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    I agree with bepositive, it never takes me more than a month to meet someone and the shortest time one of those relationships have lasted is probably 6-8 weeks.  One lasted 3 years.  This is a great place to meet someone.
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    I can't figure out why YOU are on this site watq.......what the hell.  I have made some wonderful friends here and been on a few nice dates.  Your negative attitude will not get you a date at all.  Sorry you feel so disgruntled......:(
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    Yeah, not like you think... 
    You make it sound like you're just walking around with some millionaire badge hanging on your chest and women just jump in the car with you!  Most of us don't drive fancy cars, wear expensive watches or live in mansions.  We are just hard working people that are pretty average in most regards with just a little blessing on the asset side.  I know several millionaires that are only millionaires on paper and barely bring in enough cash to pay the rent.  Sure they may someday have a liquidity event but until then, they're just like everyone else trying to get by in the world.
    Let's look at my options for meeting women on a daily basis:
    1) Work - that means employees or vendors.  Yeah, not going to happen.
    2) Bars - don't go there to hang out and meet people, if I'm in a bar then I'm with someone (work or pleasure) and my focus is on them and not meeting some barfly;
    3) Gym - I go at 5:30a, anyone in there at that hour worth dating is like me, too sleepy to talk and too focused on getting the workout done and out the door.
    4) Social functions - I don't go to many, maybe 1 a week and its generally the same people... heck even the Chamber meetings have the same people and most of the single women are there to network, not find a mate.
    5) Friends - very dangerous to date a friends friend.  If it doesn't work out (and it rarely ever does), stress can be put on the friendship that doesn't need to be there.  A breakup can also fragment a solid circle of friends.  If this is one of your respites, probably best to not go there.
    6) Kids activities - It was a great way to meet other single parents but again, you had to be extremely careful because a breakup would not only affect the other adult and you, but now you've affected two kids! Definately not wise!
    7) Charity work - I think this is one of the best ways but my charity work is male focused so I rarely encounter a woman in what I do.
    8) Church - it can happen... hasn't yet... but it could.  I've tried the singles groups at two churches I've attended and in both cases it was filled with ding-dongs... and none of those were my age! LOL
    9) Dating sites... Since 2003 this is how I've met every significant woman in my life.  I've met and developed some great and caring friendships and fallen in love with two.  Of all the dating sites, its been this one where I have consistently met women who were better educated, more attractive, more interesting and who had better relationship skills.
    Thats my 2 cents worth...
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    I kindly disagree with you. Sure there are some very wealthy people who dropped out of school and turned their live into being rich, those who are mentioned by the media, I call them super rich, but the greater majority average rich have at least a Bachelor notch on their belt.

    All the rich I know, because I live in a rich neighborhood, where the least expensive house is $1.5 million have degrees. They are all doctors and lawyers and some own business.

    My Dad graduated from Harvard, but never went to work because he inherited Mott's Apple Juice stake, and you won't find his name in the media. Many ultra rich stay anonymous, they don't flout their wealth. Therefore the statistics that only 4% of men are wealthy is popycock. My niece is not on the list and gives $100 million per year away to charity each and every year.

    And I don't know 1 millionaire that doesn't know how to read, write and converse. May I give you a hint, a proven hint, how to get a woman, you can even lay her, if you know how to be confident, converse properly, respect her, be entertaining, show intelligence, and be confident. Nothing worse than showing being unintelligent or being boisterous..etc.
    You must have the ability to control the interaction, or you get nowhere. This holds true, believe me, whether your looking for a long term relationship or just a one night stand.

    You can do better getting a phone number on the street than you will on the internet, the reason being you can't control the interaction over the internet, where the mouse is king. It must be done in person.
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    Yikes, I just joined and it seems many of the emails I have received are from a telemarketing place overseas. The grammar & spelling is atrocious from these people who supposedly are successful and  educated.  Do you think that is a clue?

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    Awwww.. look at me.. I'm in the middle of two of my favorite men I have had the pleasure to meet on here... Aren't I the lucky one! :)

    WATG1973...if you are so concerned about ppl being "real" on here.. WHY DON'T U HAVE YOUR PICTURE VERIFIED? Then we will know if those are really your abs!:)

    You know WATG1973... ALL HUMOR ASIDE HERE.....

    I sense you have had some bad experiences, perhaps on here... and this has left you w/ a bitter taste in your mouth.. TRUST ME... I am familiar w/ that taste.. In fact.. WE ALL ARE quite possibly.. There ARE FAKES, FRAUDS, PHONIES, LIARS, etc... ALL AROUND us... The internet certainly seems to draw it out of people because they can "hide" behind a key board.. but please.. don't presume we are ALL that way.. Not everyone here will leave you with a bad feeling, lie to you or mislead you in their intentions.. There are genuine people everywhere you turn... And you can find all those awful things if you met at the super market, as ORLANDO pointed out.. I've just learned in my years.. the horse comes out of the corral quickest for sugar...You only catch flies w/ shit!

    So CHIN UP! DUST OFF! And give it another chance.. WE AREN'T ALL BAD!! :)

    Now CG! About verifying your picture.. I don't think you are really one of the "blue men".. I'D LIKE THAT VERIFIED PLEASE!! Bwahahahaha!

    HI ORLANDO! Everyone have a great day!!

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    Not every person wants to hang out at a bar to "pick up chicks."  Online offers a greater variety of women and more opportunity than in-person chance meetings.  Moreover, people can lie in person or online.  Eventually, all lies catch up to people.  If this place is a "crock" then there is no reason for you to be here.  The choice is yours, but it isn't your choice to make for others.

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    WATG1973.... Honey.. You might be experiencing difficulty in this arena as you may need to take some lessons in grammar, attitude and spelling.. Trade in some of your other "worthy knowledge" CG admired you have too much of and get these afore mentioned issues addressed .. QUICKLY!!

    I personally have met several very nice men on sites as this one, have had stimulating conversations and when I have actually been able to absorb some things in my little blonde brain.. I've learned a thing or two, as I needn't turn my computer on to find amusment. I just need to look in the mirror, as I highly amuse myself! :)

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