Is it safe to assume that everybody on this site is the.... Newcomer Introduction

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    I don't care if the guy is rich or not I just got tired of players and figured a more successful man does not have time to be a player.
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    I'm here because I supported my last man and figured what could it hurt to try this site. This time around, I want someone who, if they have to, can support themselves financially and are responsible. I'm willing to give the commitment to a relationship that is sincere, regardless if they have millions or don't. I just don't want someone to use me for my money or anything else.
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    I came here becasue a good friend of mine found success on this site, and met a man of her equal. No, I am not a gold digger. I make excellent money on my own. I have a home, vacation property, the whole ball of wax, except someone to share it with. It is hard to be a successful woman and meet men who are on your same plane. So here I am.
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    I'm glad to read everyone's take on this question... interesting. My friend actually told me about this site... I'd never heard of it. I'm not a gold digger and I've even had one gentleman offer to pay for a sitter and a round trip air ticket for me to go visit him. I thanked him and turned it down although I would love to go! I wanted to join this site because I've met some wierdos on others. My line of thinking is that people who do have money often don't trust others as much wondering IF they are gold diggers. I thought that maybe they'd take their time and get to know me before wanting to jump in the sack. I am hoping to meet an intelligent, hard working man who values the same in me. I have no million in the bank but I have MORE than that in my heart and I hope to give THAT to someone that I might meet.
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    I am simply ambitious. Is that so wrong? However, I have yet to meet anyone on this site as of yet. Might be interesting.
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    I choose to look here as I belive in hanging out with sucessful happy people. While money doesn't solve all problems, those who have been able to "make it" for the most part are creative, forward thinking and have a zeal and zest for life that match my own personal views on life.

    While I never made a pot of money of my own I have a lot to offer in terms of my own happiness with life and postive outlook.
  • View author's info Posted on Aug 29, 2006 at 07:07 PM

    LOL, I'm so glad someone asked that question! I was on another site, accidentally clicked onto this one... thought I'd check it out and found the men to be a LOT more attractive and not everyone posts their income on here, which is nice to see. Also, its good to have access to people around the world, although I'm finding that most men are looking for someone close to home. Anyhoo, have fun out there!

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    I think most people are here because generally they have expectations that people on this site are more likely to be intelligent and solvent. There are probably not that many millionares here but other sites iv heard of seem to have all sorts of strange characters.

    Incidently is anyone from the uk?
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    Well, to be honest, I joined this site because I THOUGHT I'd be able to meet a gentleman who could hold a decent and intelligent conversation. And if we were to go out for dinner, maybe he could pay for it this time, instead of me and I'd leave the tip! But needless to say, in my first chat here, wouldn't you know it .. a "rich" gentleman wanted to talk raunchy sex. No "how are you", or "how's your evening", it was what size is your ... and what's your favorite position! Heck, if I wanted to talk trash I would have signed on to another site! So, you see, "People with higher incomes are (Not)typically brighter and (No)more sophisticated than the average Joe/Jane." What a joke! Whatever happened to "what's your sign"? It's surely a better icebreaker than "what's the size of your (putting it mildly) boobs".. LOL.
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    Seriously, I haven't met anyone here yet.. well, I met a few men in person, at least they were decent enough to say good bye. On other sites I had some unpleasant incidents. Obviously, there's different kind of people in here and yes, from my observation it's relatively safe.
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    I just want to say that just because you have money doesn't make you better then the average joe/jane it just mean that you have more money even the most rich can be stupid...
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    Judging from the comments made so far, I'd say it's safe to assume "most" members here are NOT Gold-diggers but simply people who want to meet others who appreciate a good bottle of wine instead of Baby Duck-in-a-box, some sophisticated conversation instead of awkward silence, a five star hotel instead of a camper trailer, and an opportunity to just be themselves, (if they're educated and worldly) without having to worry about ticking off some trucker who says "I used to think you was hot looking, but I was WRONG."

    We aren't snobs just because we're different from the average joe. And we aren't gold-diggers just because we're here!

    Peace out!
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    sciencesan write:
    I read an article about this site whilst sat in the hair salon yesterday and thought I would take a look. I'm not a gold digger at all, I hold a very professional career as a scienitst and make enough money to enjoy my life but I would like to meet someone who is a professional also, someone who is a little more refined than the usual chaps around town.

    I totally agree! In looking at other sites, it appears that this site offers a LITTLE more of the level of sophistication/education that I am looking for. I do not for one minute believe that most of the men or women on here are millionaires!
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    Nice to know and feel some off us are for real n nice, this one heres one nice Guy! as Katie said there is some real eye candy here!
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    wow, you are for real! I apologize for my facitious comments!
  • View author's info Posted on Jul 17, 2006 at 09:48 AM

    It's easy for one to say that they aren't here for the "millionaire match." The problem is, would you be asking if you didn't have an experience or experiences that bring you to ask such a question? There can be a thousand different reasons for each of us and no matter what is said there is probably an ounce of an alterior motive; whether it be "gold-digging," being a trophy wife, or simply to have a good time with a person who can afford to do so and not have to worry about where their next meal is coming from by doing so. Further, generally speaking, those who are able to sustain a higher income tend to be better educated than those who cannot. Not to say this is the case 100% of the time as I have seen heirs blow their entire inheritance for PURELY selfish reasons. I grew up around and with it so I know what it's like to be around it and the caliber of person it generally tends to bring to the surface. Again, I generalize, but I enjoy talking about worldly events, sports, politics, other matters that are intellectually stimulating and find that this is probably the best chance of finding that person as opposed to talking about harley's and football all day. Not that I can't do that too, but a change of pace is a good thing as well.
    I will tell you personally that my reasoning is as I mentioned above, plus I want to have some fun in a way I feel necessary in the next few months as I will be leaving the country for over 2 years and would like to go out with a bang before I isolate myself in a 3rd world country. Which, in itself should tell you that I, too, am financially stable enough to leave and not worry about paying my bills for that long.
    I hope you find what you're looking for.
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    Gold digger Im not..looking for an educated man that can carry a conversation I am...
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    The ones who are truly looking for love, will feed 'each other'.

    On the other hand, there should be another site simply called "Pimps and Ho's"...just FOR all those other people, and they can feed 'off of' each other.

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    Lotusbloom write:
    I would define a "golddigger" as someone who wants to be with the other ONLY for material gain and without too much interest in giving anything in return. One doesnt have to be a millionaire to be attractive to the real gold diggers, because they will know how to manipulate you regardless of the size of your bank account.

    There ARE genuine men out there who love to take care of a woman in every way.. and there ARE genuine women who will reciprocate with respect,love, affection and care for their men.

    I wanted to comment here further, but honey you said it all!
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    Out of curiosity. I can live my life alone for the rest of my life to avoid any more debilitating man grief, but on the off chance that a single, decent man exists that fits me like a designer dream dress that is somehow just floating around...well, I suppose it's worth a look. I could spend my time browsing in Walmart or on Rodeo drive...

    I don't like the shopping process; I often don't like the people I have to deal with; I just like nice fitting, well thought out, classic clothes that flatter me and are worth the investment.

    I hope my analogy holds up.
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