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    im 53...goodlooking...worked hard all my life, kiddy raising..6...my hubby...was having an affair..showed him the door...left to pick up the peices...look after all our kids. married at 16..we split at 31=32. well the moral of the story is...i would love to find my prince charming.end of!...but , kissed a lot of frogs...and will continue...until..aka..easy life...and i adore him...WE MESH! no matter wot...i will look after him..

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    Just to let you know there are others too: I signed up for this site hoping to find men who are out of the 'have to make a carrier'-phase, do not have to worry about money-issues and are frustrated towards life. A man who has come at ease and has now time for the real meaning of life, developing yourself, looking at the bigger picture and asking yourself the big questions of life. At the other sites it is all so shallow and most men seemed to still have to prove themselves.
    Most men say that they want someone who really loves them for who they are, but most profiles also go for women who are 10 years younger minimum, small, petit, skinny, hot looking and more things that rule out most/a lot of women.
    So if you turn it around, women from the model-type get lots and lost more response than the also nice, warm but more average looking women.
    Lucky I am looking for the man who is transcended from that, and they are out there, just a bit harder to find too...
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    I read your comments & loved it..

    You've got your Big Girls pants on ..

    too funny..tell it like it is..

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    If you are certified its because you are showing you are a secure guy/girl that has his/her head screwed on which is the purpose of the site, I certified myself purely to find someone similar nothing wrong with that and hey you can always delete the handbag shoppers, I have had some real crazy requests on here too however there are many women on this site that are established themselves, beautiful smart, less focused on stuff and more on the man etc, personally I like successful women they have an appreciation for the effort it takes to be successful and are a lot more stable. 

    If a women is not successful herself and she wants the best why not but she should at least bring good character to the table and provide an equal effort in regards to making a man feel wanted and appreciated its a two way street.

    I once dated a girl that had nothing but drove 160 miles round trip with no AC in California to surprise me for 10 minutes with an apple pie she made for me, I was absolutely stunned I had the biggest smile on my face, then 10 mins later she said she had to go because she had to go to work, all that way for me and made a pie too, I will never forget that. 

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    Lol wow mr popular, now now let's not be calling people names it's not polite
    Bimbos., be nice doll ... Xoxo good luck with that looks like you will be busy for a while ha ha
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    wre are those nice mans are i want to chat with one
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    si vous avez trop d'argent messieurs alors donnez les moi je suis actu au chomage avec 700 euros par mois je me mari bientot et ceux sont mes beau parents qui me paye le banquet alors que dire de plus oui comme vous devez bien rigoler derrière vos claviers je me permets de vous solliciter afin que vous m'aidiez financièrement merci d'avance

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    Cmon now - you know a lot of women are gold diggers, so yes, being certified will make a huge difference... to THEM.

    Now, it appears you have more to weed thru to figure out who is real and who isn't.

    However, it makes me wonder why you would get certified in the first place... since it appears you got what you were looking for. hmmm.

    Best wishes. There's someone out there who is perfect for you... and you'll find her when its time.
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    Hello! I very much require your help. For God's sake, help, to the poor student it is material. Money at a rate of $200 thousand is urgently necessary. From next year to me will cease to give out social payments, live on the grant I can not, therefore has decided to address for the help to you. Please, do not leave me in a trouble, to me any more to whom to help, as I the orphan, I live without parents. To leave study too it is impossible, as at me the big prospects in the future will be only in the presence of the diploma.
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    Wow! I am having doubts about signing up on this site. I was encouraged by a friend to join - not because of the name of the site but because she has a friend who found love with a good man and is now happily married. I am self-sufficient as I work hard and have for years. I can take care of myself, I am happy, strong and capable. I know first-hand the value of a happy, loving relationship and what it adds to life. I am single after 30 years and looking for a life partner down the road -- someone who looks forward to life ahead, who is able to take care of himself and, someday, be a strong and supportive partner with me. Taking care of me does not mean bankrolling my life. It means being there, listening, sharing, growing, experiencing adventures - big and small -- TOGETHER. The bank account, accomplishments he has experienced in life mean nothing if that is the only way he measures his success in life...honesty, hard work, reliability, compassion, initiative, loyalty, kindness and so many other traits are the measure of a man that mean most to me. This man would expect no less from his partner. Yes, I signed up on this site but it was in hope of meeting a good person first and foremost and someone who has a drive and still wants something out of life...not a slacker or someone who does not know how to treat a lady. Money does not automatically equal class. I can see by what I have read in some of the profiles that there is a wide range of stories. In the end we are all vulnerable. I just hope that people are honest and open about what they are looking for here.
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    I just have to say I love your common sense, your awesome!

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    Wow.. this is so interesting.. i think am going to do the same.. but sincerely.. love is not about the money.. and i think we should look into our hearts the more than looking into the purse...
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    hola soy valenciana, alguien quiere conocerme?
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    My 2 Cents -

    re: mr Author

    If you want women to chase you for your cash / get certified. The bimbos will come out of the woodwork. If you want some one to love you for you / dont, and see what happens. So you are a millionaire, great, me 2 , big deal... people will do anything for money, including marry it. You can marry more in a minute than you can make in a life time. Fortuneately I dont have to worry about that problem. No, I am not certified and dont plan on being. I dont have to work that hard, I can live comfortably on my income from my job, and interest from my investments. I love the fine things in life as we all do, and I try to enjoy everyday I have on this earth. I saw my Dad go way too soon, and I would give back a mill to have him around for another year. He left us all well off after a lifetime of hard work, we ( my brothers and I ) can enjoy the the fruits of all his labor, thanks to his generousity.

    Find a young thing that loves you and your money. If that is what you want. Or find a girl who loves you for you. - Its that simple.  Good Luck in the hunt - or are you now the hunted !!


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    What  it  is wrong looking for somebody who have financial security, witch a have and  I would like to have man with same security and enjoy  life together. This didn't mean I am gold digger. I  just don't like to be financially dependent on somebody. I  would  like to meet man with some morals and fin. values as me.

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    Hi royalprince1,

    I think you did the right thing to get verify your income. To me, you are telling the truth about your income and it’s a plus. Like some other member said, he/she can say anything he/she wants in his/her profile to catch the man/woman. So, a lot of women contacted you because of your income. You should find out she is really looking at yourself or your money. Then go from there.

    The sad thing is many of rich men in 40th and 50th are looking for at least 10 years younger than him. This makes me think he is looking for to be nothing but "Sugar Daddy"

    The other thing I noticed is those rich men is looking for women in high education and income, Hot & Very Good looking, and sexy body. It may be easy to find this type of women through his work ... what is your opinion?
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