Heaven VS. Hell Lifestyle

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    1hotmomma no, I was responding to Petiteone's post. Why would you reply to my post since I didn't address my post to you? You did say you weren't mocking and making fun of what other's believe, right? Was just wondering about that since you were the first one to speak up. Must've been a reason.
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    SM - I believe it was me that you were meaning to address, not petiteone. I was not mocking anyone....I could care less what others believe.....I don't try to dissaude anyone from how they wish to waste...oops Spend their time. Everyone is entitled to their opinions which is exactly what I am stating. Freedom of speech and the thrill of a good religious debate where the 'god fearing people' get all riled up is so much fun!
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    PetiteOne, like you, I was taken to sunday school and church from the time I was a small child up until I was a young teen. I didn't want to attend Sunday services anymore. Not because I didn't still believe in a higher power than myself. I just found sitting that long listening to the sermons were boring. There's one thing I need to say however, after reading a few of these posts. I won't mention any names because I don't want to start an online religious war. I'm just asking those that are laughing and mocking the ones who do believe, to please don't. The statements mocking religion and God(or whatever you choose to call this higher power than us) is very upsetting. If you don't believe in God or any higher power than humans, that is your right. But why sit here laughing, chuckling, and mocking, and making fun of those who do believe, and what they believe in? I can't imagine anyone in their right minds actually believing we humans...what? Created ourselves? Crawled out of the muck of the earth and evolved into what we are today, with beating hearts and breath that sustains us? Mankind may be capable of many things, but creating a human being and owning the patent to their creation, is NOT one of them. Our mothers could not have given us life, had not a higher power given her the ability to do so. I don't need to attend church services to understand and believe that there is a higher power working through us, that gives and sustains life. Some call that higher power 'God,' some call it 'Mohamd,' etc, etc. Please, out of respect for others, don't mock their beliefs and what they believe in. It's very rude and very insensitive.
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    The bible reasons about Gods exhistance when, it asks, cant you look around at nature yourself and tell that there is a God? It also says that only a fool would say there is no God. There is more historical evidence that Jesus was exactly who he claimed than there is that George Washington was our first president.I too was taught wrong and when i questioned what was taught and couldnt get answeres that matched scriptures, instead of turning my back on God, i went on a 5 year hunt to find the truth, the TRUE church.Many CLAIMED to be the true one but, their teaching didnt match up with new testament teaching. For instance, the word baptism, in the greek, means to, "dip, plumge or immerce". When i found out that the catholics and others "sprinkled" for baptism, i concluded that all they got was wet and were teaching false doctrine therefore, could not be the true church.This is a good example of a counterfit church though many of its members are very sincere, good people and well meaning. However, that alone will not get someone to heaven.
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    Mas Rogue, laughing at your posts as usual!! You are a funny guy.....yeah, you sinner.....better go rack them up now!! Have all the fun you can! According to another post in another forum, the world is scheduled to be hit by a meteor by 2012!! Shit that's coming up!! hahahahhahahhaaa

    I don't know about you, but I am going to sin as much as I can.....starting tonight .....;-)
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    You won't find directions to hell on Mapquest because hell is separation from God and his loving kindness. Heaven is being with God and his loving kindness. It is not enough to be a 'good' person without following God's will and learning about God by reading His Word and knowing His Word - Jesus Christ. God alone can judge. No Father would turn away his children. If they turn away from Him He will not force them to return. Remember the story of the prodigal son!
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    Great. Now I'm going to burn in hell because of my hair of all things.
    Oh well....may as well rack up some REAL cardnal sins before I get send down, hmmm?
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    I will always believe in God. I was raised Catholic and forced to go to church every Sunday. I changed to a Luthern when my children were born. I was always told there was a God and made to believe that but when my first born came into the world I truly knew God was my Savior. No one can prove anything...it is all about believing.
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    No, Jesus did not have long hair in spite of pictures that try to make us think that. The arguement in 1 cor.chapter 11 is simply asking men that without any instruction, doesnt nature alone teach you that if, a man has long hair, it is a shame unto him?
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