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    Online dating is the number one place to cross a fake, immature, phony fraud. It's one place you can post anything you wish till the day of actually meeting face to face. The first impression is very important. Seeking wealth is not seeking for true love from the heart. Love comes with time. Some woman all they seek is a chance to find a sugar daddy who is willing to give all they have but that is just giving out weal-fair to make an impact statement. Yes, woman do tend to want to be pampered and seek the one guy who would bend over backwards to give them the stars and sun and moon. To me if a guy went off bought me a star sure I would be impressed but yet not as impressed as if a man took me out camping while looking deep in my eyes he turned and dedicated the falling star to me for I was his angel in life. Words are words till emotions and truth is able to be seen.

    The one thing in life you cannot buy is love. True love from the heart takes time to develop.
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    This IS called millionairematch. What did u think was going to happen?? IM blown away that you are THAT shocked. And if ur not looking for goldiggers,why not join another dateing service whos title does not imply your wealth??????????  Come on now,dont be coy!!! I wish you the best of luck in your endeavors ,and a serious reality check!!!

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    From what you've, royalprince1, expereinced, you kinda answered your own question. Though, personally and the fact I don't like being generalized, I do not. Obviously, I'm not the only one who doesn't change their tune after learning about one's status. These women want (and looking beyond) more than that. Basically, some do, some don't.

    Contessa2006, don't bash the man for his preference. He likes what he likes. If what he likes doesn't pan out, he will continue his search and may tweek his "requirements" in the future. He may even choose to stick with it and keep on this never-ending soapbox of hurt. Who knows, he may be holding onto that glimmer of hope: there is a younger woman out there who has all of the qualities he wants.

    I think you should go at him directly, none of this passive aggressive mess against younger women. Elevate yourself to the deteriment of others....a tad bit immature. You never know, he may actually like what you have to offer. The choice is his, though. He will do whatever on his own, not by somebody else telling him to do so. He's a big boy.

    Honestly, I resent your assumption. You don't know what a 25 year old has been through, so your point that they are inexpereinced is mute. Even though you may have years on her, she could be just as mature as any other older woman due to her experiences in shorter life.
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    I would say first of all, you might need to rethink your age requirements for the women you seek. A 50 yr old man, looking for young, inexperienced 25 to 38 yr olds seems.... well... egotistical and lacking substance, among other things.
    Bottom line, yes... the majority of these 'young' women are looking for a sugar daddy, they're not looking at your character, personality, etc. Men need to look beyond their boyish fantasies and realize the obvious.
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    For me, what I've found is that very often there are guys on here claiming to be millionaires or well off and not that they have to be mega wealthy, but if they are on a site like this, they better be able to back it up and most of them are just wannabes. I recently went out with one guy who was a downright cheapskate. He bragged about how successful he is, blah blah blah, but we went out, I had one drink and an appetizer...I was starving afterward...I'm tiny, but I do eat...lol and...this was a Saturday night date at starting around 7 PM...should I have eaten beforehand? Then he took me to a show we got into for free because of a "friend of his" (we live in Vegas, its not unusual...;) but still...and then went to one of the nicer clubs for free, again because of a "friend of his" still no dinner...by this time, I just wanted even a cheeseburger or something...lol...okay, I'm not greedy...never have been, never will be, but in this case, I just felt like he was being downright cheap...sorry if I offend anyone, but this guy was pure BS and that's why I am more impressed if someone is "verified"...

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    Mr Royal Prince,

    You sure know how to shack a hornets nest... I've only seen two maybe three repies that barely touch base with the question your asking. I'm not going to degrade any of them. Nonetheless what I do very well is study people, and their words. (Side note) Even not using capitol letters in your comment, and misspelling words, can be an instant turn off.

    Back to your question. Yes woman change when they now a man can provide everything they desire. it's as old as Adam and Eve, when Eve loathed for that shiney apple, and now you.

