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    I classify myself as a COUGAR because of my former relationships seeming to be always with younger men. I do NOT reach out or seek this, however, younger men seem to approach me because I look younger physically and I am very active. I like to exercise and keep fit, bicycle, and especially dance. I would like to find a man who wants a committment and someone with an age difference not over 15years of my age. This seems to be my delimma when searching for my quest.
    As for older men, they just are too couch potato for me or wanting to take naps. Find me someone who is suave and debonaire...... also handsome to look at with a sense of humor and you might just have my attention. I love to travel, explore new beginnings.... :-)) .... Romantic must be part of the equasion with many KISSES....

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    how u doin gorgeous
  • View author's info Posted on Feb 02, 2010 at 05:24 AM

    i dont see u as a cougar i se u as a beautiful woman age is just a number.its whats on the inside but its good ho have that picture woman to come home to,i would love to date a woman as beautiful and sexy as your self no matter age are race.
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