Men always looking for younger women. Romance

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    Lion.. first off..thank you for your compliments. Then a response to your comment ( which I assume was directed at me..?) about saying that I prefer older but have a dating range that begins 5 years younger..

    Well.. what I said, and still stand for, is that I, at this point in life, tend to find myself attracted to older men. But I don't rule out dating younger men, should the right one cross my path.

    Basically the age range on my profile is just a fingerpoint to within what age I think I might find my match.. But.. it's not the age that will be what makes me decide whether I want to date that person or not. The personality will..

    Take care!
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    De rien, Louis!! :)

    There are a lot of men that either look their age, or younger or older... and there are a lot of women that look either their age, or younger, or older also...

    The type of man I date generally looks younger because he generally is fit and has a healthy lifestyle. And the same goes for women. My 2 cents...

    ps - Maybe it's regional too... maybe there are more men that look younger here in Montreal!! After all, look at lioncourt!! ;)
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    gucci..Funny how communication works...I understood everything u problemo! It was English just shorter form...rite? heheh The way in which we xpress ourselves should not B a matter of this an open 4um or a classroom? That's it.
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    Miss Butterfly honey you said it the way it really is. I also happen to think men our age look older than us girls most anyways maybe not all, and its their loss really they can go and chase younger woman............but how long will the relashionship last? So honee.........I so agree with you totally when a woman takes care of herself ................age is just a number!
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    Older women are more sexy. Really.
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    Alex2000 -
    Butterfly said, "Fat, BALD and out of shape." Now, I don't think I have EVER seen a fat, out of shape man who was beautiful, outside and in. Their build alone indicates they don't care about themselves, or people's opinions about themselves, or their health, sex appeal or ability to keep up with the rest of the world. If their outside shows that kind of attitude, wouldn't the inside be hiding a lot of resentment, apathy and bitterness as well? Maybe SOME men who are overweight and out of shape are confident, self-assured, proud of their appearance and ooze sex appeal ...... but I bet you could count the ones you know on one hand.
    Women win that contest because many BBW's looking for love still know how to keep their hair gorgeous, have the whole spa treatment done every so often, wear becoming and stylish clothes, tone up at the gym and enhance the best qualities they possess (usually cleavage and booty) to their strongest advantage. That's because they KNOW they can be beautiful on the outside if they make an effort and stay on top of it. The proof is in the fact that there are scores of men who adore BBW's (Alberto, luv, if you're wondering .... that stands for Big, Beautiful Women, over here in the Americas. lol) and there are dating sites exclusively for those who are attracted to larger sized women.
    Maybe if overweight or otherwise unattractive men would stop being in denial, stop thinking people should just accept them as they are, and quit using that old, tired phrase, "beauty is in the eye of the beholder - (which is really only relevant if you're talking about gorilla babies or a beat up old ratty pair of comfy slippers) they'd see that being attractive is a choice. Not an act of God or an unfortunate accident.
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    Age..shmage...sheesh! It's only a number. What's important is your health, attitude, activeness, self respect and the same for others. Numbers are a non-starter when feelings & emotions soar, and it's off the hook! That's it..2 cents.
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    lioncourt, Thank You, for bringing to my attention, that my chat line dialogue, is in approiate for the forum. I will do my best to adhere to the correct protocol, as the information gathered here is very valuable. Thank you as well, for the compliment.
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    lioncourt... I'm so sorry... your comment was really sweet...;)
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    Butterfly: " , you old guys, have fun chasing the younger girls, just remember, PMS!!!! need I say anything more?

    F-ing hysterical! Fantastic reply!!!!!
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    This has been amazingly enlightening and helpful.
    All ur experience will certainly B benefitical 2 me, and I thank U 4 it.
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    Well don't sweat it girls about BK. Living in Inuvik, NWT, no doubt suffers from SRS.
    Sperm retension Syndrome.
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    BK!!! Ouch!
    What brought that 'tude on? I never figured you for a "bioche," but that was a really "catty" post to Tomi! What's up with that ? Men are in a "No Fly Zone" if they're thinking of using PMS, Menopause and estrogen to slap somebody out. with! How would you feel if Tomi did a "back at ya," using shrinkage, Viagra and ED as weapons?
    Down boy!
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    Hello Handsome!
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    Thank You Moonray 77. There is alot of bad vibes in this group and the same one's seem to send it.
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    Tomi... very good comeback and representative of the lady you are... I applaud you...
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    I have not done research on the topic but I do notice most of the peopple responding to me are older than what I ask. So, in my opinion, many rich men are not necessarily interested in me as a person, simply interested in a trophy. That's not ok with me.
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    I agree Steel, I see a lot more people being positive and it would be nice to keep it that way. I think Tomi is adorable and she speaks the truth and certainly does not write posts to slam others. The older I get the more sex drive I have! Sometimes I understand where men are coming from when they think about sex every 3.5 seconds is it?? I think men should appreciate that in us older women.
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    I think your preferred when u bought a membership....
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    barkeep... everyone's entitled to their opinion here, it's a forum, it doesn't mean we have to approve everything that is said but we do have to respect the other's opinion... and be diplomatic and civil and courteous... treat people like you would like to be treated...
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