    Men are like that too, but adding that you are certfied millionaire just rasied the bar on how difficult it will be to weed through this swap and find that one beautiful thing your looking for. I like to call it a blood Orchid.

    You have a long road ahead of you Mr. Prince. These words may fall on deaf ears, but there maybe one listening that understands all this. My best wishes on finding her.

    Anonymously, Hoss
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    I DO NOT!!!! But it's sad to say that quite a lot of women do.  A meal ticket is not the way i roll...I was raised to be a hard worker & all good things come to those who wait.  I've never been the girl to seek out the wealthy old men.  lol I just look for the ones that have a good financialy STABLE job..I guess its easier for them bc God blessed them w/good looks to latch onto a guy w/a big wallet but somewhere along the line i would loose my integrity.

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    A real millionaire to me is not a reference to a person's bank balance it is a reflection to a person's tapestry of life and its events . The memoirs we possess of love and a mothers nurturing or just the sheer joy in watching a hundred sunset's. Happiness is wanting what you have :
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    Well what did you expect we happen to live in a world full of animals with no morals if you care to share stories let me know.  I do not require money as I have my own I would like to find a man that speaks with truth, doesn't play games and wants something besides what I can give them like me who I am not what I have.  Money does not make one happy it simply provides and affords a differ lifestyle if one chooses.  It also has an ugly side as well.    I am at the point of having hit my limit of patience for stupidity.  And why do men or women lie the lie reveals itself soooo quickly.  An true actress can't play the part 24/7 or a man so lets just be ourselves and show some honor and dignity.  I would never sell myself for anything ever notta

    My man lol Ceasar

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    About Me:
    Heloo gentleman! :)
    Thank you for being curious enough to look my profile!
    I am russian lady who finished international college of fashion designer.I am easygoing lady with nice manners,who likes to dress sensual, sexy, expensiv.Looking for someone to treat me in the way I like to be treated.
    I like dancing with my partner, smiles and have fun together.But other times i like to have romantic evenings with muzik and some candlelights, a good meal and some good red wine or bath with bubble and champagne.I like watching the stars by night, walking along the seaside and listening to the wave of the sea.For me ones of most wonderful things are moon, star, sun, sea, nature, rain, love!
    My hobie:sport, fashion, design, write poems, play tennis, dance, shopping, magazin, beach, party, going to the gym 4 time in week.
    Take time to Love,It is the secret of eternal Youth.
    Take time to Laugh,it is the music of your Heart.
    Take time to cry,It is the sign of a large Hear.
    Take time to read,It is the source of Knowledge.
    Take time to Hear,It is the power of Intelligence.
    Take time to think,It is the key of success.
    Take time to read,It is the source of Knowledge.
    Take time to Play,It is the freshness of childhood.
    Take time to dream,It is the breath of Happiness.
    Take time to Live because time passes so quickly and never returns!Life is only traveled once,today's momentt tomorrow's memory! Enjoy every moment good orbad,because the gift of life is life itself!Dont look in past live in present and futures,enjoy the simple moments of life.Smile be pozitive and all ur dreams come true!if u serch for me? feel free to contact me ;-)

    What I'm Looking For
    You're a champion,a man with a soul that can melt diamonds.? ;-)
    I walk a step towards you -You walk the rest towards me - does not matter what ever the distance between us.
    Is geting difficult to find an educated and successful man but i hope to find him.Spontaneous is always a plus and if you can make me laugh? Mmmmmm! I'll be hooked! There are many qualities I find enduring in different people.For me it doesn't matter from what country u are,your skin color,your age and your physical condition as for me the most important thing in a relationship is how good we can feel together.So i serch for inteligent gentleman with experience in life some one to spoild me like his Princess.If u know how to spoil the Princess u can be my Prince!

