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    What is love?

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    no one wants to try to answer your question, but i am not no one. i believe love is acclimation of senses and emotions to another being, be it human, animal, insect. love has a varying degree dependent on complexity of the organism challenging your existence. you feel more anxiety for a missing person than you do for a dog or cat. i know acclimation isn't a word used for living things but it is traumatic initiating, arranging, meeting new people who may be not be right for you. also there is anxiety all through the relationship. and i feel lust is a booster to ensure love has a fighting chance or a chance at all. the heart aches not because someone you love is gone, rather that it has to go through that all over again! habits of the one you love are what appear to be what your heart misses the most, in actuality your heart fears getting acclimated to a whole new set of habits of a new lover. so love is a fear, like that of the adrenaline rush that makes you run from a bear, love makes you slowly approach a person. why do we need love? that is the very meaning of life itself, to procreate. every universe is in a perpetual state of creation, it can't be stopped because gravity cannot be turned off. as gravity forces chemicals to come in contact with each other we have reactions that result in life. all matter is energy in motion and we are reacting to it the only way we know how, to love in all it's glory. i hope you find this as boring and nonsensical as i do. all i need to know is the more coal i dig up the closer i get to finding a diamond. i look for someone who is easy to talk and laugh with, than i know i'm in love.
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