Do you believe in faith......or is that a story we tell ourselves when things go so wrong? Lifestyle

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    I'm not sure If I believe in a pre ordained destiny. To me it implies an endpoint in our journey. One that no matter how we navigate our journey, the endpoint is fixed. I do believe there are things beyond our control, sh*t happens. Some we create, some things we don't. Faith alone is too passive, and can cultivate resignation and stagnation. We need to be actively engaged in creating our experiences, and how we respond to unplanned circumstances.
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    I may be totaly wrong , and nothing new there, but I tend to look at life slightly differently. As a Pagan I know I am in charge of my life, and anything that happens to me happens because I either let it, or do not put any effort into making it not happen. The best way I heard someone put it is 'I am the captain of my ship, I go where I will, as long as the tides and wind let me'.
    There are some things we just cannot escape, and others we can steer to but whatever each is responsible for what they will or will not do.
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    I am Irish Catholic too so I know exactly what you're talking about (not that we have that market!).

    I don't think this is about faith as much as making one's own path and journey. I too believe that we create - and can change - our "destiny". It comes with every choice made every day. There is a reason for everything, the good and the bad. With both comes the opportunity to learn lessons. We are destined to stay the same only if we do not take the time to learn from mistakes, poor choices, etc. Breaking away from someone else's imprint of who you are and what your "destiny" can be difficult but has much reward. I wish you well.
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    Good question: hindsight is always 100%, decision made during the event will tell us our direction,values and beliefs.

    Nothing wrong with making mistakes, we can not know everything in advance all the time.
    Proverbs 3:vs 5-6 is a great start.
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    I believe we create our own destiny , our own future , nothing happens just like this . My life is so complicated right now , but i made it the way it is , i
    m strong and i can change it if i want but still i prefer to live it the way it is , i always liked complicated things :)
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    Hi Stitch!

    Great thread! I believe everything happens for a reason, but also truly believe we create our own destiny.

    I agree with Bedford, it all depends on you & what you choose to do with life's situations.
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