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    as simple as that sounds it's the truth. money has been taken for granted. I'm happy everyday, I smile everyday because I have air in my lungs. No amount of money can make me smile any harder than I ever have. I've reached the extent of my happiness & that's seeing my family alive & in good health. I work for what I want in life. & if I never reach my goal of earning a solid $1,000,000.00 so be it. I just want to make someone happy. I want to be the reason someone can't wait to wake up every morning & see me. I want to be the reason why someone loves every second of life. I know I'm capable of finding Mr. Right, I just hope he's as genuine as I am. I hope he'd rather be broke & happy with me, than rich & miserable with me or simply happy & rich with me. That's that!

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  • View author's info Posted on Nov 15, 2009 at 07:10 PM

    I agree! There would be no better way to be remembered in this life than somebody loved you and you brought love to other people. How wonderful would that be to be the reason someone rolls over in the morning and smiles because the person he loves is right beside him. Or can't wait to get home at night because he knows that the person he loves is waiting for him to get there.
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