6 Reasons Why Western Men Love Asian Women Long Distance Relationship

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    I am asian myself, and I must say, most of it are just a preconception.

    The loyalty part, yes. Quite true. The thinking part, also quite ture. But in real life it contradicts the submissive element. So when you first meet her she's submissive and once you are married, she will start controlling your life. lol.

    That's why my marriage ended. I think I completely turn him into another person.

    That's something i have to learn and do over. 

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    Hi there sunflower

    I like the way you described about asian women. But the best part that i like the most is LOyalty.i was once married to an american man though he never sees me as a loyal,loving and caring wife i stayed around because we had a promised to our marriage and I did love him so much that i was just willing to do anything to make him happy and understand him for who he was . But he left me for my friend so it was really devastating.But I am just happy to know that finally he regreted loosing me and it was too late I have moved on. :) so thank you for this post.May godbless us all!

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