How to get her attention. Dating Wealthy Men / Women

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    I think you folks forget that 'winks' are the only means for non-members to make the first move to someone whom they are interested in and hope to get a response. I get a lot of winks and I check them out usually for curiosity sake and if they are 'my type' I will wink back..but wish MM would be more creative with their winks. The guys who put in those winks have no clue how to invent imaginative 'pick up ' lines at all! They should also include 'reject' lines that are funny just to add a little color to the site..Hey MM inspectors , you guys need to employ some of us to improve your edge !
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    Sharp, I really can't fathom that men would view the issue of who made contact with whom first as a control question. Perhaps your experience with men is telling, but I've never been one to stand on convention and expect that "the man does this" while "the woman does that". I realize that there are neanderthals out there (not meant as a jab on anyone's age, more an attitudinal description) but I can't go with 90% as the figure. By the same token, there are women who stick by convention and won't vary their habits at all either and will insist on the man making the initial contact. That's the impression I got from TheGoodlife and what she seems to be advocating. I say, let's all be humans and do what we feel like, without regard to gender-based, stereotyped expectations.
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    If I receive a 'wink' I check out to see if they have written any postings first. If they have and I like what they have written then I will email them cos obviously they can't email me if they aren't a paying member.

    If they haven't posted in the forums then I don't answer their winks! I want talkers lol
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    I detest winks and never would consider sending one. If I'm interested, it's not difficult to compose and send an e-mail that's both thoughtful and snappy and do it concisely. I don't respond to winks. If someone is interested in knowing more, it's not hard to drop a few lines and disclose that. And I have a dissenting view from that of TheGoodlife about women initiating contact. We're (presumably) all adults and women should also be able to express their interest freely. I have absolutely no problem with a woman going after what she wants, or anyone in whom she may be interested. Last time I checked it is the 21st century.
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    Not all is based on the photos but mostly all. I do agree with TheGoodLife that the photos women display should show off her legs and chest. Men want a good looking woman. I am hesitant to put up a picture because I don't think I have any good ones. I do think pictures help initiate contact, though.
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    wow goodlife,
    Ar you working for MM otherwise you should be paid for all this community service to your fellow deserve a gold service medal...
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    Maybe that is what I'm doing wrong: I'm emailing guys I think would be nice to start up a conversation and see if there was really a posibility to meet.

    Have to honest, though, most men don't answer a wink or an email. I think that it is polite to answer a wink or an email, even if it is to say thanks, not interested but good luck. Am I that ugly they can't risk a simple response like that?

    Do any of you really respond or post for the ratings of members, such as noting whether someone consistently does not respond to winks or emails?


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