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    Hi All!
    This is my very first post on this forum and I must admit I've been quite entertained by what everyone has written. On this particular topic as well as on other forums I've been reading. I want to get in on the fun too, you guys all seem like so much fun! As for Katiegrl, I can understand where you are coming from and think that you are a beautiful woman. Being that I am rather curvy myself and tall to boot I need someone that can appreciate that. Also, Bodybyvictoria, you go girl!
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    Hey Sharp! 'Ssup? Catching some rays on your cruise? Catch a few and bring 'em back home! lol
    I'm not down on myself as much as I'm able to laugh at myself. I used to weigh 227 pounds and am soooo much lighter than that now. But once you've been BBW, the unaffected humbleness you've been nurturing for years still stays with you and you don't get a big head just because your butt is shrinking. A little comic relief is risky 'cause it sounds like you need some major therapy but, it's always funny to those of us who have been on the scary side of the weight scales. lol

    So, ..... why DO guys say they'll call and then don't? Could it be because what they really mean is, "Hey, I'll call ya ....... in my next incarnation on this Earth?" What if they come back as a free-range chicken?
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    I have that Book as well, "Hes Just not That Into you"...and every bit of it is true. But i must say, alot of Guys are intimidated by Strong, Independant women....Some guys feel the "need" to "rescue" women. Ive been told on numerous occasions that I "Intimidate"...well what the hell?.....Im just a normal gal who has her own Brain an uses it...LOL.....The way I look at it is, if they call fine, if they don't fine....if they are that insecure with themselves, then i certainly move on, no woman needs an insecure man...Im too busy with Life, that I basically just don't have the time to figure out why some guy hasn't called, Its just HIS LOSS .......LOL....Either he can Join Me in my life Or Not....I certainly don't lose any sleep over it.....

    Huggs & Stuff~
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    Swively hips? Did someone say swively hips????
    Where??!! Where!!!????
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    I wrote in "Worst Dates" about a guy who didn't say he'd call me but just kidnapped me and started to take me to his place! I got away. Then there was the guy who, after the third date, I kissed goodnight, perhaps a bit too sensuously and he got mad at me and told me I made him hard and he never called me again! I don't get men telling me they'll call me but I DID have one guy tell me at my door that he felt really close to me and wanted to see me again. Then, when I checked my email the next morning, he had written to me to say when he got home he felt guilty for liking me and couldn't stop thinking about his dead girfriend and how she must be watching him so he didn't feel comfortable going out with me anymore. Man ... talk about feeble excuses! Maybe it's a Canadian thing, to NOT say they''ll call. Maybe they just make dumb excuses to NOT come back.
    One other web date ... the guy met me for coffee, we talked for two hours, had a ton of things in common, he said he could use my expertise in writing and publishing for his businesses, said he'd love to take me sailing some time and then NEVER called me again. That's what I don't understand. When men make a verbal commitment and then don't follow through. Fortunately, I've met men who had a conscience and did what they promised to do. But I'm still not dating anyone exclusively! Hmmmm, is it me?
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    Saks your a crack up.

    I havnt read the book, dont need to. I know better. But I have heard about it.
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