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    Why do you complain that no woman answers you or writes when you often look for someone that you should not? Yes, just like me being here. You are almost 60 and you want a twenty something Barbie doll.....are you on GQ? If not, what makes you think that those women will want you?

    Tell me, do you really want them if they do chase after you? Don't you wonder why they want you? I have had many men contact me but they are too young to even date my Daughter. Do I wonder why they want me and persist enough to be annoying? Heck YES!

    Just remember that Barbie might always find another Ken who is younger, richer or better looking. Do you think she will be loyal if that happens? Think again. I won't say that they never fall in love but honestly I think most of them love themselves and only themselves. The younger ones know how to do self-preservation. They will be your PRINCESS but don't expect them to be your partner. If that is OK with you then so be it. The men I know that have their own business or businesses are self-made for the most part and would love a partner to be part of what they do. Barbie will sit in her dream house by the pool checking out the pool boy or getting her lessons in everything from her tennis pro while you work hard. When you come home, don't expect to be able to mess up that hair, manicure or wrinkle that dress.

    We all need to get real. I was never meant to be a Millionaires wife I guess. Don't you have to be tall and blow away in the wind and be able to wear clothing like a coat hanger? That is not who I am. I am hearty Italian stock with the body that proves it. Even if I shed weight I will never be a coat hanger. I like to have my hair mussed and you can wrinkle me in the car or wherever because I want you to want me. I will pull on jeans or whatever isneeded to be part of what you do and I will try to learn and work beside you somehow even if it just means doing small things to lighten your load. Oh I know you are rich and have PEOPLE.....but I want to be your right arm.

    If we travel or have incredible homes and planes I want to know that I am part of why we have them. Do I want to be spoiled? Oh yes, but I want to spoil you too.

    So men.......don't complain about not hearing from women. You will hear from the shallow ones believe me. You won't hear from me unless I hear from you first. I am interested in you and what you do and who you are NOT because of your money but because I came here thinking that the men here might have some class. I know a few millionaires and also worked for one......but they are all REAL people. Money not only does not buy happiness but it won't buy you love only a woman who wants what you have.

    Don't get me wrong, I love the finer things in life and when it comes to money I know how to spend it on good things and travel and more. BUT......if you read my blog you just might understand why I am here on this site.

    AS for hottie or whoever....she states you have to be young and hot to date a millionaire. I know that is not true. I know there are more like the few I know. Those men appreciate a good woman and do not let their ego run their life. Trophy wives are called that for a reason.

    Ask yourself this......do you want love and someone who will stand beside you no matter what? OR do you just want Barbie on your arm to giggle and snap her gum and tell people Idaho is just a vegetable?

    Stop complaining and get over yourself if you are not hearing from women. If you want an honest woman that knows what ethics are and can speak to your clients and get things done for you ......trust me we are out there. But if you ask if we are poor or think that we just are not good enough for you then you reap what you sow. I've had money, I have lost money and yup....right now you could call me poor. I'm not here to be rescued and won't really get involved until I am stable again. I have done for myself my whole life and don't need to be saved. I don't know how to just TAKE....

    If the economy has not taught everyone how quickly we can lose everything and our life can change then that is sad. I want more of the old-fashion help each other out and care about your neighbor world. Remember that you too could be POOR tomorrow. Then all you have to live on is what is inside of you. Can you live with yourself?

    No doubt I will really be a total turn-off now because I say what I think and feel and am strong. I've had my weak moments but will move on to better things.

    Ask yourself what you really want. I was comfortable but lonely when not alone. Will I ever live that way again? NO NO NO. Take me away to a cabin near a stream and love me and you won't hear me complain. It is the love, caring and compassion that counts.

    Sorry guys.....but seeing men complain when they are demanding super models or SI beauties makes me angry. Just because you have money does not mean you are not still a geek if you are one or ugly if you are ugly. I yams what I yams like Popeye. Inside though.....I am GORGEOUS and probably a lot hotter at my age than many of your Barbies. I know my parts are real and I have them where they count.

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    I'm really a newbie on here and I am here for a variety of reasons. Although I want to be spoiled madly I've never considered myself a gold digger. Just a respectable woman who desires to be treated like one. I love your posts. You are no nonsense, sensible,strong and determined, and project knowledge and inner beauty. You really should be a columnist. You have a way of holding one's interest and a comedic flair to your writing. You go girl--lol!

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