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    Being someone other than ones-self ultimately will not make one happy. I think we have all gone down the road at one time or another trying to please our partner and found that in the end a large percentage of the time it does not work. Hopefully they fell in love with us for who we are not who we think they want us to be!
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    Yes DECEPTION...that's a bad thing. Just be honest, be yourself...my best friend is so worried on this yachting trip that we might have a few glasses of wine...and start cracking up and saying the f word, like f you Lisa or something of that nature in front of her new boy friend. I'm concerned about this one, I feel like already???????? She can't be herself? Not good!
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    Kittee thank you for being clearer than I was... the point is the deception. If this is the way a relationship is going to start then what does this mean for the rest of the relationship. Honesty up front is the best policy, then at keast you know the person loves you for you.
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    Yes I had a similiar situation happen to me years ago Sooner...it's not that I'm above having a new friend in my life...he could have been a great guy down the line...who knows, but I couldn't get over the deception...if it started out like that before we met...ugh who knows! Just be yourself and honest guys! Honesty is the best policy!
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    Though I am LMAO at the dissertations on the "dates" I am still amazed at what some folks will do. I had a similar experience, guy wa handsome and very charming in his online posting and in his pics. He flew into town on business and we decided to meet for dinner. When I got to the restaurant and they pointed him out waiting for me... you guessed it, I would not have picked him out n a million years. He was about 200 lbs more than his pic, no hair and the thickest coke bottle glasses you have ever seen. Nice guy but when I asked him about the pics he said they were from about 11 years ago. AMAZING!!!
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    OK I am new here but I must say that Alberto's experience is hysterical!!!! So Alberto are you tan yet LOL sorry I just had to join in LES
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    Okkkkk I'm curious. I've emailed back and forth with a few men from this site. Haven't actually met anyone live yet...Now I'm horrified to! I met what I thought was a nice respectful man. We were to meet this week as a matter of fact at Harris Ranch for lunch perhaps dinner...I know its quite a drive for him...so he mentioned he might get a room there...fine w/me if thats what he wants to do etc. But he had the nerve to email me asking me to spend the night w/him...Guess that lunch date is off! ugh!
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    Alberto... geezzzzzz... that was too funny....

    Squeege... good line... lol

    May... good story... there is always something positive in any situation... you just have to be open to it...
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    PRICELESS...which I'd been there to see it...I'd probably been on the ground w/you laughing my butt off. Great attitude...Love it!
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    I don't understand your question? "What the hell was I thinking?"

    Usually I have a shirt on.
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    Im confused, what was the date experience?
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    Alberto you are priceless! LOL
    When I'm tanned, people never see it. I have to tell them I'm tanned...they still don't believe me, until I take my watch off.
    But yeah...maybe you should have removed your shirt...she could have compared your abs to your picture and you could still claim you had a 6-pack!!!
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    i'll bet you had a shirt on too! what the hell were you thinkin?
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    Hello to All,

    I had an experience about a month ago which was something I had never, ever experienced before. I flew to Detroit and met a guy I had met online, not good from the start. Lucky for both of us I was at a hotel. Stayed one night and flew out immediately the next morning. The day I flew home was so wonderful, delicious and just awesome words can't describe it. I'd made the decision the night before i was going to have a good day, a fun adventure getting home. This is a long story but I'll try to shorten it and just give the highlights. The day was cold, but sunny with about 5 inches of snow. I fell down in the snow twice. Slipped and slide around a bunch before I went down. Had to throw my luggage across a few feet of ground. I was laughing so hard every time I slipped and fell I felt like I was in a 3 stooges movie. I was actually happy thinking about people laughing at me and being entertained. My reservation chg was not on the computer at the airport so I was looking at around a 7 hr wait at the airport. I met a wonderful bag carrier who escorted me like a queen to check in my luggage and get the flight straightened out. The woman who chged my reservation with no problem was like a long lost sister to me. Each and every person I met on my trip home was my friend and confidant. I actually felt totally connected to each and every person and everything I came in contact with. I had no fear of loss or anger at anything or anyone. I knew before I left on the trip that the timing was wrong, but I chose to ignore what I "knew". My experience and study of the course in miracles I believe is what brought the miracle of that day into my life. Change your thoughts, change your world, does truly work. I am truly grateful to what the man I visited brought to the door step of my mind and heart.
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    Yes Annie I agree...Oh my gosh this was quite a few years ago...but this man I had been chatting w/for some time...fairly nice..nurse etc...it came the time to meet at the coffee house...well let me tell you his picture had to of been 20 years old that I had seen...now why do that? Like I'm not going to notice?
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    Why lie guys, its not like we wont see the real you when we meet !! I was speaking to this fellow in Cornwall, Ontario Canada and he mentioned to me he had a slight limp.. and I asked him how it affected his daily life and if it prevented him from doing certain activities, he said no no nothing its just a little limp and I can still danse, long walks, swim.... well we met, no way can he danse, or go for long walks he is crippled, he has to walk or almost run to stay mobile, and he flings his arms in the air to keep his balance, he even falls over trying to walk slowly... I was not impressed when we met.. I guess he felt this could be over looked and he was madly in love with me and sent me roses (even b4 meeting) but I told him that I am very active and into sports and working out sorry but lies like that are just not funny or acceptable...come on guys get with the program and be up front.... no more lies.... Annie in Ottawa Canada
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    The right eyeglasses on a man can be very sexy! Who cares about the tan...it can lead to cancer anyhow! White is in!!
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    Good one Alberto! Some people really can be so shallow. It surprises me how much, because I always see the good in someone first. Through the eyes too, even if they wear glasses.
    Take care.
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    Alberto your a riot!

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    oh brother!!!!

    late, now we know why you call yourself late. later.
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