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    Reminiscence of profiles that are light, funny, and sometimes seemingly honest. Ones that really lighten your heart, enrich your spirit and make you laugh out loud. Whether the person and yourself are compatable or not they have (sometimes unknowingly) brought a smile to your face. They remind you, once again, how wonderful it is to be alive and a part of this beautiful humanitaian culture. I am going to begin to log these profiles and share them with you. If you like, please do the same. They are so nice to come across in our search for bliss. It sure breaks up the monotony! If nothing else. they are enjoyable reading.
    IE: loneranger06 and TexNotes and memoryguy.
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    Well little lady, I'm so pleased i tickled your fancy in all the right places, that's the whole point in writing profiles, making the reader smile and wondering about the person behind the pen, but its no good writing a great profile then no being able to follow it up, the profile is the Starter, the Contact the main Course, and should anything follow on , then you have the delightful Desert, very yummy.
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