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    oh can i add, no one says poor you if your judged for the way you look as apposed to how much money you have..... the majority of millionaires on here dont want to know about my 2 degrees i got before the age of 20 or the work ive done in orfanages in thailand, just my bust size or what knickers i wear.... it's a two way street i dont mind they ask this initially as love comes in time, if you get the vital stats of what you want in a partner out the way then you can see if theres a spark! x

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    sorry ladies but i think it's fake to say you are not looking at the certified list, there are thousands of men on this site..... the women are on here for lots of different reasons and i should think the majority want a full package in a man, everyman wants a hot girlfriend and in return every girl wants a succefull and passionate man so its a two way street. I myself am only searching on the cretified list. i dont have time to trapes through everyone wondering if they are online pretending to be someone theyre not, i want honesty... were on the internet guys clue up a little anyone can say they are any one on here, of course people will be more attracted to someone that they know is 100% beiong truthful about something in there life it's human nature............. anyone without money on this site is here to find someone to look after them and to.... yes fall in love but you can put yourself in a better possition to fall for a richer man than hanging around in yates looking for the local traveller....... im not ashamed to say i want to marry someone with passion ambition and success and in return they have love, a well groomed girl friend and a soul mate.... i only look at certified people x

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    Quoting royalprince1:

    ive been on MM a few months,ive met some great women,n ive met some real bit...s.i get quite a few emails winks on a regular basis.a few days ago i decided to become a true certified millionaire n i had to send the financial requirments MM wanted.WOW!,almost immidiately i began recieving about 15 to 20 more emails n winks than i did as a gold member.the women were more impressed by the same profile,i only talk by phone here so before i was certified women gave me their phone nos but quite often i got a standard reply like ,i will give u my no. after we chat a while,or lets get to know more about each other.now if i ask for the phone no.it just pops right up.do women really change if they know for sure a man is a real millionaire as opposed to being on MM as a gold member.just asking?




    I just started on this site and wanted to see what it was all about before I invested in full membership. I'm sorry you've had such shallow people contacting you. It doesn't bode well for an older lady like me. The men here all seem to want young, skinny models and not normal sized women. If you're really looking for true love, you need to realize it may not be packaged the way you expect. Men and women need to look deeper!! Read the book, don't just look at the cover.
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    where is the realmillionaire???

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    Here is just a thought. Perhaps there is an increase in your responses because once you are verified it takes one more element of fear out of the equation. There are so many scammers out there that claim to have a ton of money but don't. Then they prey on the vulnerable for what ever they can get.



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    I don't think it's that they are gold-diggers, I think it is that they trust you as you have been certified by the site. It's the same as having one's profession, age, or education certified. It's reassurance. I once went on a date with psychopath who claimed he was film producers. However, since I'm in the film industry, it didn't impress me much and within 15 minutes of talking about the industry it became clear that this person was a fraud and probably just wanted to get me into the sack. The same goes for guys with no money at all. No woman, who works hard and enjoys such things as travelling, wants to end up with a scammer who turns out to have less money than she does. She ends up paying for the trip instead of him. I've seen it first-hand. So, I believe that it is a good idea to get certified, then use your own good judgement. Scammers reveal themselves very quickly.
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    I would hope women are not that shallow.  I feel bad for those women, it makes the women with the right intention look bad.  I am sorry you are experiencing this.

  • View author's info Posted on Jan 30, 2010 at 09:50 AM

    The problem is by stating you are a millionaire is similar to waving a wad of money around and you'll only attract gold diggers :) Think about it :)lol

  • View author's info Posted on Jan 30, 2010 at 03:06 AM

    I can't speak for most women, but there are a few of us that are truly looking to find someone sincere and someone that has more than what money can buy.

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  • View author's info Posted on Jan 29, 2010 at 09:17 AM

    Wow now I know I missed nothing...lol...holy crap...people are too obsessed with money...I cannot be bought and sold like cattle
    here and most men are into doing that with a smile and dollar.
    I laugh and get busy and get gone...gees...good thing my work takes me away from all the retoric...good luck with the head games...where is my aspirin?
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