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    I think it comes down to one thing fear of rejection. I understand no one likes to be rejected,but if you will trust yourself and understand that just because, that particular woman was not interested, it not the end of the line by a long shot. Just be up front and honest about what it is you are looking for and you can't go wrong. Life is a gift don't waste it second guessing yourself.
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    I heard a pastor once  say that: if tow people both bring a half of the person to the table it won't make a whole person. You know that old worlds standard of the 50/50 rule. He said instead of bringing it 50/50 both people should bring 100 percent of them self to the table instead. When we bring our whole selves this means that we have both growth and maturity to at least begin a relationship. So girlfriend let us grow and work on our selves before we think that it will take someone else to break us or make us happy. Truth is if we are happy with our selves then we can take that happiness into a relationship if we find one. We should always be open and receptive to recieve what ever God may have for us. If the person that has caught our interest doesn't live up to these qualities, no matter what color they are we should just move on and stay true to ourselves first.

    On that note God bless and I wish you nothing but joy peace and love.

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