What is your solution to end poverty Dating Wealthy Men / Women

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    If you were called upon to assist in ending poverty, how would you go about doing that?
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    Hi\Thanks for taking the time to respond. I have already taken on the responsibliy of aleviating poverty here in the US. I agree with your assessment. It does take a number of elements to eradicate the cycle that people succumb to. Education is the first step. It is a colossal endeavor and I believe that it can be conquered one step at a time with the help of an organized plan. If not for leaders to take on responsibility, then the world might be a nighmare of existence. SO as a leader, I know the solutiona dn I feel a responsibility to share that for the better of others.
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    xBabsx wrote:
    > ending poverty

    End of envy and end of social feelings yields end of poverty.
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    Please realize that anything I write hear is only a personal opinion based on my unique experiences and thoughts.

    First I would redefine poverty. In my humble opinion there is no poverty in these united States. Everyone who complains about having it lives better than 90% of the rest of the world. Ever notice that 99% of the so called poverty people are considerably overweight. That doesn't seem to indicate poverty. Anyone who eats even one warm meal a week is doing better than the kings and queens did not too many years ago. So poverty seems to be a definition of being in the bottom xxx%. Guess what, there will always be a bottom xxx% no matter how much is out there.

    Second Poverty is a state of mind. My exwife is poor I am not. Yet we just split our assets with her getting over 50% of the wealth. Identical balance sheets and income, definitely different outlooks. No amount of money will deprive her of her right to be poor. The is tremendous amount of difference between being poor and not having any money.

    So what is the answer to your question. I would say education, not necessarily in the traditional sense. Wayne Dwyer's book "Intentions" should be a mandatory study. Teaching people how to live and provide for themselves is also important. A fundamental value for me and it should be for anyone who lives comfortably is to assist others who are incapable, due to infirmities, age, mental illness, etc. But that should always be on a voluntary basis, never using the force of government.

    The only person you can really control is yourself, so make sure you are not poor. Then we can help the others.
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