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    Gift, you only wish you could find a man like me - dream on. There is absolutely nothing non-christian about my profile and nothing crude about it.Again, yes, i am divorced. I did the divorcing - based on a scriptual reason but, since you dont believe in the bible and have openly made fun of it, that wouldnt mean anything to you - would it? And you call yourself a spiritualists? Voo doo is more like it. You believe in angels evidentally but, not in the devil. Now, that is really interesting.What whacko dreamed up this voo doo stuff? It sure wasnt God so, must be from the devil. You had better get to know the devil - you are going to spend a lot of time with him.
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    Spoil, practice what you preach. Your profile says it all.

    Bad guy trying to be good!! Not winning the battle at all by my standards!
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    Gift, are you blaming me because others hardly post here and the ones that want to debate me, just make statements based on thin air and not on book, chapter and verse and i eat their lunch?If you will look at the bottom below where you make a post, it clearly says your post and maybe your ad will be deleted if you use profane or vulgar language so, go ahead and try and yours will get deleted like the lady that tried it last time. Question, shouldnt you seriously consider changing your user name to, GiftFromHell. I think solomon had you in mind when he said, "It is better for a man to live on a rooftop than, in a house with an arguementative woman".Guess your x decided to take his advice.
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    Knightmare. Try reading your bible.God sanctions sex in MARRIAGE. Do you really think that christians are all prude and dont have a sex drive?The bible is clear about the pleasure a womans breasts gives a man.Hey, in the bedroom, with two that are married, if it feels good, do it.AMEN?
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    Gift, the problem some have with me here is, i have done my homework. I know the bible. My publisher says that i am one of the most knowledgable bible students of our time( People get on here, go by their feelings or human reasoning INSTEAD of what the bible says and i eat their lunch and it makes them mad. Is that my fault or theirs for making posts and cant back it up wth book, chapter and verse? If you care to look at where you respond to what i say, this sites rules say that if you use profane or vulgar messages, they will be deleted and maybe your profile also so, go ahead and use some and see what happens, just like what happened to the last lady that was disrespectful and tried that.
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    You know, this is still America and we are all entitled to our own opinions.....I myself waver from belief to non belief based on my experiences. (God save me from the Catholic Church, LOL...) Oh and by the way, it's spelled TRAILER trash.....and since you've asked people not to use curse words here on this board, why don't you stop calling people who express other opinions names? There is no way that smart lovely girl looks like Trailer Trash, nor will she ever!
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    Well, you better check again. The word HELL is used ONLY as a reference to a place, one you might get to visit, not ever used as a cuss word by filthy mouthed trailor trash.On the other word, can you please give me book, chapter and verse where that word is located? On second thought, not to worry about hell for you, God doesnt hold the mentally ill responsible for their actions. Go somewhere else to get your jollies - watch cartoons or better yet, go back on the message board where you stirred up so much trouble - and arent wanted.Go bash the gays if you want feathers to really fly.Sorry, cant honor your request. When one is so great, thats hard to get over ones self.
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    Spoil - the only two so-called 'curse' words I saw were Damn and Hell.....well last time I checked, you can find these two words in a little book written called the BIBLE. Something you pride yourself on quoting :-)

    They are just words anyway....a form of expression, get over yourself!
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    This is a religious forum, not some bar so, would you people that are using profanity, please refrain from such language and have some respect.Thank you.
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    The apostle Paul, being a former jew, spent a great deal of time in the new testament, trying to convience the new jewish christians that they were no longer under a system of law keeping.Thats what he is talking about in most of the book of romans, galations and also the hebrew writer in chapters 7-10. He states in col.3:16, "and took it away, nailing it to his cross"Nailed what to his cross? The law of moses.It (the law of moses) was to last till jesus came.It was given to Isreal only, no one else so, unless you are a jew, and even if you lived back then, the law of moses which, included the ten commandments, would not apply to you.It would take many posts to explain all this but, my new book, "How Anyone Can Understand The Bible", will be out by summer and all that plus much more will be included so the average person can understand the simple teaching of the bible.
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    SpoiluRotten07, I wish you would cite verses of the books of the Bible that you mention re: passover and Christ and the law of Moses. Thanks.
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    Christs death did matter however, the scriptures talks about the highly intelligent being confounded by the simple message of the good news.Ever consider, just what if you are wrong and there is a God?
  • View author's info Posted on Jan 20, 2005 at 12:20 PM

    Hehhe... Christ the anarchist! Take to the streets ye Christians! Do onto others... oh nevermind... do whatever the hell you want... otherwise that'd be lawkeeping, and we wouldn't have wanted Christ to die for nothing (nevermind everyone else who died in exactly the same manner... they didn't matter).
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