How to tell if he's MARRIED Dating Wealthy Men / Women

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    Dang dogs, they arent happy with the dish they have at home. They are out there making it difficult for the ladies to tell the difference between good pooches and the curs.

    Here is an idea to help some of you. Be nosey, pry into his life and/or business at every level as quickly as the relationship allows, talk to friends and family. Ask to meet his friends and family.(Even if you have to setup a dinner at your house for him to invite friends and family to. Make sure to get both groups- friends and family) Also, make him wait for the physical intimacy. Make him wait a long time.(For some women, 1 month is a long time, but I was thinking more like 6 months to a year, or longer) I mean you do want your man to think that you are worth waiting for, right? You know you are worth waiting for so make him prove that he thinks it also. If he doesnt think that, he isnt the one you want. (Some folks say that it is unrealistic to make a man wait that long, well I think that if he isnt able to wait for you, it is a problem. How do you know he will even wait for you to get home each day instead of wandering over to the neighbors house for company? Those are the guys who are out there chasing other women even when married.)
    If he freely lets you into his life to look around and explore, it means he wants you to get to know him. Isnt that part of being with someone? Knowing them and sharing each day the things that happened? Hard to do that if the two of you dont talk. (Big secret time: Guys love it when their woman takes an active interest in the things that the guy likes. So join him in one of his activities, even if you dont understand it. Show him that you are interested in him....helps to flush out the liars also.) If he isnt able to let you in(whether or not he is married) what kind of relationship is thatgoing to be over the long term?

    Think in terms of what you want from him, not what he will allow you to have from him.

    Just my two cents worth.
    A divorced guy in search of a good woman.
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    Miss you have either gone through something bad or are going through something bad right now. While I believe it is true that men can be both stupid and guilty of duplicity I refuse to buy into the logic that it is only men that are pig*s. After all you yourself posted a comment on another thread that you are still technically on the market. What would your man companion have said if he would have seen you say somthing like that I wonder? Would he have called YOU a pig?
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