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    So I'm up at this time in the morning for gosh knows what reason. I've come to the conclusion years ago that I desire to be married and have a family. However, I find myself single and counseling my friends. Some of which are married and others who are not. That's crazy to me. Especially, when I constantly tell my married friends not to ask me about their married issues, because I've never been married. Then I started to pay attention that some of them assumed they were for lack of a better word "settling." That bothers me because I feel that what I learned years ago, they should have learned by now. This is that I'm not looking for "Mr. Perfect" in everyone elses eyes...I'm looking for "Mr. Compliment Me" in my eyes. Ok...this is my mini-vent...lol. I have no idea if someone will relate to this, but I'm up...I'm bored and I'm posting...hahaha! You may respond here or for those of you that want to remain descreet you can check out my profile for more contact details.
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    Thank you for responding and complimenting the fact that I didn't totally type with major gramatical problems that time in the AM. I was really on a roll. I even posted on craigslist a HUGE rant, shortly after this one.

    I appreciate your comments and shall keep mental notes.
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    Good Post! Well said for the nightowl hours of the morning...

    I believe that relationships are composed of communication, negotiation, and compromise.

    Now compromise in itself would imply some degree of settling, but it would be narcissistic foolishness to believe that you will always get your way.

    As far as settling goes, they say "pick your battles carefully". Certainly you can't compromise on issues that you feel are "deal breakers" but many times it is best to let the little things slide.
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