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    Angel? I'm not.

    Catagorizing a female as an angel to me is just asking for all hell to break loose :P 

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    And there came seven spirits1, females, bound and woven together, fair in appearance and comely. And I Solomon, seeing them, questioned them and said: "Who are ye?" But they, with one accord, said with one voice2: "We are of the thirty-three elements of the cosmic ruler of the darkness3." And the first said: "I am Deception." The second said: "I am Strife." The third: "I am Klothod, which is battle." The fourth: "I am Jealousy." The fifth: "I am Power." The sixth: "I am Error." The seventh: "I am the worst of all, and our stars are in heaven
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    Ahhh yes, more people have been killed, maimed and tortured in the name of religion.
    The facts are few and simple.
    There is a GOD.
    There will most definitely be an "end time". Albeit possibly a thousand years from now (which I sincerely doubt)
    during which most, if not all, humanity will perish here on earth.
    I don't care whether you're a Jew, a Christian, an agnostic, believe in Buddha, Muhammed or Christ.
    Nothing can change the facts.
    You'd better get right with GOD today, tomorrow may be too late.
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    Lastnight I danced with a 32 yr old angel. And though I didn't see it, I knew this angel had a penis because he was a hot guy! lol
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    Spoil, telling "agift fromheaven" all those mean and hateful remarks will definately not get you into heaven. No, I shouldn't judge other people but you havea real evil bone in your body and it is beyond words.
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    I'm not sure that God was given a final draft of the bible to proof read before it was released. Men wrote it and as men will do they assumed that everybody who mattered were men.

    Had God proof read it before it was release SHE would have used gender neutral language.

    By the way, does Aramaic use gender in thier pronouns like we do or is it more like the germans who use gender pronouns to refer to trees, mountains and automobiles?

    Maybe it was just translated poorly.
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    Really?The Bible actually refers to the male angels and says they have a penis? I think things are taken a bit too far. God is our Savior. Male angels are Nuts.
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    we are all angels.....but nobody can fly.....:-)......

    good....for the air traffic
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    Spoilurotten there are two versions of the creation story in Genesis (Gen. 1:26 & Gen. 2: 22-23) written by two different authors. The first one states that God, "Created humankind in his image, in the image of God he created them; male and female he created them" (NRSV). This is usually taken to mean that God created human kind (both sexes at the same time). It is the 2nd version that focuses on the order of the creation of humans and states that woman was made from man's rib. Genesis says that God punished both Adam (which means clay or earth) and Eve for their disobedience in eating from the tree of knowledge of good and evil. Eve's punishment was an increase in the pain of childbirth, continued desire for her husband, and rule over her by her husband. Adam's punishment was a life of hard labor with few results. The subjugation of women was not God's original plan. It was part of God's punishment for Adam and Eve's sin. It is part of the brokenness we still live in. Sad isn't it?
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    Perhaps the men who wrote the bible were sexists. Most guys were back then.

    Perhaps they put some of their own spin on things. They certainly had the opportunity.

    Perhaps you shouldnt take it literally. Or maybe you would rather think women are inherently evil?
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    I am working on being the first female angel. I know I have a long way to go, but I sure try hard!!
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