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    So that explains your absence for the last month!

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    These 'scams' as the one Robtest may have been subject to, are often run through an African country (mostly West African, and most often Nigeria), but do not necessarily originate from there. They're referred to as 419 scams (after the relevant section of the Nigerian criminal code), advance fee frauds, or Nigerian connection scams. The scams involve money laundering, illegal proposals or even legal and legitimate business proposals. Examples are supply or service contracts; commodity deals; bequests left in wills and testaments; 'money cleaning'; fake banks; retail or wholesale purchases; fake lotteries; employment; chat rooms, romance websites, trading or auction websites (usually coupled with one of the other 419's). Variations on these scams are creative and endless, so this is not a complete list! The victim(s) are asked to pay an advance fee in exchange for goods or service. The 419 scam is currently the 3rd to 5th largest operating industry in Nigeria.

    Dating and romance sites like this one can be and are subject to scams of this type. The bottom line is, and common sense dictates, be careful of what you choose to believe, especially over the internet, unless you know the source very very well.
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    GeminiDi write:
    I'm stuck in Alabama.




    ROFL....You think you've got it bad being stuck in AL?! I'm stuck in MI! Help me, please, somebody! It's cold and dreary and I need sunshine. I need mountains. Help me please and I will gladly pay you on Tuesday!

    Rob,rob,rob, when will you learn dear man?
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    I had one guy (on the chat line) who said he had grown up in the states but had to return to Nigeria to look after his sick father. His profile said black African descent but his photo was of a very good looking Caucasian. Didn't wait around for the hook. When I was living in Asia there were a lot of these scams going around on the Internet. Sorry don't remember his name, but ladies beware.
    (have been reading the posts for a while but this is my first time posting. Hi to all!)
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