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    i'm tinidril, and i'm new to the site. not sure what i'm lookin' for, but open to seeing what happens. i'd even be happy w/ a few new email buddies lol (doesn't *that* make me sound desperate...yikes!). but seriously, folks, i like people and i like to chitchat about pretty much anything from the silly to the serious...if i find nothing here more than a new friend i'll consider my membership fee worth it. if i find more than that...well, it's in the hands of the good lord :-)
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    Welcome Tinidril!.. No you don't sound desperate just normal like the rest of us. You are so right it is not really up to us in this quest is it?

    I would invite you to come on over and join in some of the other forums. There really are some lovely people to be met.
    Yes besides me. HAHA. Look forward to seeing you post.

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