Your hobby...let us know what you like to do in your pare time... Entertainment and Hobbies

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    Just being silly !
    I also love to travel..

    Thanks for asking..
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    MsColletti, I don't understand. What are you trying to tell us?

    I love to travel. Is that a hobby?
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    Dance, Dance, and Dance!

    Did you get it?
    I like to dance...
  • View author's info posted on Apr 23, 2005 at 23:59

    I collect antique maps and prints of Lake Huron. I started this wierd hobby after seeing old maps on the walls of harbour master offices when I would be cruising in my boat. Then I hooked up with my old professor from University who actually wrote the book on early maps of North America. I have the oldest privately owned map of Lake Huron, from 1660. There is one from 1657, but it is in a museum in France. I would like to start collecting ladies underwear too. Any takers? I mean givers...
  • View author's info posted on Apr 12, 2005 at 13:06

    SIXFEETWTC has the cutest cat picture!
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    I'm an artist, writer and musician myself. I'm always sketching, painting, playing my violin, and writing fantasy stories for person amusement.
  • View author's info posted on Apr 11, 2005 at 16:27

    I like to read(mostly mystery),watching movies,playing in the park with my kids,horse back riding, and spending time with my family.
  • View author's info posted on Mar 01, 2005 at 22:36

    Hi! I'm a writer and filmmaker. I have written a book, working on a screenplay with a playwright in NY, and in pre-production on a short film.
  • View author's info posted on Feb 22, 2005 at 13:22

    Interesting's nice to see there are a lot of others out there with passions in life. I have a long list of hobbies (some might say I am kind of a schizophrenic with hobbies) but some of my most passionate ones include photography, painting and stained glass. Living in Colorado has turned photography into the hobby I spend the most time on right now. The landscapes, vistas, people and mountains here are amazing and provide so many shooting opportunites no matter what the season is. I am currently working on my own website to display and share my passion with others. Travelling is another hobby I enjoy that goes hand in hand with photography and I recently returned from Costa Rica which is an amazingly beautiful place. Next up will be Africa and maybe Romania. Anyone who wants to share stories of travelling or see any of my photos can drop me a line.
  • View author's info posted on Feb 20, 2005 at 02:17

    Wow, what an interesting array of hobbies we all have! I have always had many and varied interests and I am happy to say my life is never boring! I love music in general, listening to it and playing it myself. I play the classical guitar and also the piano (that's gotten a bit rusty over time since I haven't had a piano at home for years) - love most kinds of music, depending on my mood of the moment. Lately been listening a lot to hard rock very loud while driving! It's great! I love reading - my faves being thrillers (John Grisham style) or biographies or autobiographies. Photography is one of my passions - I love to take pictures but I have yet to buy a digital camera. I'm still with the old system..;-) but I will soon because this little hobby has been costing me a fortune! I'm doing belly-dancing and ballroom dancing as well. I work out pretty regularly in the fitness room. Love going to the movies or watching a DVD at home. My all-time fave comedy series is Frasier! It was brilliant. Any Frasier fans out there?? Tried scuba diving once - would love to do it again! It was incredible being underwater - complete silence... and all the beautiful colors and corals and fish and ... sharks!! Wonderful! What a rush of adrenaline! :-D
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    most of my hobiies are solitary knitting, crotchet, sewing , that I don't ahve to look fro friens to do it with..have helped to keep me busy and happy thru the long lonely hours living in cold miserable London where it is hard to find friends..
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    Spare time? What's that? I vaguely remember it........LOL
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    First of all, I love to sing. I have been singing since I was young, mostly Christian music. I like to karaoke, and I LOVE to dance! I really enjoy travelling. I lived in Finland for almost two years and have been to Sweden, Estonia and EGYPT!!!!!! I had my first scuba diving experience in Egypt. What a high, it's like another world. Most of all I enjoy people.
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    Just been to see Andrea Bocelli in concert and he was absolutely fabulous!! What a voice!
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    My hobbies include reading, belly dancing/dancing, yoga and mostly being involved in animal rights issues. I guess I may be able to add reading the various messages on the forums, they are insightful, hilarious and very entertaining...hehe!!
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    I do creative things in my spare time. I do some embroidery, some knitting and dressmaking.

    A couple of years ago I took up watercolour painting too, which is really relaxing.

    I make cards all year round - that came about from watching the craft hours on QVC!!!
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    Petiteone......The 5 languages of Love is so far, so good! Yes, it's about how men and women have different ways in which they feel love from their partners. This book explains the different language ideas and how to figure out your mates to make them happier. After reading half of it so far, I now know what my Ex-hubby and I were doing wrong! Speaking different languages and not filling the others' love tanks. Good knowledge for the future Mr. Cassandra.....hahahhahahaa
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    I would like to chime in on this tread. I like to build airplanes as a hobby. Yes the big ones. I am on my third one. To me this is art to others it is crazy. Art comes in many forms; few are noticed or appreciated. Art to a man can be really different compared to a woman. To a lot of men a tricked out Harley or the lines of a fast car, a well designed mechanical device can be art and believe it or not I think a woman can be natures art at its best. Why were always window shoping. We need to hear more diverse kinds of art here.
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    Hello Everyone,
    I think that our hobbies really give us true meaning for our soul. I am a singer. My sound is a lot like a cross between Olivia Newton-John and Allison Krauss. I love to do everything from Jazz to Opera. Country is OK.... Basically, I love to sing it all.
    I have a CD that I am promoting. If anyone there would like a copy let me know. I think $5 plus the cost of shipping would be fine. It is 20 songs of Cover artists, but in my style. Artists like Frank Sinatra/Norah Jones/Olivia Newton-John/Barbra Streisand and others. Let me know. I love to share. Just after you listen, promote to others if you really like it.
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    HI everyone. I am a leather artist. (No, that does not mean whips and chains!). I do three dimensional portraits of horses and people in leather (framed fine art). I've shown all across the US, Europe and Japan. Am also a silver and goldsmith and a writer (worked as a journalist for 14 years). Can't imagine living without adding beauty to a day. That is the art of living!
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