Canadian, eh? Romance

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    To clarify - I am NORTH AMERICAN and CANADIAN --not "American". Believe me, when you travel abroad, there is a difference.

    I have never heard someone from Brazil say they are American - they say they are "South American" -- therefore, I can say I am "North American"....

    (and Alberto, please spare me another lecture)
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    Oh Alberto....Shut up and kiss me!!!! And by the way I AM CANADIAN
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    I AM CANADIAN and extremely PROUD of it .....I must add I do hunt Moose not polar bears though lol.....and I love the winters here they make for some really nice romantic evenings in front of the fire.......
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    Alberto, when you say you love American women, and that you mean both the US and Canada, Well, I suppose I could say I love French men and mean both France and Spain...hhhmmm - gotta be careful with your generalizations.

    Anyway - you are certainly welcome to post whatever thoughts you have on here, I am just finding them a bit too self-absorbed and categorizing for my liking. Good luck!
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    alberto you must have nothing to do all day. every forum I look at you have put your 2 sense in. lol
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    Ah Alberto, you crack me up! Your story may have had a bit too much info but was funny. Could be my warped sense of Canadian humour! LOL
    But yes I find most Canadians, including myself, straightforward, honest, polite, and funny.

    We need this humour to survive most winters! Altho this year has been pretty tame in the snow dept. but very cold for quite awhile.

    Anyways, back to the original question........yes there are Canadians here but I don't just limit myself to talking to them. Quite a few on the US side are actually closer, but I go for the person not the distance!
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    Hey, I'm a Canadian! And Alberto ... you are hilarious! Your sense of humour is sharp and your use of the English language is ... damn cute. ( "Eastern eggs" really cracked me up - Please excuse the pun!)
    I think one Canadian trait we often hear about is that we are exceptionally polite people. And I don't think any country in the world could say we aren't always there when someone needs our help.
    Here are a few grievous misconceptions about Canadians:
    - We do NOT say "abooot" instead of "about ,"
    - We do NOT say "eh" more than the Brits do! The British are the ones who brought it over to Canada, but nobody teases them for saying "Eh!"
    - We don't live in the Arctic all year round, as some ski-crazy Americans believe.
    - We don't all hunt polar bears and moose.
    - Our beer will knock your socks off and does not taste like watered down pee,
    - Our films are not prudish and sex is not a dirty word on our TV's.
    - We are a cultural melting pot in that we welcome all people regardless of race, creed, colour or religion, but we hate terrorists as much as any other country does and boot the bad guys out as soon as we can, (unless some dumbass judge rules that an Al Quada jerk is at risk of torture if he is deported to Egypt. God! Why don't they just drop him off next door to Egypt then? Just get him out of OUR faces!)

    Sorry. Getting political there.

    And THIS Canadian woman likes chivalry, fun, good manners, adventure, spontaneousness, good conversation, fun chats with my sister Canadians and great times with our Canuck men, or men anywhere else on the blue planet.
    Oh, I just have to say it ......

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    ...and a funny story it was Alberto... You tell him EuroCharm! lol
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    Well, Alberto - you seem to know everything about every kind of woman, eh?

    I am Canadian...and I can assure you that I am nothing like the woman in your story and I know no one like that.

    I find it alarming that you would categorize us because of your one peculiar story....if I did that based on my 2 experiences with Italians - let me tell you it would not be pretty....Oh, and:

    Please keep in mind that it takes two. I am sure she would have a few paragraphs to say about you.

    One thing I will agree with you is that, yes - we are straightforward.
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    lol... I have to agree with Saks5th, I found myself saying "Sum up" Alberto... lol...
    Anyways, I'm a Canadian Fella, I'm sure there are more out there and no doubt several within your age range... Good luck...

    Tedski ;o)
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