpoilOz :

    One doesn't have to be a scientist to piece together a puzzle. I can recognize when someone is hitting below the belt. There was no need to disrespect the lady. She could have revealed your deep dark secrets -- your desire to be spanked during sex and the garter belt, nylons and high heels you wear -- but she didn't.

    Unlike Tinman(Tomigirl); Dorothy(Katigrl); Scarecrow(Nightmyst) and last but not least the Lion(BikerKing) I am not intimidated.

    It's time to level the playing field, like yourself I've decided to shield myself with anonymity(no photo) and inject much needed diversity to this group. This forum is evolving into more of a fraternity than a vehicle to discuss revelent issues.
    For goodness sake why must you people circle like vultures when an OUTSIDER disagree?

    Although SpoilOz could use some softening in his style the majority of his views are on the money. But I've adjusted to his gruff approach because quite frankly his personality leans more towards complicated than annoying. Why haven't you know-it-all grasp the obvious?

    New Kid In Town
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