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    wow mr. Doggy. What is wrong with adverstising our breast size. I only asked Ed on here if he would buy me 39dddd's like Edwina...his dead wife. My shoe size is a five and my waist is a 23. I do, however, have a big fat ass. Maybe Ed will get me lipo. Lighten up, you are a cute man and we are not all gold diggers. This board can be fun too, ya know!! Just lighten up dude!!
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    Well I don't know where your looking at these come hither (does anyone know how to hither anymore?) looks/breasts/parts, but I missed that section.
    As for the flaming/fakes and other annoyances, the forum wasn't originally like that, was the exclusively the messageboard. Then MM in their great wisdom, put it all together and came up with this mess!
    Trust us we are working on that, as MM keeps telling me! Part of me wants to leave, the other part is too curious and determined to not give up!
    That part is slowly losing to the part that wants to leave. As you can see my parts are confused??
    My point is have faith, there are those of us who are real people, and are looking for a real, last, love too.
    As I've heard say, take what you like and leave the rest!
    Good luck doggy, she's in here!
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    Oh swdoggy, you mean I am fat now so I should try to lighten up myself too?You are a handsome devil...i really think you have a lot going for be nice or I will sit on you!
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